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The men’s Reebok DMX Fusion PI comes in sizes starting from 4 to 14 which are all constructed in D medium width. Its Ultraknit upper is somehow supported by toggle-looking laces that constricts the sneaker at the vamp.

These DMX Fusion PI shoes by Reebok are boundary sports-inspired with a little dash of modernity. A silhouette fused with a DMX or Dynamax tooling, as vintage lovers might dub it, goes well with joggers and track pants but will oblige with skinny jeans as well.

 An arched type of thread holds down the laces just around the vamp and counteracts the snugging to provide the ample fit. The same thread can be seen at the heel loop which also provides a more customized fit.

From its 18th century running roots to the concurrent Cross training regime, Reebok has come a long way enveloping humanity’s feet in performance kicks. The UK-born brand had tapped every aspect of footwear, from upper to the sole, reintroducing new technologies to boost functionality. In the running segment of its legacy, there was one that stood among the pack like an unchaseable gazelle.

In 1997, Reebok introduced a particular kind of cushioning that utilized air flow to provide stability and support. Yes, the use of air was relatively not a new concept during that time given that it was spearheaded by Nike in the late 70s. Nonetheless, the Dynamic Motion Cushioning was deemed as part of “the best running shoes in the history of the world” during that era.

After several successful stints, the Dynamic Motion Cushioning or DMX for short eventually ended up in the lifestyle department. It was included in numerous iterations following of course the design of its predecessor--the Reebok DMX Run 10. 2018 gave birth to the updated version of the said iconic runner, specifically on March 30. The Reebok DMX Fusion redefines comfort and utility while reconnecting its semblance as a running silhouette to contemporary fashion.

The DMX Fusion, due to its brilliance, was reissued numerous times in different forms. One of those is the Reebok DMX Fusion PI which showcases purple, black, and white color tones in an Ultraknit upper. Sitting atop a DMX sole, the sneaker stays vibrant in tonal colorways.

  • The official colorways are Purple Ink, Black/Pink, and White/Pink.
  • The sneaker utilizes rounded laces that go through four eyelets.
  • Aside from the DMX cushioning, an EVA foam is used.
  • The collar displays a somewhat similar accent to cleatie-constructed shoes.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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