We spent 8.7 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

8 reasons to buy

  • Most sneakerheads appreciated the arch support provided by the Reebok Princess Ripple.
  • A lot of owners loved the pastel colors of this sneaker.
  • The rippled-sole of the Reebok Princess can be worn with casual outfits and workout clothes, according to some satisfied purchasers.
  • A good number of buyers valued the affordable price of this shoe.
  • One user was happy that this Reebok Classic sneaker is very easy to clean.
  • Several reviewers can attest to the durable quality of this kick.
  • A couple of fans mentioned that the heel cup of this shoe is padded and very supportive.
  • Some commented that this sneak did not need breaking into.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Many of those who have tried this shoe were unhappy about its narrow and tight fit.
  • A couple of wearers complained that the Reebok Classic Princess Ripple is not breathable.

Bottom line

For a sneaker with an affordable price tag, the Reebok Princess Ripple is a steal. The pastel colors and minimalist design go well with casual outfits. Also, it takes little effort to keep clean.

Unfortunately, it is not without fault. Several were not very happy about its irregular sizing. The upper material does not help much in keeping the shoe breathable as well. However, once in the right size, this shoe proves to be a great companion to the mall or to the gym.


Base model: Reebok Princess
Top: Low
Inspired from: Training
Collection: Reebok Classics
Price: $75
Colorways: Beige, Multi, Pink
Special editions: 2 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Princess Ripple from Reebok  is available in standard sizing exclusively for women. Based on reviews, the Reebok Princess Ripple fit small. Therefore, it is recommended to size up when getting a pair of this shoe. Or better yet, try on this shoe to get the best possible fit.

Add a touch of elegance to your daily outfit with the Reebok Women’s Princess Ripple. This stylish, pastel-colored sneaker looks great when paired with skinny jeans and leggings. It can also be worn with skater skirts and shorts.

This Reebok Princess shoe is dressed in either soft leather or suede upper materials. The rippled pattern on the gum rubber outsole not only turn heads on the streets, but it also provides good traction.

Much like other shoe manufacturing companies, such as Adidas and Vans, Reebok was also founded by 2 brothers -  Joe and Jeff Foster. The company’s story started in England in 1958. Its name was derived from a type of African antelope, the grey rhebok.

  Early days

Way before Reebok became the company that it is known today, the founders’ grandfather, Joseph William Foster, started the JW Foster and Sons Incorporated. This company started creating spiked sports shoes, which quickly became famous among world-class athletes.

In 1979, Paul Fireman, an American businessman, decided to invest in Reebok when he discovered the brand at the Chicago International Sneakers Trade Show. Impressed by the quality and level of customization of Reebok shoes, Fireman encouraged the Foster brothers to open Reebok USA Ltd. to cater to the lucrative North American market, including Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Fireman then launched 3 Reebok sneaker models which became instant hits in America. After 2 years, the company’s sales reached $1.5 million. Being way ahead of its competitors, the company then launched the Reebok Freestyle, a collection of sports shoes that are made especially for women. With this, their sales soared to $13 million the following year.

  1980s to the present

It was in 1986 when Reebok superseded Nike in terms of domestic athletic shoe sales. However, the company suffered a downhill turn in the middle of 2000s towards the end of 2010s. In 2005, Adidas acquired Reebok, making the brand its subsidiary. With Adidas as its parent company, Reebok started making technology-driven performance footwear.

Taking cues from the Adidas Originals series, Reebok created the Reebok Classic lineup. It is composed of retro models of several iconic Reebok shoes, such as the Classic, Insta Pump, and Workout. The Reebok Classic shoes are not necessarily top-of-the-line shoes, but they were essentially fashion-infused performance kicks. The brand also has engaged in several collaborations with famous fashion labels for their sneaker line.

The Reebok Princess Ripple is a modified version of the Reebok Princess. This athleisure sneaker boasts a chic yet timeless silhouette with a heritage-inspired, soft leather upper construction. Its rippled outsole completes the effortlessly casual look of this shoe.

  • This shoe comes with an EVA midsole for extra cushioning and shock absorption.
  • It has small perforations on the side to promote breathability.


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