Our verdict


The Reebok Runner 3 was able to receive positive feedback from many consumers. The various mechanisms and features of this product were lauded for being highly efficient and pleasant against the skin. The price was also highlighted for being wallet-friendly. For many, this product became a fantastic option for beginners and casual shoe enthusiasts. On the other hand, a handful of people complained about the lack of arch support.


  • Appealing
  • Agreeable underfoot experience
  • Affordable
  • Hugs foot securely
  • Doesn't cause hot spots
  • Precise tractions


  • Lacks underfoot support
  • Limited colorways

Who should wear the Reebok Runner 3

Neutral pronators and road-running aficionados are the target consumers of the Reebok Runner 3. It has been hailed as an amicable product for daily activities.

Reebok Runner 3 re

Updates to the Reebok Runner 3

  • The Reebok Runner 3 features a sporty yet straightforward construction that allows it to have the image of a garb that’s ready for vigorous activities.
  • A two-layer mesh graces the external part of the upper while printed and stitched-on overlays bolster it.
  • Padding in the interior walls cushions the outline of the foot, preventing it from being affected by the impact of the footfalls.
  • Cushioned landings and energized takeoffs are the responsibility of the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole. This injection-molded piece has a lightweight nature that doesn’t weigh down the foot. Shielding the platform from wear and tear is a rubber compound.

Reebok Runner 3 sfull

Precise tractions with the Reebok Runner 3 outsole

The outsole unit of the Reebok Runner 3 features a rubber compound that covers the entire underside of the midsole foam. This layer protects against the abrasive nature of the surfaces, preserving the form and quality of the cushioning unit. It is also tasked with providing traction, an aspect that is fundamental to the excellence of the run.

Reebok Runner 3 fullout

Flex grooves line the surface of the external pad. These shallow trenches make the platform flexible, thus permitting the foot to move naturally through the gait cycle and outputting a well-rounded step.

Reebok Runner 3 midddd

The windlass mechanism is a rubber protrusion near the ball of the foot that helps in setting up a stable and energized toe-off. It also makes sure to center the push-off force to its point of might, thus heightening the performance.

Reebok Runner 3 balll

Lift the foot up with ease in the Reebok Runner 3 midsole

The midsole unit of the Reebok Runner 3 is composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate, most commonly known as EVA. This material runs the entire length of the running shoe, supporting the whole underfoot with its traditionally soft configuration. It has a bouncy nature that lifts the foot up with ease, as well as a sponginess that helps with shock attenuation. 

Reebok Runner 3 mids

Additional underfoot comfort is provided by a sock liner that’s placed right above the primary cushioning unit. This thin piece can be removed or replaced with another insert if the wearer decides to do so.

Reebok Runner 3 inssss

Cool and dry running experience with the Reebok Runner 3 upper

The external part of the Reebok Runner 3’s upper unit is primarily made up of double-layer mesh. This material has a seamless construction that averts hot spots from causing irritation to the skin. Breathing pores pockmark its entire surface, allowing environmental air to go through and maintain a cool and dry in-shoe experience for the wearer.

Reebok Runner 3 mesh

Printed overlays grace the instep, the sides, and the forefoot. These thin add-ons have the goal of bolstering the structural integrity of the façade. They also make sure to provide a snug and secure fit. The ones on the medial and lateral sides take the form of the Reebok logo to heighten brand recognition.

Reebok Runner 3 overla

A traditional lacing system is employed in this running shoe. Flat laces zigzag through print-reinforced eyelets, covering the bridge of the foot. Adjusting the shoelaces cause the rest of the upper to adapt, giving customized coverage that benefits the overall performance.

Reebok Runner 3 laces1

Reebok Runner 3 laces2

Faux leather is used as the external heel counter of the Reebok Runner 3. This synthetic layer is stitched onto the fabric. It holds the back of the foot in place, preventing it from quivering at any point during the run or exiting the foot-chamber unintentionally.

Reebok Runner 3 heelc

The padded tongue and collar cushion the Achilles tendon, the ankles, and the bridge of the foot. These parts of the inner sleeve also evoke a feeling of being secure while wearing the shoe. A loose wrap may contribute to a mediocre performance.

Reebok Runner 3 collar