We spent 7.5 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

6 reasons to buy

  • Nearly all reviewers mentioned the word comfortable’ when describing the Reebok Club C 85 Canvas. 
  • The low-top canvas sneaker is a real eye-catcher” according to many consumers. 
  • A big number of users were pleased with the casual footwear’s bold colors that they say looks great for the summer.
  • Several testers reported that the Reebok Club C 85 Canvas is hardwearing and made of good quality materials.
  • The low-top sneaker is lightweight and feels almost like wearing slippers, one individual remarked.
  • The canvas footwear is reasonably-priced, commented one buyer.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Many purchasers were not pleased to find that the Sunwash colorway looked way too orange in person than pictured. 
  • Several testers reported that they had to send back their orders as the shoes were too large. 
  • One buyer stated that the canvas version of the Reebok Club C 85 needed breaking in. 

Bottom line

The Club C 85 Canvas from Reebok is comfortable whether used for work, walking, or just hanging out. The striking hues and the fashionable design combine to make this shoe a head-turner. The footwear is also durable, lightweight, and priced affordably.

The colorways of the Club C 85 Canvas are bold and trendy. The shoe may also need a breaking-in period, and its size runs a bit larger than standard according to users.


Base model: Reebok Club C 85
Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Collection: Reebok Club C
Price: $75
Colorways: Blue, Orange, Yellow
Special editions: 22 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Reebok Club C 85 Canvas is a model from the Women’s Classics collection. The shoe is offered in sizes ranging from 6 to 11. The lace-up closure of the shoe gives it a lockdown and snug fit.

The Club C has always had a clean and timeless look, and this has not changed with the Club C 85 Canvas. This model looks good when matched with black leggings, cropped or rolled jeans, or shorts.

The classics never go out of style, and this is true for Reebok Club C 85 Canvas. The shoe has a notable style with its combination of appealing hues. The shoe may not have the modern technology that other models do but its simple design and cozy feel more than makes up for it.

The Club C 85 came on to the scene in 1985 as a rebranding of the Reebok Revenge Plus. The C in the name stands for Champion which sounds far more appropriate to the sport of tennis than the Revenge Plus. Reebok used a leather upper with an inner lining made of terry cloth for a cooling effect. The shoe garnered followers from the world of tennis as well as fans of the aerobic trend.

The Club C 85 Canvas is a reworking of the original silhouette. The upper has changed to a canvas, and the shoe was given bright hues to make it more ideal for the summer.

  • The Reebok Club C 85 Canvas contains a padded foam insole for cushioning and an EVA midsole for absorbing impact.


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