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11 reasons to buy

  • The Reebok Workout Plus Vintage received a high overall satisfaction score from several purchasers.
  • This classic pair has loyal followers who have been buying and using it for several years already.
  • The Reebok Workout Plus Vintage was described as durable by several reviewers.
  • Many noted the stylishness of this pair’s classic silhouette.
  • A considerable number of purchasers appreciated the lightness of this model.
  • Several reviewers loved the fact that this model feels so comfortable on their feet.
  • The Workout Plus Vintage comes in monochromatic colorways that are easy to match outfits with.
  • There were those who noted that the pairs that reached them were very well crafted.
  • This model is reasonably priced.
  • A handful mentioned that the sneaker is certainly a must-have for sneaker lovers.
  • More than a few have been buying this shoe for more than 2 decades.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few of those who left reviews felt that the Reebok Workout Plus Vintage did not match the width of their feet.
  • A handful complained that there is a significant increase from the Vintage model’s price to the regular version.

Bottom line

The Reebok Workout Plus Vintage already has a horde of loyal followers, a fact that strongly supports its claims of durability and overall quality. Its classic silhouette also continues to make a strong appeal. The years have not diminished the feel and style of this shoe. It will, without a doubt, continue to be one of the staple icons of the sneaker world. At a very reasonable price, shoe lovers can have a timeless shoe in their hands in no time.

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Good to know

The Reebok Workout Plus Vintage comes in standard widths for both men and women. The ladies can choose their best fit from sizes 5 to 12, while the men get to choose from sizes 7 to 15. Getting and staying active is a cinch in this shoe as it still retains its fitness DNA. There is good hold and support for those who keep busy or stay healthy doing workouts.

With its monochromatic upper, the Workout Plus Vintage along with several Reebok low tops are easily a go-to sneaker for those who don’t have time to ponder over their casual outfits. Aside from strolls in the park or walks along busy streets, this pair will also be great workout companions.

It is very common for brands to retain the distinctive look of a shoe as it is practically the shoe’s biggest selling point. In the case of the Reebok Workout Plus Vintage, that has to be the brand-exclusive H-Strap, which is as big as a statement in style as it is a very functional feature for its real calling as a multi-purpose trainer.

The sleek almost don’t-get-me-dirty looks can be rather deceiving. It’s because that H-Strap and the premium full grain leather combine to give the shoe not only its luxurious appeal, but also its undeniably long-lasting performance and comfort.

Debuting in 1986, what was then known as the Reebok Workout, the shoe made quite a scene. It sported a stylish and functional H-strap at the midfoot that allowed more effective adjustments. It also purposely had the low-cut design to allow maximum mobility. Finally, in the midsole, it had a material called the DI-Tex 107 that provided high levels of cushioning.

The name itself could not have been more fitting. As it was technologically advanced at that time, the shoe can handle basically all sorts of competitive sports with plenty to spare. In the early 90s, Reebok unveiled a variation of the original Workout. The Reebok Workout Plus came into the scene as a slightly sleeker model and with upgraded materials.

The Reebok Workout Plus Vintage of today retains the cut and silhouette of its predecessor. It still also has the H-strap, which has become the symbol of this pair’s status as an icon. What the current version uniquely offers are more overlays and paneling materials, making the shoe more durable. The current version also switches to the lighter EVA for cushioning.

Even with such updates, the Reebok Workout Plus Vintage still retains the overall classic feel. The wearers will still enjoy the simple sophistication that catapulted this shoe to the pantheon of sneaker legends back in the ’80s.

  • The H-strap is a patented feature of the Reebok Workout Plus Vintage that provides the flexibility that several buyers appreciate.
  • The shoe is lined with a certain kind of textile for maximum moisture absorption.
  • Reebok uses thick padding in the ankle collar for exceptional comfort.
  • The tongue, although not thick, is covered with plush fabric to prevent hot spots or irritation.
  • The outsole of the Workout Plus Vintage uses different kinds of shapes and configurations to act as a solid support and stable platform for those who do a variety of trainings.
  • As the shoe is of the low cut variety, it allows for just enough ankle movement.
  • Reebok covers the upper with soft, full-grain leather for support, durability, and comfort.
  • The Union Jack flag is still prominently displayed on the upper of the shoe. When the Workout was introduced, it was already owned by an American, Paul Fireman.


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