Reebok Legacy 83: A fierce pickup for the fearless

Reebok is redefining its time-honored Classic Leather with modern and bolder spin-offs. From the Classic Leather Legacy creating a blast with its thickset bottom comes the Legacy 83. It’s absolutely a rugged-soled beauty for intrepid, free-spirited individuals. It sits well alongside fellow chunky ones from the same brood like the Instapump Furys and Aztreks.

Why this lug-soled kick is a steal

  • Legacy 83 MLT is among the retro sneakers with a dad shoe flair packaged in a unique motley-covered upper.
  • Boring is out of the question as it shines in a hard-to-resist color range, tapping different style preferences.  
  • It's durable, durable, durable. Its fiber-woven ripstop upper isn’t just for cosmetic appeal as it’s built to last.  
  • The speed lacing system in ghillie format offers easy access and a customized fit. 
  • Reflective detailings make this beauty noticeable even at night. 
  • Its lugged sole is structured for a comfy walk on rugged surfaces. 
  • You’re getting style, comfort, and durability in one single explosive package. What more can be cost-effective than that?


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