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5 reasons to buy

  • The price of a pair of the Reebok Runner 4 is deemed extremely affordable.
  • Some runners have claimed that the lightweight structure of this road running shoe permits all-day use.
  • The forefoot section of this shoe’s interior permits natural toe-splay.
  • People have noted that the memory foam insole has a capacity to support the curves of the underfoot.
  • The traction given by the outsole is appreciated by those who like constant surface control when running.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few people have mentioned that the in-shoe environment has a restrictive nature that limits natural foot movement
  • Some users have noticed signs of wear in the outsole, stating that the tread-pattern won’t last a long time.

Bottom line

The overall feedback towards the Reebok Runner 4 has been mostly positive. This neutral running shoe is welcomed because it has an affordable price that anyone can approach with ease. The lightness of the construction and the comfort given by the memory foam insole are also highlighted. Inversely, the restrictive in-shoe wrap and the flimsy outsole durability are criticized.

Fans of cheap running shoes that can handle the roads are welcome to test the Reebok Runner 4.

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Good to know

The Reebok Runner 4 is an offering from one of the brands that value the experiences of entry-level runners and shoe enthusiasts. Those who appreciate running shoes that perform well but don’t boast a hefty price tag can accommodate this product as it already has the fundamental aspects of a performance shoe: a secure upper, an impact-mitigating midsole, and a traction-ready outsole.

Runners can get a pair of the Reebok Runner 4 with their usual sizing expectations in mind. The regular sizing schemes have become the basis of this product’s design, so typical user choices can be accommodated. However, testing this product prior to making a purchase decision or even studying user reviews that tackle the sizing aspect can benefit the runner in the end.

In-shoe security and the sideways fit are influenced by the semi-curved shape of the platform and the form-fitting nature of the upper unit’s fabrics. The natural outline of the human foot is the basis of the construction of this product.

The external pad of the Reebok Runner 4 is made of a rubber compound. The job of this layer is to protect the bottom area of the midsole foam from the abrasive nature of the ground. Also, it has a grippy nature that affords the shoe with the capacity to control the movements on the ground.

The windlass mechanism is a square-like shape near the ball of the foot the is meant to serve as a point of preparation for the forefoot lifting part of the gait cycle.

The primary cushioning unit of the Reebok Runner 4 is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA. The job of this compound is to protect the foot from the landing forces generated by the foot-strike. It is also meant to carry the foot through the running session, energizing it with its springy nature and permitting it to be full of pep when lifting off the ground. EVA is used by well-known performance shoe series, including the Hoka One One Bondi.

A MemoryTech insole is placed right on top of the main cushioning unit. The job of this add-on is to support the curves of the underfoot, giving it a chance to relax and feel buttressed during the activity.

A multilayered mesh is used for the upper unit of the Reebok Runner 4. The job of this material is to hold the foot in place and keep it secure throughout the activity. It has tiny breathing holes that permit environmental air into the foot-chamber, thereby giving a cool and dry ride.

Printed overlays grace the sides and the front of the silhouette, and their purpose is to reinforce the textiles and maintain a secure hold of the foot.

A stitched-on heel counter protects the heel from accidentally exiting the interior compartment of this running shoe.


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