Our verdict


The Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 has satisfied users because of its excellent cushioning and impressive fit. Aside from its structure, it also offers enough amount of comfort that's needed in every activity. While others have issues with its durability and quality, others still recommend the shoe for its fantastic performance and well-constructed upper. Overall, this shoe is an excellent option for those seeking a comfortable, appealing yet affordable running shoe.


  • Well-constructed upper
  • Appealing
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent cushioning


  • Poor quality
  • Adequate durability
  • Unsuitable for prolonged use

Who should buy the Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 

You will love the Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 if you want an appealing yet affordable neutral running shoe that offers excellent cushioning

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 reebok

Updates to the Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0

  • The carbon rubber outsole is used in the Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0. It delivers added traction and durability to the platform.
  • The midsole area features the Compression-molded EVA. The perfect combination of cushioning and speed is offered by this technology.
  • With the utilization of the woven engineered mesh upper, additional breathability is encouraged. Because of this component of the shoe, runners will be able to experience a more comfortable and hassle-free ride.

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 full

Experience smooth heel-to-toe transitions with the Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0

The Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0's outsole utilizes carbon rubber. It allows the platform to have consistent contact with the ground.; thus a smooth heel-to-toe transition is ensured. Just like the outsole configuration of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19, it provides all-terrain traction and durability.

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 outsole1

Shock absorbing in every stride with the Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 midsole

The Compression-molded EVA midsole is integrated into the Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0. This component of the shoe adds cushioning that lasts a longer duration of time. The sculpted CMEVA midsole is well-built for the platform to handle any road running activity. The JetRide's heel cushioning is sure to satisfy the runner's need for speed.

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 midsole1

To absorb shock in every footstrike, the Visible DMX moving air technology is utilized. The absorbing shock dissipates the massive amount of energy that enters the runner's body with each step.

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 heel back mid

Get a snug fit with the Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 upper

The Engineered mesh upper is integrated into the Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0. It is described to be a textile that is composed of mesh. The material is tightly woven for a snugger fit. This mesh is flexible and robust. It also offers added breathability to the platform.

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 mesh

Experience the freedom of motion with Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0

The low-cut design of the shoe provides freedom of motion. Quicker transitions are encouraged as well.

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 low

Additional comfort is offered by the cushioned foam footbed. This material provides the runner with a more comfortable running experience.

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 footbed

The traditional lacing system is utilized in the Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0. The goal of which is for a more secure fit.

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 laces1

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 laces2

The heel tab is also added by Reebok for easier on and off.

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 heel tab

Utilized in the shoe are the padded collar and tongue. These materials are for additional comfort.

Reebok Jet Dashride 6.0 collar1