Our verdict


The overall reaction towards the Reebok Endless Road 2 has been positive. People are happy with the comfortable midsole construction, breathable silhouette, and traction-ready external pad. Conversely, the quick-to-deviate tongue piece and need for a break-in period have turned off some consumers. Fans of road running shoes that can handle many types of activities can enjoy the Reebok Endless Road 2.


  • Supportive platform
  • Responsive
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable traction
  • Breathable


  • Tongue is not secure
  • Break-in required

Who should buy the Endless Road 2

The Endless Road 2 from Reebok is designed for comfort as the miles log on. This running shoe is ideal for you if:

  • You have a moderate to high arch and prefer a versatile running shoe that can be used for walking and training
  • You want a breathable running shoe that is perfect for long-distance runs

Reebok Endless Road 2 laces

Updates to the Reebok Endless Road 2

  • The Reebok Endless Road 2 is an update to a fresh series of running shoes that are designed for the neutral pronator. The overall construction is similar to its predecessor, the original Endless Road, save for an upper that features more printed overlays.

Reebok Endless Road 2 reebok

Protective and grippy outsole

The external pad of the Reebok Endless Road 2 is made of a rubber compound. This layer prevents the surfaces from damaging the base of the midsole unit. It also delivers grip over the ground, a trait that is fundamental for every running shoe.

Reebok Endless Road 2 outsole

The windlass mechanism is a square structure near the ball of the foot that helps the forward propulsion of the runner. Speed and responsive forefoot lifts are the goals of this element.

Reebok Endless Road 2 windlass

Soft and durable enough for long runs  

An injection-molded ethylene-vinyl acetate (IMEVA) piece serves as the midsole unit of the Reebok Endless Road 2. This feature is tasked with providing the foot with a comfortable platform on which to stand. It is also made to be lightweight yet durable enough to handle many running sessions.

Reebok Endless Road 2 midsole

A MemoryTech insole is placed right above the primary cushioning unit. This add-on provides a soft surface for the underside of the foot. It can conform itself to the curves of the wearer’s foot-pad, thus giving some support to areas and crevices that don’t usually get any attention.

Reebok Endless Road 2 memorytech

Promoting natural movement

The upper unit of the Reebok Endless Road 2 is made of breathable mesh. This feature secures the foot in place and keeps it from wobbling during the run. The lattice structure can stretch slightly, thus accommodating the natural movement and swelling capacity of the foot as it takes each step. Also, pronounced breathing holes maintain a ventilated in-shoe experience. Breathable uppers grace many running shoe series, including the Nike Downshifter roster.

Reebok Endless Road 2 upper

Overlays are printed onto the silhouette. These synthetic prints bolster the structural integrity of the upper unit while also helping to lock the foot in place. Their non-bulky nature prevents the shoe from being too heavy or looking too big.

Reebok Endless Road 2 overlays

The padded tongue and collar cushion the topmost portions of the foot, namely the Achilles tendon, the ankles, and the bridge. These parts of the upper unit also avert accidental shoe removals.

Reebok Endless Road 2 collar