80 users: 3.6 / 5
3 experts: 87 / 100
Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 10.9oz / Women 8.9oz
Heel to toe drop: Men 10mm / Women 10mm
Arch support: Neutral

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7 reasons to buy

  • Most purchasers said that the Reebok Harmony Road 2 is very durable.
  • The heel drop of the shoe is good for runners with Achilles issue, said some users.
  • A couple of wearers mentioned that the 2nd version of the Harmony Road is very responsive.
  • Some wearers highlighted the shoe’s roomy toe box.
  • The shoe runs true-to-size, based on some user reviews.
  • Many runners admired the good-looking design of the Harmony Road 2.
  • Some buyers agreed that the shoe has a great fit.

2 reasons not to buy

  • One disappointed user mentioned that he had severe pain in the balls of his feet after running a few miles.
  • A user said he experienced heel slippage no matter how he laced-up the shoe.

Bottom line

The Harmony Road 2 has a higher heel-drop compared to its predecessor. Designed for road running, the shoe offers light and responsive cushioning. Although a few have pointed out some flaws, the Harmony Road 2 is indeed a remarkable release by Reebok that runners found to be a valuable upgrade.

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  • The SmoothFuse upper is still made up of breathable mesh that permits proper ventilation. However, the mesh the Harmony Road 2 has looks more tightly woven with less visible holes or spaces in between threads. As a result, the upper looks more solid and seamless.
  • New colorways were added to this new version of the Harmony Road Series. Compared to the previous color options, the currents ones are more muted than loud. Most of the variations come in colors that are inconspicuous.
  • On the sides, Reebok incorporated 3M™ reflective details. Now, runners can run with more confidence in conditions with low lighting. The reflective details ensure that the runner is visible in the dark.
  • The weight of the shoe has increased by 14 grams for the men, and 8 grams for the ladies’ version. Previously, the weight was only at 295 grams for the men’s version. Now, it is currently at 309 grams. The women’s version was previously at 244 grams and is now at 252 grams.
  • The offset has increased as well. The shoe’s predecessor had an offset of 10mm. This newer version, on the other hand, has a heel-to-toe drop of 15mm – the difference of the heel which is 37 mm and the forefoot which is 22 mm.

The Reebok Harmony Road 2 comes in standard measurements. Those who are interested can make use of the lengths they have been accustomed to. As for the width, the shoe only comes in B – medium and D medium for women and men respectively.

The bottom of the shoe is covered with a tough kind of rubber called Carbon Rubber. It is the same material vehicle tires are commonly made of. It adds durability to the shoe, protecting its bottom from wear and tear. Runners can take on longer miles because of the protection this material delivers.

The tread pattern is made up of several structures and segments with varying shapes and designs. Some areas have rectangular segments with flex lines, while other areas have a unique toeprint-like pattern. The combination of all of these allows the outsole to give enough traction on most surfaces. This tread also faintly aids the runner’s balance as the segments are adaptive to varying ground levels.

The PwrPad technology can be observed in the forefoot area on this part of the shoe. Specifically, it is strategically found under the first metatarsal to help the runner toe-off more efficiently. The propulsion it provides is not significant, but it does slightly supply springiness for better efficiency.

Harmony Road 2’s midsole is unique because it has three zones. Reebok refers to it as their TriZone midsole. It is made up of three types of EVA foam that have been strategically placed on the forefoot, midfoot, and heel part of the platform. The foam on the forefoot is ultra-responsive with a high rebound. Its purpose is to help during the terminal swing phase of running. The middle light foam composite is for smoother transitions, and the one on the heel is for impact cushioning and stabilization upon landing.

Also on the midsole is the KooshRide TPU foam core. When the shoe is flipped over, the layer made of small, molded tubes of TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane is visible through the outsole. What this layer does is provide lasting cushioning and responsiveness with its one-of-a-kind geometry.

Reebok has found a way for runners to have an even smoother transition with the PwrZone design feature. The forefoot area of the midsole was slightly raised and curved to promote a rocking motion throughout running phases. Efficiently, runners can move from one phase of the running cycle to the next with lesser energy used.

The upper is made of a breathable mesh that allows proper ventilation within the shoe. Because air can pass through easily, the foot is kept dry, and the ideal environment inside is maintained. This material is also elastic which means that it follows the shape of the foot without constricting it. The fit, in turn, becomes snug and comfortable.

To reduce the risk of irritation and to provide a more comfortable in-shoe feel, Reebok’s SmoothFuse was introduced to the upper. This design feature fuses the seam-free interior to the exterior layer of support, giving the shoe a smooth feel from the within.

On the sides, 3M™ reflective details were added to improve the runner’s visibility in low-light conditions. 3M is a pioneer company when it comes to reflective products. Their creations have been proven to be durable, bright and lab-supported. Runners don’t have to worry about not being seen during night runs.

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Same sizing as Reebok Harmony Road 3.5.

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Very comfy, true to size, light but provides support and good cushioning.. - Amazon

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