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8 reasons to buy

  • One user received a lot of compliments on the Reebok Workout Ultraknit’s styling.
  • It was a very comfortable sneaker according to more than half of the reviewers with a customer even commending the suppleness around the ankles.
  • The mesh material allows excellent airflow which was witnessed by one purchaser.
  • Many loved the attractive style of the mid top sneaker.
  • Few buyers were astounded that the sneaker blends well with almost any article of clothing.
  • A handful of users received the right kind of fit with the Reebok Workout Ultraknit.
  • It doubles as a good work shoe, according to a wearer.
  • A couple of commenters pinpointed that the sneaker looks precisely like the ones online.

2 reasons not to buy

  • One customer said it was a bit pricey.
  • The sneaker has limited colorway options which are only available in black and white.

Bottom line

The Reebok Workout Ultraknit stays away from its more massive Reebok training ancestors and gives a contemporary flair to the everyday casual wear by introducing Ultraknit materials.

With a sleek look and a vintage appeal, the sneaker seems to blend well with almost any article of clothing in a vessel that delivers uncontested comfort. Gym sessions would be a breeze considering its highly breathable material.

User reviews:

The mid top sneaker oozes in comfort as the Ultraknit does its job well in maximizing breathability as well as a cozy room for the feet. The iconic H-strap has been revamped into a more supportive framework which is now called the Ultimate Lateral Support (ULS) hugging the foot from vamp to ankle.

Round laces go through the ULTK upper along with the H-strap. Men can purchase a pair of these in sizes ranging from 7 to 13. Its width is constructed in a D medium.

The most important thing when partnering clothes with the Reebok Workout Ultraknit is to consider the colorway that users are matching it with. The mid top comes in two colorways which are black and white. The color of the sneaker must match the color of the shirt which is then complemented by the pants/trousers.

Aside from the coveted H-strap and the ULTK upper, the Reebok Workout Ultraknit also employs gum rubber for its outsole which adds a vintage hint of tooling. Reebok Classics branding can be seen on the vamp as well as the tongue and heel loops. The whole knitted upper is assembled in one piece which can double as a slip-on if tied adequately.

The tale of the Reebok Workout takes us back to the 80s when aerobic regimens dominate the lifestyle market, and it is okay for guys to wear ponytails and grease themselves in a “masculine” way. It was the birth of the Freestyle which catapulted the Reebok brand to sales nirvana and at first, there seems no stopping them.

But before diving into the fitness craze, the whereabouts of Reebok and how it got its name should be discussed first. The word Reebok was pulled out from the South African term for the antelope Rhebuk. Several tweaks and additions later the Reebok was coined and ever since the 50s, it has been long-standing and proud.

The swiftness of the antelope was manifested in the early iterations of Reebok shoes as the collection was composed of running-specific footwear. Product sales were just around fair when it hit the 70s and a good thing an angel fell from the sky in the name of Paul Fireman. In the brink of the decade, a settlement happened, and Fireman became the sole distributor of the goods of the Uk-based company in North America.

Finding the right click for certain things was Fireman’s skill and Reebok sales were going great for a couple of years but he knew he shouldn’t stop there. In 1982, Fireman and his design team energized the idea of providing fitness footwear for women because of its underappreciated “sneaker” situation during the time. Alas, the Reebok Freestyle was introduced, and the female market had never been happier. Heck, even men want to cop a pair.

It was the Freestyle that made Fireman a millionaire but owning a million wasn’t enough. Two years after the release of the Freestyle, several iterations were introduced to the market including the Reebok Classic and the Ex-O-Fit. These silhouettes continued the glory days of the “healthy lifestyle” trend and caught up really quick when it came to sales. More and more people were influenced by fitness which would only push Reebok to create another one of that gym shoe. And of course, they obliged.

The Reebok Workout spurt out spontaneously in a short period of two years since the Freestyle which gave more fuel to Reebok’s already gigantic immolation. It was designed with an innovative H-strap that secures the foot and adds stability to the user. It was a genius idea that was somewhat futuristic for the sneaker to bear. Apparently, the stars were right and the Workout was revamped after decades of its existence.

The Workout saw again the light of day in the 2010’s, where vintage apparel was a hit and millennials would die for a taste of that sweet, classic look. One of the promising refurbishes of the silhouette was the Reebok Workout Ultraknit which features the hip Ultraknit technology from Reebok’s design lab. On a side note, the Ultraknit was first featured in the Zoku Runner which is far from the shape of the most adored Workout.

  • The sneaker is also known as the Reebok Workout ULS ULTK.
  • A lightweight EVA midsole absorbs shock and is sandwiched inside a high-abrasion gum rubber outsole.
  • It was released in two colorways namely black and white.

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