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Reebok’s Club C (Club Champion) series is victorious in revamping 80s vintage silhouettes into classics. This collection evolved from tennis shoes to low cuts and now mids. Reebok Club C Mid II Vintage’s sleek structure and distinctive appeal have helped it transition from a performance model to a wardrobe staple.


  • Soft premium material
  • Super comfy
  • Heavily padded
  • Treats your ankles right
  • Legit vintage vibes
  • Timeless style
  • Liberally perforated
  • Goes with everything


  • Narrow toebox
  • Creases easily

Who should buy the Reebok Club C Mid II Vintage

Join the hype and reward yourself with a pair if you are:

  • Tired of having blisters around your ankles
  • An 80’s baby who misses the old times
  • Attracted to a retro-forward sneaker
  • Into overwhelmingly soft-constructed sneaker

Who should not buy this

You’ll do better with Reebok Club C Double GEO if you have wide feet or just prefer a roomy toebox area. Reebok Club C Mid II Vintage has well-padded ankles, which can make it look chunky. If this does not qualify your liking, Reebok Club C 85 also has vintage vibes, minus the bulk. Explore the other Reebok Club C sneakers to see what ticks your checklist best!

Mindblowing plush

Right off the bat, sneakerheads were wowed by Club C Mid II Vintage’s buttery leather. “Like walking on pillows” is how one would describe their experience. People didn't mind walking in them for hours as they feel so good, “like a soft sock,” as a review said. 

The generously padded ankles appeared to be a bit chunkier for some, but this feature finally made wearers bid goodbye to ankle/heel blisters. Moreover, a fan noted that the leather upper’s quality “feels like a million bucks.”

Could be wider

However, having small toe blisters is a different story. Some reported that Club C Mid II Vintage shoes are not wide enough for their toes, causing blisters to their pinkies. These vintage sneakers are confirmed to be true to size but have a slim silhouette. “Sleek as heck” is how a sneakerhead characterized the pair.

Still not resistant to creasing

After wearing the sneakers a few times, a reviewer already started to notice some wrinkling in them. 

Reebok Club C Mid II Vintage is the complete 80’s experience

These sneakers “definitely channel the 80’s, early 90’s” with all the vintage details going on with it, as acknowledged by a sneakerhead. Listed below are the other quaint attributes perceived by reviewers:

  • Exposed foam on the tongue
  • “Off-white creamish” colorway, which was also described as “vintage white” by a sneakerhead
  • Yellowy midsole, which seems like it is “oxidizing”
  • Reebok brand printed all over the insides
  • Vintage logos

Everything that builds up the sneaker gives it the “retro power” everyone adored. Moreover, a remark that a fan thought to represent the sneaker’s overall visual is “super fly.”

A mid shoe release but looks more like a low

It was surprising for an enthusiast to see that this Club C Mid is only slightly taller than his low-top sneaker, Reebok Club C Revenge

Well-ventilated feet all summer

Reebok Club C Mid II Vintage really did its job as a summer release sneaker since a sneakerhead had observed the perforations all around it. According to him, the sneaker has perforations on the side, forefoot area, and even on the tongue, which are great for the shoe’s breathability.

Reebok Club C Mid II Vintage: Star for all seasons

As a classic sneaker, this looks incredible no matter what you wear, as claimed by a fan. People have used them with pants, jeans, denim shorts, co-ords, and even flowy dresses.