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10 reasons to buy

  • Simplicity is key with the timeless silhouette of the Reebok Workout Plus ID which portrays a very stylish minimalist design.
  • Many purchasers immediately noticed the sneaker's high-quality build mainly consisting of a soft leather upper and detailed premium materials.
  • For a sneaker that performs well and satisfies the aesthetic need of some users, the Workout Plus ID was conveniently priced.
  • The satisfaction level of some buyers was astounding enough for them to recommend the shoe to other potential customers.
  • Few wearers even thought of buying another pair or even all of the colorways of the shoe model.
  • A reviewer was impressed with the icy sole of the ID iteration of the Reebok Workout Plus stating that it completes the look of the shoe.
  • The trainer's low top and flexible image can be outfitted with different clothing combinations.
  • The clean overall look of the sneaker made it perfect to be sported during the summer season.
  • Wearing the upgraded vintage trainers was suitable for walking around the city, according to a wearer.
  • Maintaining the original purpose of the initial Reebok Workout Plus, the reinvented sneaker keeps up with the comfort and feel that fully satisfies many customers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • As advised by some wearers before, the Workout Plus model of Reebok tends to run larger than their usual size on other models which was prominent in the ID edition of the shoe type.
  • A user was afraid that the toe tip of the sneaker would easily catch abrasions and tend to deteriorate faster.
  • The toe box of the trainer was large which results on visible creases due to folding after using for a week.

Bottom line

Continuing to update the glory of its original release, the Reebok Workout Plus ID sticks to the original blueprint of the Workout Plus while fusing modern details as projected by the icy outsole. Its low top form coupled with a simplistic design enables users to sport the shoe in a multitude of garments with chic and style. Comfort is also top-notch as contributed by the trainer's multi-purpose origin as an all-around footwear.


Base model: Reebok Workout Plus
Top: Low
Inspired from: Training
Collection: Reebok Workout
Price: $105
Colorways: Black, White
Special editions: 5 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A patented H-shaped lace system is placed at the vamps to achieve a snug and secure fit which also provides stability. The collar and tongue of the sneaker are padded to give that extra cozy feel. Shoe sizes for men are available from 5 to 12 in medium widths.

Reebok adjusted the height of the first Workout and morphed it into a low profile form evident with the Workout Plus. This flat-heeled, sleek silhouette made it easy for users to sport the shoe in vast clothing combinations while also considering the prim effect the monotone colorways possess.

The ID version of the workout released in 2017 spotlights the milky ice cupsole which was originally intended to be composed of gum rubber. A printed H-type lace overlay can be seen with triangular prints arranged in circular patterns which also has perforations for breathability.

The eighties were a prestigious age for Reebok considering its exponential growth in sales that occurred within the decade. The company's formidable stature was contributed by the release of shoe models that excellently catered the public's instinctive need for a healthy lifestyle. From running to training editions, Reebok spontaneously produced shoe models that through time, evolved into an athleisure apparel.

One of the breakthrough designs in the 80s decade that was well deserved to have different iterations and various colorways was the Reebok Workout Plus. Initially, as a cross-training footwear, the Workout Plus hails its ancestry from the 1984 Reebok Workout.

Its fame of being a gym apparel faded out in the 90s, but underground fans who stayed loyal to the brand brought it back from the ashes of extinction.

Icy soles on Reeboks were not a recent trend as it appeared on the Reebok Workout Lows during the era where these shoes with translucent soles were called "Soljas" or Soldiers by Hip Hop artists.

It was prevalent in the late 90s up to the early 2000s with rap artist frequently mentioning the shoes in their songs like the late Soulja Slim with his song "Souljas On My Feet." Subsequent songs from then on contained different wordplays for the brand replacing the whole title with "Rees."

Reebok relaunched the icy sole and installed it into their newly improved Workout Plus in 2017. The Reebok Workout Plus ID displays a milky-translucent rubber cupsole that contains a sandwiched EVA midsole for proper cushioning.

The popular colorway releases for the sneaker were tonal black and white uppers with a white sole. Upholding its multi-purpose trait, the Reebok Workout Plus ID adds an iteration to the assembly of Workouts Plus to increase consumer options.

  • Classic Reebok brandings are seen in the window box between the H-strap support and the Starcrest logo at the tongue.
  • The soft leather upper includes perforations at the toe box for breathability.
  • The sole is composed of two components: the ice cupsole that is stitched at the toe and the heel and an EVA midsole that provides ample cushioning.


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