Base model: Reebok Freestyle Hi
Top: High
Inspired from: Training
Collection: Reebok Freestyle
Price: $85
Colorways: Black, Red
Special editions: 5 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Reebok sneaker
It has never been more popular than this November

The high-top Reebok Freestyle Hi Patent is built with a lace-up closure that resembles its equally fashionable siblings with the identifying double strap attribute that help secure the fit. Its slim profile tends to run narrow and small that going a half size higher would make up for such construction issue. Those with rather wide feet might need to go a full size larger than their typical shoe length. This women’s only sneaker is obtainable in sizes that spreads from 3 to 12 US.

Reebok’s high-top Freestyle Hi Patent taps the sensibilities of fashion-savvy female force with its shiny and smooth cover. This head-turning charmer with double straps is splashed with monochromatic shades from the top to sole. Its high-gloss finish whips up a pair of denim cut-offs, dressy shorts, leggings, ankle pants, tapered jeans, or maxi dresses paired with a trendy top, casual tees, or tank top.

Under the voguish reflective surface of the high-top Reebok Freestyle Hi Patent is a softly-padded interior which offers a cozy room for the feet with its breathable textile lining. Its high-top collar is both fashionable and functional as it gives the ankle protection and enhanced stability with its cushioned walls. Locking everything in place to complete the fab look are two adjustable Velcro straps across the ankle.

Reebok Freestyle is one of the time-tested sneakers in the brand’s retro catalog. It has leaped from being an aerobics diva attracting both women and men to being a coveted classic in the hip-hop scene, and a desirable figure for stylish upgrades. Needless to say, it has been a favorite template for styling, giving birth to foxy designs such as the glossy Reebok Freestyle Hi Patent.

Reebok was the first brand to address the high demand for fitness sneaker specifically for aerobics back in the 1980s. In 1982, it pioneered the first athletic shoe exclusively for women called Freestyle or the style 5411. It was fancied not only by women consumers but by the men too that pushed the brand to come up with the Ex-O-Fit a year later specifically for the men.

The Reebok Freestyle is constructed with a garment leather material, a single Velcro strap across the ankle, and terry-cloth liner that keeps the feet dry with its ultra-soft towel-like makeup.

On the same year it launched the Ex-O-Fit, Reebok came out with an extended ankle collar of the ladies’ footwear which it named the Reebok Freestyle Hi. The modified design had the trademark double Velcro straps and the same glove leather cover. Its high upper structure provided ankle support which is much adored by those seriously into physical workouts.Eventually, the brand launched a version for the men called the Ex-O-Fit Hi.

The toned down silhouette of the Freestyle opened avenues for creativity and endless design possibilities seeing more bold concepts coming to light in the subsequent years. 35 years from inception, the Freestyle receives its most shiny, reflective surface under the label Reebok Freestyle Hi Patent.

  • Under the shoe is a rubber outsole which offers remarkable traction.
  • Reebok’s branding with the Union Jack flag is seen on the side panels.
  • Reebok label is also displayed at the bottom part of the shoe.
  • Another shimmery release of this shoe is the Reebok Freestyle Hi Metallic dropped in the Fall of 2017, which came in Feather Blue and Rose Gold colorways. A silver metallic cover was issued in January 2018.
  • Celebrities and popular artists were spotted sporting Reebok Freestyle Hi. They are Katie Holmes, Jade Thirlwall from the British girl group Little Mix, and Tila Tequila.