Our verdict


If you want an excellent entry-level lifting shoe, then the Reebok Lifter PR II is the one to check out. It is an updated iteration of Reebok's original PR weightlifting shoe that highlights stability on the platform. Most recommended for newbies who need more assistance for ankle mobility while lifting and squatting.


  • Comfortable
  • Great value for money
  • Supportive during workouts
  • Stable platform
  • Impressive construction
  • Appealing design
  • Velcro straps ensure snug lockdown
  • Good for powerlifting, weightlifting, CrossFit


  • 15mm only in the heel
  • Quality control is questionable

Reebok Lifter PR II: Excellent entry-level lifting shoe

The Lifter PR II is a weightlifting shoe that possesses improved updates of its sibling. It remains faithful to its range's design purpose: to break personal records.

Reebok Lifter PR II Logo1

Updates to the Reebok Lifter PR II

  • Traction seems to have improved as the second iteration features a new tread design
  • Thicker straps provide better foot placement
  • Mesh uppers offer enhanced airflow
  • The sneaker-like design looks more stylish and modern
  • Velcro straps of the second iteration are numbered for a consistent fit

Reebok Lifter PR II Updates1

Comfy and pretty

A great number of athletes appreciate the high-level comfort provided by the Reebok Lifter PR II. The shoe doesn't only boast of its comfiness it is also deemed good and aesthetically pleasing.

Reebok Lifter PR II Comfy and Pretty

Optimum stability

This footgear employs a 15 mm heel lift for optimal weightlifting and squat form. Fitness enthusiasts applaud this trainer from Reebok for its excellent performance and ability to provide support while lifting and doing squats. It's also great for powerlifting, weightlifting, and CrossFit. 

Reebok Lifter PR II Midsole1

Sure footing and grip

Gymgoers love how they feel so "anchored to the floor" with this pair on thanks to its wide base and excellent traction. Also, thanks to the straps, the feet stay put - no sliding inside the shoe. High-density EVA foam in the midsole has also been praised for not being too squishy and, therefore, adding to the overall stability. 

Reebok Lifter PR II Outsole1

Affordable and neat

Available at $100, plenty of buyers regard it as an excellent shoe for the price. Despite its reasonable price, it offers excellent craftsmanship. Individuals have said that there were no glue stains or other production quality issues.

Reebok Lifter PR II Affordable1

The Reebok Lifter PR II's lockdown fit

This footgear sports a low-top collar design for optimum ankle movement. It also employs a thick hook-and-loop strap on top of the lacing system that achieves a secure lockdown fit. 

Reebok Lifter PR II Ankle and Strap

Height might disappoint you

While great for beginners, the height of the heel (15mm only) might be disappointing for more experienced gymgoers. Many wished it was something like 20mm or 22mm. Sure, this can be easily addressed with heel lifters (inserts). 

Where did quality control go?

A few weightlifters mentioned that their shoes lacked consistency when it comes to quality. The shoes are looking a bit different, with insoles of different lengths, etc - while this pair is definitely a bang for the buck, make sure to inspect it first in great detail. Better safe than sorry!