Who should buy the Reebok Ever Road DMX 2

This Reebok walking shoe is built as a fitness walking shoe. It provides comfort when you brisk walk around the neighborhood, run errands, or explore new cities. It features an air cushioning mechanism that effectively adapts to pressure to keep the foot protected against impact. It is suited for:

  • People who are in need of an affordable pair of walking shoes.
  • Men looking for shoes to wear during the cold season
  • Women who like shoes that deliver a sock-like fit.

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Who should not buy the Reebok Ever Road DMX 2

Women with a fast-paced lifestyle might get disappointed with how difficult it is to put the shoe on. The women's version is not that easy to wear according to several wearers.  It may also not appeal to male wearers who plan on wearing this in wet environments. Its leather top bleeds when wet and colors fade out fast. However, there are other Reebok sneakers with leather tops worth looking at. 

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Traction. Carbon rubber protects the bottom of the Reebok Ever Road DMX 2. This compound is engineered to be durable, withstanding abrasion when walking on rough surfaces.

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Shock absorption. A full-length EVA foam makes up the midsole of the Ever Road DMX 2. It protects the foot against impact when it hits the ground with each step.

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Adaptive cushioning. As the name suggests, this par of Reebok walking shoes features the DMX technology. This innovation is visible in the outsole. DMX consists of bubbles that are connected by tunnels where air passes through to move around, allowing it to adapt to pressure.

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The Reebok Ever Road DMX 2 is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. However, the upper design for both is not identical.


  • The upper is made of leather and Thermowarm materials. This combination keeps the feet warm during cold weather. Meanwhile, there are perforations on the vamp, which help with ventilation during hot days.
  • It features a lace-up closure, allowing wearers to customize the fit and enhance lockdown. The collar and tongue are lined with plush foam that provides comfort and helps secure the foot down.
  • A gore strap wraps the heel. It serves as a heel counter that keeps the hindfoot steady.


  • A slip-on style is used for the ladies’ version. It uses a knit fabric that provides a sock-like fit. Though it doesn’t have a lacing system, it has a gore collar that ensures your foot won’t accidentally slip out while you’re walking about. This material is also breathable, allowing the foot to stay fresh during extended periods of walking.
  • A fabric tab is attached to the back of the collar. You can use it to widen the opening so the foot easily slides in.
  • A synthetic overlay forms the external heel panel. It amplifies heel hold to prevent excessive movements.

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Facts / Specs

Arch support: Neutral
Update: Reebok Ever Road DMX 3
Use: For standing all day, Travel, Europe, City, Disney
Closure: Lace-up
Material: Leather
Features: Cushioned
BRAND Brand: Reebok

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