We spent 9.2 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

7 reasons to buy

  • A majority of the reviewers have indicated that the Reebok Royal Ultra offers superb comfort for the foot.
  • The shoe feels lightweight on foot, according to some of the commenters.
  • A user has noted that it is among the shoe in the collection of Reebok Royal sneakers that are great for walking.
  • A good number of buyers are appreciative of the colorways of the shoe.
  • Several reviewers love the design of the shoe, saying it looks very stylish.
  • The shoe is available in a variety of colorways for buyers to choose from.
  • It is among the affordable Reebok shoes that are sold in the market.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of reviewers have pointed out that the Reebok Royal Ultra feels a little narrow on foot.
  • The shoe’s soles easily wear off after walking for just a few weeks, according to a user. 

Bottom line

The Reebok Royal Ultra offers superior comfort and lightweight feeling for the wearer with its die-cut EVA midsole which also provides good shock absorption. Like other Reebok sneakers, it has a high abrasion rubber outsole that enhances the durability of the shoe.

The padded foam sockliner of this low-top sneaker gives off great cushioning allowing the shoe a good choice for walking. Its classic and sleek design displays versatility in style, and with its wallet-friendly price, the Reebok Royal Ultra can be a quality pick. 



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Reebok sneaker
It has never been more popular than this May

The Reebok Royal Ultra basically offers an average fit for the wearer. The wearer can lock down their foot in an adjustable and comfortable fit with its traditional lace-up closure system. With a low-top silhouette, it allows the foot and ankle to move freely. It is offered in men’s sizing. 

The sleek design of the Reebok Royal Ultra gives the shoe the ability to be flexible in style as it can match accordingly with various attire options. This low-top sneaker is great for both a sporty and casual look. Its classic appeal makes it ideal for fashion purposes.

The Reebok Royal Ultra can match appropriately well with a variety of clothing such as a good set for a top and a pair of skinny jeans, jogger jeans, cuffed jeans, fitted jeans, and shorts.

The sleek, classic look of the shoe is one of the things that catches the attention of the buyers. Its subtle yet striking appeal attracts buyers and also represents versatility in a style that allows them to match up this low-top sneaker with an outfit of their choice. Most buyers also gave praises on the comfort offered by the shoe, saying it felt really comfortable on foot.

The origin of the Reebok brand goes way back to the late 1890s with Joseph William Foster being one of the first who designed the Spiked Running shoe. Around the year 1895, Joseph William Foster, by hand, made shoes for the best runners in the region. The “JW Foster and Sons” was also started that same year. The company hasn’t really gained much popularity, but they produced shoes that were recognized in the 1924 Olympics.

By the year 1958, Reebok was established by Joseph’s grandsons. It originated from the UK and the brand name, “Reebok,” was taken from the African Gazelle. The brand was then introduced to the American market by Paul Fireman in the late 1970s. The sales for the brand then reached over 1.5 million dollars. By the 1980’s the first athletic sneaker that was exclusive to women was then released.

Throughout the existence of the company, Reebok went with the evolution of style and the hype of the market, providing the people with the shoe of their needs. Along with their innovation is jumping into the world of sneakers and producing casual shoes which some of them quickly gained popularity and became a part of the most iconic shoes in sneaker history.

The brand then released the Reebok Royal Collection. A part of this collection is the Reebok Royal Ultra. The shoe flaunts a sleek and stylish design that is covered in nylon and suede materials that provides superior comfort for the foot. Various colorways are offered for the shoe, giving more options for people to pick.

  • The Reebok branding is displayed on the sides and the heel part of the Reebok Royal Ultra.
  • The sneaker is provided with flat laces.
  • The Reebok Royal flag branding is presented on the tongue of the shoe.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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