Top: Low
Inspired from: Training
Collection: Reebok Workout
Price: $90
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The sneaker maintains the lace-up type of enclosure from its forefather but with an upgraded H-strap that is now called ULS or the Ultimate Lateral Support. The ULS covers stability from the vamp to the heel for 360-degree foot support.

Men can purchase a pair of these low-tops in sizes ranging from 6.5 to 13 which are constructed with D medium widths.

The Reebok Workout Advance L deviates from its predecessors’ look due to the H-strap upgrade which now hugs the heel quarter in a material that is slightly translucent. It also maintained the seamless toe box of the original with matching perforations.

Partnering the sneakers with clothing is a breeze. It can accommodate any type of pants from sweats, joggers, denim jeans, chinos, and many more due to its smooth and classic interphase. Sporty clothes and shorts also fit the bill.

Aside from the obvious ULS remade H-strap, the low top also has unique color contrasts that easily attracts the eye of the public. Prominent colorways are white/black, black/white, and white/collegiate navy/red.

Millennials of the current day would most probably have no immediate knowledge about the deeply embedded success of Reebok and why it came to be. Their fathers or mothers and god-labeled relatives had the luxury to experience it otherwise especially during the time where aerobics was a massive hit during the late 70s to early 80s.

It all started when Paul Fireman fell in love with a UK-based footwear producer by the name of Reebok which, some of us sneakerheads knew, came from the Afrikaans term for the gazelle. Not the Adidas indoor soccer sneaker, but the actual four-legged prey roaming the African safari. Going back to the UK sports brand, Fireman gradually acquired the rights to distribute Reebok goods in 1979 and called the subsidiary Reebok USA Ltd.

Reebok stepped out of their comfort zone and introduced a revolutionary exercise shoe in 1982 by the name of Freestyle. By capitalizing on the growing deficit of female-focused footwear, Reebok was able to catapult their brand name to incredible lengths which were reflected in more than a million sales by the end of the same year. The success of the Freestyle remained unhindered up to this day which was also the main reason why the brand expanded into other ventures.

1983 witnessed the introduction of the Ex-O-Fit and the Reebok Classic runners. The Ex-O-Fit carries the same principle as the Freestyle wrapping the feet of men in aerobic apparel. The Reebok Classic, on the other hand, catered the running community with their then newly-improved cushioning system called the BiDensity Shock Protection System. In time, the Reebok Classic, may it be the leather or nylon version, would develop as a coveted lifestyle sneaker.

A year after the induction of the Classics, another promising training shoe was also released to the public eye. The Reebok Workout, a creation of Edward Lussier’s team, focused on more strenuous work out sessions and cross-training exercises. As with most of the Reebok Classics, the Workout also became a well-known option for streetwear decades after it was introduced.

The Workout has been revamped numerous times on a myriad of occasions and styles, but one thing remained intact: the patented H-strap. The H-strap adds sufficient lateral support to the foot while also providing a secure fit. The Workout Plus was among the many recreations of the silhouette that was released in the 90s. In 2018, a version tried to stay close to the vintage design but with modern flavors known as the Reebok Workout Advance L.

The Advance L iteration remakes the classic H-strap with a slightly translucent TPU material complemented by the contrasting elements of the midsole and upper. The H-strap was rebranded as the ULS or Ultimate Lateral Support which is a modern take on the iconic Reebok element.

  • Midsole cushioning is provided by the EVA compound.
  • A durable rubber outsole hugs the forefoot and the heel and offers exceptional grip and traction.
  • The upper is composed of soft leather materials for supple comfort in a long-lasting style.