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7 reasons to buy

  • The vintage training shoe has maintained the same supple comfort through the years which left its fans loving the model more.
  • It has a gorgeous design which is elegant and at the same time sporty looking.
  • Many users would recommend this sneaker to others.
  • With its excellent function and crisp aesthetics, the sneaker boasts an attractive price point.
  • The Reebok Workout Plus ALR is built with premium materials from top to bottom.
  • A couple of users mentioned that the gold accents were on point.
  • One buyer expressed his full adoration with the two types of materials that make the upper sophisticated.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Compared to other sneakers found in the market, the soles of the Reebok Workout Plus ALR is stiffer and needs weeks before it breaks in.
  • There are visible glue marks found on the seams where the materials meet especially on the part of the sole.
  • According to one Reebok loyalist, the sneaker is slightly bigger than the fit of his Reebok Club C's.

Bottom line

Hailed as one of the underdog collector's items, the Reebok Workout Plus had yet again introduced one flashy iteration. The Reebok Workout Plus ALR or Attentive Lover shines in gold accents found at strategic branding locations. Packed with uncontested comfort since its debut, the sneaker maintains the iconic feel of the original training shoe.

Suede and leather details give dimension to its upper exterior design though some versions retain a full-leather wrapping. Along with the patented H-strap, the sneaker would surely grab a heap-load of admirers when sported to the streets.


Base model: Reebok Workout Plus
Top: Low
Inspired from: Training
Collection: Reebok Workout
Price: $120
Colorways: Black, Grey, White
Special editions: 5 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The sneaker's collar and tongue are generously padded as well as the insole for a cozy ride. The lace-up enclosure goes through six pairs of eyelets on which is supported by the coveted H-strap for supreme lockdown. As with most reviews, the sneaker runs true to size.

Men can avail a pair starting from size 7 up to 12. The sneaker is constructed in a D medium width.

The Reebok Workout Plus ALR is complete with overlapping elements of suede, leather, and textile which gives forth dimension and an overall elegant appeal. Brass brandings found at the H-strap window box, tongue, insole, and heel tab complete the sophisticated look. Perforations on the toe box add shape to the underlays.

It is best to sport these vintage trainers with modern pants like skinny jeans or joggers for a more relaxed look. Flaunting the H-strap is necessary so it is best to pick apparel that would not hinder the image of the shoe. One can go unlaced with these as the H-strap secures the right amount of snug.

The factors that make the Reebok Workout Plus Attentive Lover standout among other versions are the brass-colored brandings and the suede-leather combination on the upper. It also features a contrast cupsole which wraps the heel and toe and is stitched for added protection and longevity.

It all started when Reebok, an ambitious company at the time, took notice of the growing depression regarding female training shoes. The striving brand capitalized on this scarcity and created a fad that would change their image and goals forever. Thus, the Reebok Freestyle was born which is a female-specific sneaker that is covered in garment leather and terry cloth lining perfect for aerobics. From then on, the physical-fitness trend took over the Massachusetts-based manufacturer which became evident with their subsequent Workout models.

Year after year Reebok released athletic iterations that focus on different aspects of health and wellness like the Reebok Classic Leather which was a running shoe introduced in 1983. Reebok even tapped other sports like tennis and basketball. Though the company progressed in half a decade, the inclination for the Freestyle was slowly fading. To keep the interest of people on a leash, Reebok continued to patronize its training roots by introducing the Reebok Workout in 1984 which is bound for weight training purposes.

The Workout was a hit considering it was spawned in the midst of intense sneaker competition. Initially designed for men, the sneaker contains a patented H-strap which helps support the feet during rigorous training sessions. It also included a gum rubber outsole so that it grips better on flat surfaces and hardwood. The surprising attribute of the workout is that can also be used for running and other extensive outdoor activities.

A year after the Workout's inaugural entry to the sneaker world, a revamped model soon rocked the stores. The Reebok Workout Plus contained a reinforced toe overlay for protection and was accommodated by different sole tooling. The heel tab and collar was also tweaked to administer a better hug around the ankle.

Due to its moldable design and iconic features, the Reebok Workout Plus became a convenient shoe for remodeling and collaborations. Some of the coveted revamps would be the Reebok Workout Plus Iconic Tape which gives tribute to the analog system of playing music. Colorway variations would also surface like the Reebok Workout Plus ALR which emphasizes Reebok brandings found all over the sneaker with brass detailing.

  • The upper consists of garment leather and pigskin Nubuck overlays complemented by a nylon lining.
  • The contrast cupsole contains a distinct alternating wave pattern for ultimate grip with Reebok branding on the mid shank.
  • ALR stands for Attentive Lover which is also remade in a Reebok Classic Leather colorway.


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