Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Fury
Price: $185
Colorways: White
Small True to size Large
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For its lockdown, the sneaker utilizes a Pump mechanism that inflates an air bladder which is wrapping the vamp. As the air is injected, the right amount of customized fit will be obtained. Releasing the trapped air can be done by a valve beside the pump.

As with previous revamps of the Instapump Fury, the LA edition is also available for both men and women in medium width. Those who can fathom its out-of-this-world design can purchase the sneaker from 3 to 13.

The bulky shape of the Instapump Fury was event emphasized by the Angelic figures and brings dimensions to its silhouette. The heavy outlines of the cupids project shape and a busy image that would surely attract attention. To maximize the aesthetic value of the sneaker, wearers must sport it with skinny pants or jeggings which reveals all sides of onlookers to gaze at. Although not as subtle as other iterations on the Instapump Fury Worl Tour Pack, the LA version has a white upper which complements dark skirts or jeans.

Not much has changed with the Instapump Fury LA's features except for the drawings of Angels dispersed on its upper. To make the shoe appeal like a painting, the upper is even colored in white to resemble a canvas.

The Instapump Fury's early days of progress includes a wild sketch from a prominent designer named Steve Smith. Smith was the reason behind notable New Balance shoes like the iconic 574, 996, and 997. He always has an affinity with flaming colors and thought that a groundbreaking Reebok sneaker should harness a glowing trait.

The panel rejected the eye-catching colors of red and neon and proposed a more subdued gray for the Instapump's prototype. It was then a battle between the two shades of which would attract more sales. The results of the survey went 65 to 35, in favor of the bright colored pair. It was a win for Smith. The neon green-and-red combination can be seen in the original version of Instapump that was released in 1994. Even Jackie Chan approves of its tint.

Since its release, the Instapump Fury was remodeled into different eye-catching designs. The more famous ones are with the French designer Vetements which creatively use contemporary objects of design like emojis and doodles.

The sneaker is also frequented by collaborations from music artists to fashion idols and even cartoon characters. A Christmas-themed Grinch colorway was released along with a fuzzy Ted-inspired collaboration. Even Doraemon has a piece of the Instapump pie flaunting an adorable blue-covered pump.

In line with this trend of infusing figures into the old futuristic sneaker, Reebok comes up with a World Tour Pack that features symbols that give honor to the city. The locations that were included in this franchise are Tokyo, London, and Los Angeles. The Reebok Instapump Fury LA displays cupids all over the upper which gives tribute to the famous connotation of LA being the "City of Angels."

  • The midsole of the sneaker is split into two by a carbon fiber mid shank to administer a lighter silhouette.
  • The EVA midsole is equipped with a Hexalite technology that absorbs impact and gives back a responsive cushioning on a lightweight system.
  • The upper is composed of textile and mesh for breathability and added comfort.
  • A durable rubber outsole ensures excellent grip and traction.