Who should buy the Reebok Flexagon 3

This pair of training shoes from Reebok is designed for people who do high-intensity interval workouts. That said, the Flexagon 3 employs an underfoot shield to ensure that the wearer's feet are well-protected. 

It is a solid option if:

  • You are after a trainer that delivers flexibility for running yet is stable enough for weight training. 
  • Hygiene is at the forefront of your priorities, and you need a shoe that has the ventilation to keep your feet cool, neat, and dry. 
  • You want the convenience of having a shoe that can go along well with both gym and casual clothing. 

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Updates to the Reebok Flexagon 3

  • The Flexagon 2.0 uses EVA foam, while the Flexagon 3 is equipped with FuelFoam, which is said to be more reactive to energy than traditional foam.

Reebok Flexagon 3 Updates5

Enhanced outsole durability

The foam unit of the Reebok Flexagon 3 serves as both the midsole and the outsole. The bottom section is crafted to be more durable to avert early deterioration.

Reebok Flexagon 3 Outsole1

The outsole features deep grooves and siping throughout the surface. These lines aid in the smooth heel-to-toe transition and the overall flexibility of the sole unit.

Reebok Flexagon 3 Outsole2

Responsive cushioning

FuelFoam makes up the midsole of the Flexagon 3. This foam is created to be soft and pliable to aid in natural movements. FuelFoam dulls the impact of foot landings and, at the same time, converts that energy into power for explosive take-offs.

Reebok Flexagon 3 Midsole4

Stabilized rearfoot

The heel of this training shoe flares out. It creates a wide base that keeps the rearfoot steady during agile movements.

Reebok Flexagon 3 Midsole2

Comfy wrap

The Reebok Flexagon 3 uses a mesh fabric for its top. This material is soft, allowing it to fit and more like a sock. The interior is covered with a soft cloth that amplifies the cozy in-shoe experience. Perforations are present throughout the top. They help dissipate heat to regulate temperature and moisture inside the footwear.

Reebok Flexagon 3 Upper1

Protection and support

Synthetic and fabric overlays are used on the upper of the Flexagon 3. They reinforce the underlying mesh against abrasion. They also help maintain the shape of the top for a reliable hold.

Reebok Flexagon 3 Overlays

The Reebok Flexagon 3's lacing system

A traditional lacing system is used for the closure of this Reebok trainer. It is used to adjust how tight or how loose the midfoot feel for the user.

Reebok Flexagon 3 Lacing System1

Plush collar against blisters

Light foam lines the tongue and the collar of the footgear. The lining improves heel hold to avoid blistering. The plushness also prevents the shoe from flying off while exercising.

Reebok Flexagon 3 Rearfoot

Facts / Specs

Use: Workout, HIIT / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal, Wide
Collection: Reebok Flexagon
BRAND Brand: Reebok
Colorways: Black / White
SKUs: EH3386 / FU6630 / FU6634 / FU6639 / FU6640 / FU6650 / FU8657 / FW8194 / JAC42 / LWH64

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