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1 experts: 85 / 100
Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Pronation: Neutral Pronation
Arch type: High arch

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7 reasons to buy

  • A couple of runners noted that the midsole unit of Reebok Trideca 200 is responsive enough to energize the foot. Some of them also expressed their desire to buy another pair of this running companion. 
  • Many consumers admired the eye-catching color schemes of this running shoe.
  • Several commenters were happy because of this shoe’s perfect fit. 
  • Numerous purchasers consider the Reebok Trideca 200 to be comfortable running shoe. 
  • The stylish design of this Reebok running shoe is perfect for short-distance races and casual walks. 
  • Some buyers appreciated the value of this running shoe considering the quality of the materials used and its features. 
  • The Reebok Trideca 200 is very supportive and worth the price, according to a satisfied user.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The shoelaces of Reebok Trideca 200 makes the foot look big, reported by a tester. 
  • One reviewer commented that the shoe doesn’t provide enough cushioning. 
  • A few of those who have tried this running shoe complained that the forefoot area felt a bit narrow. 

Bottom line

Many consumers have found themselves considering buying the Reebok Trideca 200 running shoe for a second time. Although there were a few disappointed users because of its narrow forefoot section and insufficient cushioning, others still recommended the shoe for its stylish design, responsiveness, and quality. People also lauded the Reebok Trideca 200’s midsole for being comfortable and supportive.

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User reviews:

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Our reviews

/100 by Joel Del Bosque, posted on .

I am here to give my personal experience review of the Reebok Trideca 200 that I’ve been using on and off for over two months.

I would call the Reebok Trideca 200 a neutral running shoe that I’ve personally used for outside road running, the gym treadmill, and low impact leg day workouts at the gym. I can say that I have not been disappointed by the shoe. 


Reebok -Trideca-200-material.jpg

The look

My favorite thing about the shoe is the aesthetic of it. Most colorways that I’ve seen of the shoe are all striking and range from bright colors to your regular black and white. I got the black, orange, tan, with purple in the heel.

Officially, the colors are thatch/fiery orange/midnight ink. The shoe is striking, especially the way the laces are put over the shoe. At the gym, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments—most called it a slick shoe.


Reebok -Trideca-200-upper.jpg


Before I start on the fit of the shoe, I’ve got to point out that I have wide feet. With that said the shoe fits really well. The different colors make it look like a layered shoe. But, it’s a one-piece with different overlays. 

It has no true shoe tongue and an unusual but striking lacing system. The laces run over the shoe and go through something that looks like the Nike flywire.


Reebok -Trideca-200-lacing.jpg


The shoe is secure. Putting on the shoe, although it does not open up much, wasn’t hard. It was easy to get my wide feet in, and the top off-centered tongue pull tab comes in handy.

I would say the shoe has a sock-like, thickish feel to it. It isn’t the most breathable shoe, but with thin socks, I have no problem with it.


Reebok -Trideca-200-heel.jpg


The heel of the shoe is bulky but not too big where it’s distracting. The heel also has a pull tab which also helps get your feet inside. 

How it feels wearing them

My experience wearing them have been nothing but positive. They provide enough comfort to last through a gym session of weighted squats, to lunges, and finishing up a workout with a 3-mile walk/run on the treadmill.

I would not recommend using them in in hardcore CrossFit workouts like ropes because I feel they won’t last, durability-speaking. They felt sturdy and secure when I was doing squats and never felt they were going to give out.

(Side note: I don’t do extreme weights in squats just a couple of 45-pound plates on each side.)

The shoe really shines when I run in them. They are comfortable and have ample cushion to them, and I didn’t feel myself getting tired with them.


I’ve only listed how great the shoes are, and they really are a great pair of running shoes. With that said, I only have two cons to write about them.

The first came when I wore the shoe all day. If you tie the shoe a little tight to get it secure, it feels somewhat constricting. I hadn’t felt that at the gym, just the couple of times when I wore them all day.

The second is the durability of the lacing system. If you’re a person who ties up your shoe in a rushed and hard way, I feel they will tear. Only time will tell, and I hope I am wrong. 


Reebok -Trideca-200-midsole.jpg


In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this shoe to those all-around athletic people like me who like to do a little bit of everything at the gym. The Reebok Trideca 200 checks all my boxes for a solid running shoe.

Joel Del Bosque | Level 1 expert Verified
Hello! My name is Joel. While I was an avid daily runner, I logged in over 6000 miles doing anywhere from 5 to 10 miles daily but stopped because I was getting too skinny. Now, I run at the track or the gym's treadmill, but my passion for shoes is huge. I have a passion for fitness and especially shoes. I would love to provide a fresh take on shoes, and I feel I can provide that given my experience as a long-distance runner now turned gym rat.

- The manufacturers of Reebok Trideca 200 combine three decades of design and technology to produce a stylish running shoe with a modern classic look. The upper mesh of the shoe features bold pops of colors that make it stand out. 

- The midsole unit of the shoe utilizes the Floatride Energy technology. This type of foam offers premium cushioning for a bouncier and more comfortable ride. 

- A grippy traction sole is integrated into this running gear. It provides good amount of traction on wet and dry surfaces. The rubber outsole also shows off a bold combination of colors and textures. 

The Reebok Trideca 200 is available in standard sizing measurements for both men and women. The fit is affected by the shoe’s bootie construction that provides a secure, locked-in feel. Another component directly affecting the fit of the shoe is its criss-cross stretchable laces. Runners are welcome to buy a pair in their usual sizing expectation, though it is advisable to test the shoe first to ensure the right fit. 

The outsole unit of the Reebok Trideca 200 is made up of a rubber material that makes the shoe highly durable. This rubber material covers the entire outsole and protects the rest of the platform. It also provides maximum traction even in slick conditions. 

The outsole also shows off a bold mix of light colors and textures, which make the shoe more attractive.

The Floatride Fuel foam is incorporated in the Reebok Trideca 200’s midsole. The Floatride Fuel foam is an expanded pellet thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) foam, which is more responsive and lighter compared to traditional EVA foams. It provides a springer and more comfortable cushioning experience to the runner. 

The Reebok Trideca 200 has a bootie construction, providing a sock-like fit for added comfort. The engineered mesh upper uses a breathable synthetic fabric for ventilation. The mixed material overlays offer a snugger fit for a better in-shoe experience. 

The Off-center tongue pull tab and criss-cross stretchable laces offer additional comfort and give a unique look to the shoe. 

Just like the other running shoes like Adidas Ultraboost 19 and Altra Escalante 1.5, the upper section of Reebok Trideca 200 features attractive color combinations and easy-on design that go with any outfit. 

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