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4 reasons to buy

  • A majority of reviewers were very pleased with how comfortable the Reebok Yourflex Trainette 9.0 MT was.
  • Many of the testers claimed that the trainer was great for gym use and also doubled as a great everyday shoe.
  • Several consumers appreciated its affordable price.
  • The design and the available colors were deemed aesthetically pleasing by a lot of buyers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several users stated that the toe box of the Yourflex Trainette 9.0 MT was too narrow.
  • A few training aficionados complained that the sole unit was too soft for weight training yet offered little shock absorption.
  • Some people with high arches claimed that the trainer offered no support for their feet.

Bottom line

The Yourflex Trainette 9.0 MT was immensely praised for its comfort. It was also lauded for its functionality and affordable price. But there were some issues noted like the narrow fit and insufficient impact protection. But in the end, those in search of a comfortable training shoe were pleased with their purchase.

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Good to know

  • The fitness craze has attracted both men and women and the company made sure it had offerings for both that suits their needs. One variant is the Yourflex Trainette 9.0 MT which shares similar features with its male counterpart, the Reebok Yourflex Train 9.0 MT.
  • Both trainers have a MicroWeb technology connected to the lacing system. A MemoryTech liner that offers comfort and impact cushion is found in both models as well. 

The Yourflex Trainette 9.0 MT is only available in women’s sizes. It typically runs true to size, but consumers are still advised to try the shoe in person to get a comfortable fit. The shoe comes in a B - Medium width but the stretchable fabric allows it to accommodate wearers with wider foot dimensions. The lacing system is enhanced with the MicroWeb technology to deliver a more secure fit, while the padded interior keeps the foot locked and stable.

The Yourflex Trainette 9.0 MT has an outsole that serves as an extension of the exposed Injection Molded Ethylene-vinyl acetate midsole. This material is springy, which is suitable for sprints and plyometrics, but durable enough to handle the physical demands associated with training.

Colored lugs are seen in the midfoot and heel areas that provide traction even on wet surfaces. They are made from carbon rubber, a material that shares the same characteristics as car tires. Carbon rubber withstands everyday wear and tear, does not easily get deformed, and does not easily slip when wet or exposed to oil or grease.

The midsole is the result of an interesting process that starts with a liquid EVA. It is injected into a mold half the size of the final unit. Upon opening the mold, the IMEVA expands and as it cools down, contracts and shrinks to get to its final shape and form.

Placed on top of the main midsole unit of the Yourflex Trainette 9.0 MT is the MemoryTech, a material that ensures a proper fit. The addition of certain chemicals to polyurethane changes its viscosity and density. It starts off as a firm material, but it conforms to the shape of the foot when used.

This sole construction has been carried over to the newer Yourflex Trainette 10 MT without any changes.

The upper of the Yourflex Trainette 9.0 MT is made from the combination of neoprene and mesh. Neoprene is a stretchable, lightweight rubber with insulation properties. Mesh maintains the structure of the upper and delivers ventilation for the foot. The combination of the two results in a supportive upper with enough stretch for toe-splay.

Reinforcing the upper is strategically placed synthetic rubber. The material is found in the toe box, as well as the outer midsole. These areas are prone to abrasion during certain CrossFit activities; so, the addition of the overlays ensures that they will not be damaged easily.

The MicroWeb technology heightens the security given by the lacing system. This feature uses strips of strong fabric on the side panels that appear like the cables of a suspension bridge. The flat laces pass through parts of these strips that tighten the sides when the laces are pulled. This gives lateral support and keeps the foot in place. The laces also pass through a small slot on the tongue to keep it from sliding to the sides during workouts.


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