Reebok Trail Cruiser: Traverse the world in style

The Reebok Trail Cruiser may look like a pair of CrossFit shoes, but it's a trainer that can get you places. It is built for the great outdoors but styled to fit in the busy streets. It looks like a pair of stylish cross-trainers, but the outsole is quite aggressive, allowing it to grip rubbles, soil, cement - anywhere your feet will take you.

Men who would appreciate wearing the Reebok Trail Cruiser include:

  • those who love to travel
  • weekend warriors who brave the trails whenever they can
  • city dwellers looking for style and comfort in their everyday walking shoes

Nice to know

The rubber outsole features an aggressive tread that allows it to grip uneven surfaces. The outsole extends to the heel section of the midsole, adding protection and style.

The insole is lightly glued on, so it can be removed easily if needed.

The upper uses ripstop, a very durable material, so you don't have to worry about it ripping because of sharp objects when you trek.

Reebok equipped this pair of trail walking shoes with FuelFoam. This foam technology is flexible for better ground feedback when walking on rocky surfaces.


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