Base model: Reebok Classic Leather
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classic Leather
Price: $100
Colorways: Beige, Green
Special editions: 57 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The sneaker utilizes a lace-up enclosure running generously through seven pairs of eyelets. A lightweight and soft EVA midsole provides cushioning and impact protection. The insoles are also removable so users can interchange it with custom orthotics. As per the reviews, the sneaker runs true to size.

Men can purchase a pair in an expansive size range of 5 to 14 with half sizes. These Reebok Classic Leathers are constructed with D medium widths. Though the sneaker is intended for men, women can avail it by going 1.5 sizes down from the men's to attain their right fit.

Partnering the low top sneaker with high socks and shin-high or folded pants would portray a stylish yet edgy look. Going casual with jeans and shorts should also do the trick. Just remember to sport contrasting colors that match the colorways of the sneaker. The pinkish glow of the upper gives it a fresh new appeal. It also comes in three prominent colorways namely Green/Soapstone, Beige, and Cloud Grey.

The only element that makes this Reebok Classic Leather different from other iterations is the pink leather detail that wraps up the upper. They added an excellent shine to its laces giving it flair. The sneaker comes in three Nubuck colorways of green, beige, and Cloud Grey.

The story of the Reebok Classic Leather would trace back to the aerobics craze of the 80s. Paul Fireman, an outdoor gear salesman, developed an interest in the UK-based shoe brand and started to make ties with it by the latter part of the 70s. From there, he capitalized on the growing deficit of shoes focusing on active women and released the Freestyle in 1981. What happened afterward changed the course of the company and aerobic footwear forever.

The Freestyle became the spark plug of subsequent Reebok models which were initially covered with garment leather. Sales skyrocketed, and women everywhere began sporting the sneaker not only to gyms and studios but also on the streets. The lifestyle-focused sneaker became an everyday staple for women which made the men envious.

The feminine sneaker enjoyed a couple of years of glory before Reebok decided to follow up on its ingenious design. The year 1983 was a coveted time for new designs like the Freestyle Hi, Ex-O-Fit, Princess, and the Reebok Classic Leather. These models catered to different demographics and different lifestyles which after decades had captured the liking of many vintage-lovers.

The running-bound Reebok Classic Leather was the most revamped iteration from the global brand since its debut in the early 80s. Its stylish aesthetic as a runner developed to be an instant classic though it employs technologies like the Bi-Density Shock Protection System with breathable air vents. Infinite combinations of colors and materials were witnessed by the public surrounding the easily-influenced sneaker.

  • The sneaker utilizes a high-abrasion gum rubber outsole for traction and grip.
  • The upper consists of Nubuck leather which is complemented by a textile interior.
  • Reebok brandings can be found embroidered at the tongue and at the lateral window box. It can also be seen at the heel tab and the outsole.