Who should buy the Reebok Nanoflex TR

This affordable Reebok trainer is recommended to gym buffs who:

  • look for a stylish training shoe that can be used in the gym and casually
  • primarily do HIIT-based and plyometric exercises

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Who should NOT buy the shoe

If you need a more durable and stable CrossFit trainer that can tackle weightlifting and rope climbs, go for the Reebok Nano X2 or the Nano 6000. These shoes will also be much more friendly for people with wide feet.

A daily trainer with the hallmarks of the Nano line

The Reebok Nanoflex TR is a training shoe equipped with the necessary elements for excellent plyometrics performance. It brings with it the Nano line's signature features such as stability, durability, and responsiveness.

Most workout enthusiasts agree that it performs well in sprints, box jumps, jump rope, and HIIT. Some people also used the shoe for short runs (less than 2 miles) and were quite happy with its performance. It is also OK for moderate weightlifting as long as you are a recreational lifter and keep the weight relatively light.

The TPU clip around the heel offers stability during fast-paced and multidirectional moves.

Reebok Nanoflex TR Lightweight1

The outsole is covered in flex grooves which promote natural foot motion as you move forward, sideways or do lunges.

Reebok Nanoflex TR Outsole1

Light on the foot

This cross-trainer doesn't seem to drag the foot down being lighter than its original Nano counterparts. Doing HIIT is a breeze in this trainer.

Reebok Nanoflex TR is quality-made

The shoe's materials are of excellent quality, and no flaws or glue stains have been reported.

Reebok Nanoflex TR Quality1

Excellent value for money

When it comes to affordability, a lot of reviewers claim that it is a remarkable Reebok training shoe for its price. For reference, the average price of cross-trainers is $102, which is $12 more than the asking price of the Nanoflex.

Reebok Nanoflex TR Affordable

Nanoflex TR looks and feels like a sneaker

Despite its budget-friendly price, the shoe did not fall short of aesthetics. Its minimal silhouette with texture and pops of colors displays an attractive exterior that helps the wearer look good while working out. A wide range of color options to choose from has also attracted a lot of people.

Reebok Nanoflex TR Style2

Aside from the looks, this Reebok trainer is also very walkable. More than a few experienced reviewers loved putting it on for all-day wear.

It's a breathable one

More than a few training enthusiasts felt comfortable wearing the Reebok Nanoflex TR in a hot gym environment. The shie's durable net mesh upper is capable of keeping your digits cool even when you're sweating.

Facts / Specs

Use: HIIT, Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal, Wide
Collection: Reebok Nano
BRAND Brand: Reebok
Toebox: Medium
Colorways: Black / White / Pink
SKUs: GX4068 / GX4069 / GX4070 / GX7550 / GZ0255 / GZ0256 / GZ0257 / GZ8299 / LAF53 / LAF67

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