Who should buy the Reebok HIIT 2

Whether you are taking part in group classes or exercises at home, the HIIT 2 from Reebok is an excellent option for active gym classes like:

  • HIIT / cardio / aerobics
  • BodyCombat, BodyStep, BodyPump
  • kickboxing
  • and similar intensive workout programs

The shoe is also considered a great value for money by many. With some premium HIIT shoes reaching $120, the Reebok HIIT 2 keeps it at the moderate $100 price point. The reviewers love the performance it delivers without breaking the bank, saying it's "a bargain price."

Reebok HIIT 2 best uses

Who should not buy the trainer

"Cannot get them on my feet!" - this shoe will not please those struggling with bootie designs:

  • the collar has no stretch to it, making it "a real battle to put on," especially for people with wide feet
  • it is a problem when your feet get sweaty and hot or when you are wearing thick socks
  • the lack of a padded tongue also opens up the issue of lace bites

If you see these problems as a deal-breaker, consider getting the first iteration of the Reebok HIIT. Alternatively, check out the New Balance TRNR or the Under Armour HOVR Rise 3.

And if you are looking for a more serious cross-trainer that can do the heavy lifting and Crossfit WODs, go for the Reebok Nano series.

Reebok HIIT 2 collar

Reebok HIIT 2 vs. HIIT 1: is it better?

Those who own both versions of the Reebok HIIT, generally consider the 2nd iteration a "good move" and a step in the right direction. Here is why:

  • The addition of Reebok’s renowned Floatride Energy Foam. As one expert reviewer puts it, “it just delivers a stronger performance across the board.”
  • Improved upper material. There is just “better durability, breathability, and overall lightness”. The additional heel counter at the back is also a welcome stability feature.

What got worse? The lack of stretch in the collar now makes it “a huge pain in the ass to get on.”

Reebok HIIT 2 upper

Versatile performance of the Reebok HIIT 2

Nearly all testers agree that the shoe does a good job in "all these different playing fields." In addition to its highly responsive cushioning for HIIT, it also has ample stability to support the load up to 315 lbs (according to an avid Crossfitter). Here are some of the other positive comments about the shoe's overall performance at the gym:

  • it helps to absorb jumping
  • it’s got a steady balance
  • the flex grooves add dynamics to the movement
  • there is a solid lateral support for quick side-to-side movements

Reebok HIIT 2 stability

One expert reviewer even mentioned that it’s not often that he has a shoe in which he feels confident enough to do backflips in without beating up his ankles and knees.

In addition, there is the right amount of Floatride cushioning to work for your shorter runs (1-3 miles). And it also makes for a stylish and comfy daily driver.

Reebok HIIT 2 cushioning

Arch support in a cross-trainer?

An expert who reviewers nearly every training shoe on the market notes that the Reebok HIIT 2 has a decent amount of arch support. It’s not like a stability shoe but he finds it to be a little bit more than what other HIIT-focused shoes are offering.

Reebok HIIT 2 arch support

True to size and hugs your foot

A vast majority of testers had zero issues in their regular training shoe size. And in terms of fit, some commented that it feels “like your feet are being held” and even claimed it “one of the most comfortable trainers in a decade.”

So, if it wasn’t for the issue of getting the shoe on, the HIIT 2 would have been just perfect.

Reebok HIIT 2 fit

Reebok HIIT 2 won’t let you get toasty

Those who work out in hotter settings, recommend the shoe as it breathes well and keeps your feet relatively cool.

Facts / Specs

Use: HIIT, Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Jan 2022
BRAND Brand: Reebok
Toebox: Medium
Colorways: Black / White
SKUs: G55545 / GW8517 / GX5252 / GX5253 / GY0214 / GY8452 / GY8453 / LKZ17

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