We spent 6.5 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

6 reasons to buy

  • The Reebok Revenge Plus MU is budget-friendly.
  • Many impressed reviewers find the sneaker to be of excellent quality.
  • Its splendid comfort has surprised lots of buyers.
  • Quite a number of comments have mentioned that the sneaker has a very stylish silhouette.
  • A handful of happy users recommend the pair to their friends.
  • One customer says that he would be back for more Reebok Revenge Plus MUs.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few customers noticed that the sneaker’s fit is somewhat wide.
  • The lack of available colorways has left at least one purchaser disappointed.

Bottom line

Underrated but starting to get there, the Reebok Revenge Plus MU is growing a following for its quality, comfort, and style. Not to mention, being budget-friendly. Such qualities form the cornerstone of a good Reebok sneaker. The Revenge Plus MU has delighted many of its buyers, who are happy to recommend the sneakers.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Reebok sneaker

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Fit & Sizing

The Reebok Revenge Plus MU is available in men’s sizes. It has a classic low-top profile, which allows the ankles to retain full mobility for quicker transitions. Its padded collar and buffed leather or suede upper give a safer, more comfortable fit. Lastly, it runs on a traditional lace-up closure, locking in the feet securely with custom fitting.   

The Reebok Revenge Plus MU is a casual low-top shoe having the 1980s tennis court style. Having that vintage, street-smart vibe present in most Reebok Classics kicks, the sneaker looks easily well with different get-ups—from slim denim trousers, joggers, to short pants paired with plain tees, hoodies, or polo shirts. The sneaker is available in a small variety of colorways, such as Coal / White and White / Primal Red.

The Reebok Revenge Plus MU is available in both suede and leather, depending on the colorway. Coming with precision stitching along the upper and side profile, the sneaker has a cut-out Reebok Classics patch, with a Union Jack flag beside, on the sidewall.

Founded in 1958 by English brothers Joe and Jeff Foster, Reebok was already making a big name selling spiked pumps throughout the 1960s–1970s. But the early 1980s was when Reebok sneakers stormed the US sneaker industry and began hitting their prime. By 1986, Reebok became Northern America’s #1 premier athletic footwear brand. This decade saw Reebok churning out iconic silhouettes, such as the Workout, Newport Classic (NPC) and Revenge Plus (later shelved).

In their mid-2010s comeback, Reebok launched their Classics shoes division to keep its 1980s heritage striving. The brand dug back to their archives, brought back their retros one at a time. Among which was resurrected (in 2016) was the Reebok Revenge Plus, a design built from the NPC. The Revenge Plus was later stripped down to abide with tennis dress codes and renamed the Club C. One of the newest iterations of the line is the Reebok Revenge Plus MU.

  • Its leather upper has suede overlays.
  • The Reebok logo is embossed at the textured rubber midsole and printed at the heel tab.
  • It has an EVA insert of cushioning.
  • The mesh lining is breathable.

Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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