Who should buy the Reebok Club C Legacy

The Reebok Club C Legacy is perfect for those who:

Who should not buy it

If you want a sneaker that fits your narrow feet better, the Reebok Club C 85 SO is another great option. The Reebok Club C 85 features a very soft leather upper that doesn’t feel stiff at all.

The Reebok Club C Legacy is an exceptional reboot 

A self-described Reebok Classic fan mentioned the Club C series reputation as a “summertime staple” saying this iteration “did not disappoint.” Those who got a pair immediately noticed the translucent ice-like outsole which wrapped around its midsole, which one fan describes as a “fun sole cover in the clear jelly-like stuff.” 

Because of this, these sneakers have been described as “fresh kicks that stand out without screaming for attention.” In practice, this was felt by other wearers as they have mentioned being showered with compliments as soon as their sneakers were noticed. A reviewer’s statement summarizes what this sneaker is all about when they exclaimed “no boring shoes here!”

The Reebok Club C Legacy has colorways for days

Its quality allows it to fit right in, even being the sneaker of choice for a wedding photographer who loves wearing them to events for being “such pretty sneakers.” For more regular uses, other wearers use them more casually, particularly with skirts, jeans, and leggings.

Its variants have come to their own, including:

  • An animal-print version described as “leopard love” said to have the perfect colors
  • An eco-friendly version made out of recycled materials
  • A Jurrasic World collab with a cool DNA design on its outsole.

The Reebok Club C Legacy can hang with the best

Testers have used these for a variety of activities, one of whom said they would recommend it for anything between running, gym class, and working. Its firm sole was specifically attributed as the reason why one of them loves wearing them to lift weights and for daily activities.

Its support has been praised to no end, with one saying its “arch support is perfect.” Another mentioned that they are “on the heavy side, but not in a bad way,” explaining that it is because of this that it feels “really sturdy and well-made.”

The Reebok Club C Legacy toughs through the rest

People who spend their days on their feet also favor this sneaker, one of whom loves the pair “, especially for long hours.” In addition, one who got a suede/fabric variant mentioned it had “beautiful uppers” describing them as “soft to touch yet durable.”

The sneaker has been described as breathable for summers, with one fan saying it is “perfect to pair with shorts on hot summer days.”

The Reebok Club C Legacy is worth its weight

The Reebok Club C Legacy retails at $80 putting it on par with that of the average Reebok Club C sneaker at $80. One reviewer said that its “price point was amazing” given its “excellent quality.”