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Top: Low
Inspired from: Training
Collection: Reebok Workout
Price: $90
Small True to size Large
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The low top sneaker follows a unisex construction, but its sizes favor the men. The men’s Reebok Workout Lo Ripple shoes’ dimensions start from 7 to 13. The iconic H-strap accessory provides stability along the midfoot which also keeps the laces in place. 

These Reebok Workout Lo Ripple shoes fuse function with exaggerated flair. The boys can partner it with joggers and high socks or denim jeans that are slim fitted. Women, on the other hand, can go freely with leggings or capri pants especially with the white colorway. 

The very distinctive accents that the Reebok Workout Lo Ripple exhibits are the relatively large jagged edges on its sole both for function and aesthetic. These sneakers also come in tonal forms even drenching the soles in the same color as the uppers. 

The success of the lady-magnet shoe called the Freestyle focused the attention of the civilian world to aerobics and making one self-conscious about his or her body. It was the quintessential move that boosted Reebok’s franchise from running to every other possible platform of sport. But this expansion only drilled the brand’s fascination with athletic conquest even more. 

For years, the Freestyle hogged the footwear market for aerobics. A heralding iteration soon followed in the form of the Reebok Workout. Designed to traverse more platforms of exercise and training, the Workout tapped even the harshest environments of Cross Training. This was made feasible by a revolutionary feature called the H-strap--an accessory designed by Edward Lussier and his team. It was released in 1984 along with several other iterations in the Reebok catalog. 

Eventually, the Reebok Workout’s fame as a trainer bogged down. As with all other vintage footwear, its sleek design paved the way for its revival as a lifestyle sneaker. It owes much of its resurrection to the underground followers who sport the classic mid-top to clubs and streets. In the 90s, it was the top sneaker of the late Soulja Slim on which even had songs written about it. The strong inclination of the singer gave birth to a new moniker--the Souljas. 

Jump to several years after, the Reebok Workout Low received an honorable retro in 2010. The move sparked more Workout iterations in all shapes and sizes. Designs began to be experimental as collabs, and the Reebok design kitchen themselves tweak the sneaker from the upper to the sole. 

One of the most riveting editions of the sneaker to be unveiled was the Reebok Workout Lo Ripple. The sneaker showcases an ever-so-popular “ripple” sole which for some, might be a little exaggerated. The Reebok Workout Lo Ripple comes in tonal colorways with some of its versions having unique Reebok brandings that display the original colors. And to complete things off, a coveted H-strap is conditioned on its side panels. 

  • The midsole is composed of an EVA material. 
  • The rippling on the outsole adds more traction and excellent grip to the shoe. 
  • Some of the colorways include White/Steel, Chalk/Dark Royal, and black. 
  • A Reebok Workout Ripple Low with an icy sole was released on 2018 honoring the late Gary Warnett.