Base model: Reebok Classic Leather
Style: Retro
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classic Leather
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Rubber Sole, EVA
Price: $100
Colorways: Red, White
Special editions: 57 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Reebok Classic Leather Solids is available for both men and women. Its padded interior adds snugness to its fit with the aid of the front lace system of fastening. This pair has the foam sockliner with the lightweight EVA midsole for day long comfort.

Having a shoe with one color makes it easy for wearers to partner it with different outfits. Depending on the colorway of the Reebok Classic Leather Solids, it is best to partner it with apparel that complements its hue.

The low top sneaker, disregarding colors and theme's, can usually be sported with pants for men and dresses and skirts for women during summer. The black colorway can even be worn with formal clothes or in the office replacing conventional leather shoes.

When comparing the Reebok Classic Leather Solids with other similar models of the Reebok Classic line, the noticeable difference will be the full monochromatic image of the shoe that even includes the same colored Union Jack logo and the tongue. Its interior lining is also tonal, and even the foam insert. The patch at the tongue is attached closer to the vamp that displays the vintage Reebok logo in a hue the same as the whole shoe.

1983 was Reebok's year of power with the release of several pioneer models like the Ex-O-Fit, Princess, London Runner, Freestyle Hi, and the Classic. Most of these shoes cemented the company's sky-high status in the sneaker world at that time, but one model stood out and became an iconic stature to be followed in the succeeding years.

The Reebok Classic was primarily created as a running shoe which was timely released during an ethos were healthy outdoor activities like jogging took place. Though it gained popularity during the decade, its mainstay in the shoe apparel industry was established years after its initial release. Gradual incorporations of advanced designs and materials innovated the Classic on which it continued to progress as a staple for everyday casual use.

A vast variety of colorways and shoe lines available today honors the vintage Reebok Classic may it be in leather, suede, or nylon uppers. Reebok devised a system of nomenclature for their Classic lines that end with two to three capital letters at the end of the shoe's name.

The capital letters were based on the sneaker model's colorway or the origin of the material included in the footwear. Other iterations simply state a specific Classic line's appearance like for example the Reebok Leather Classic Solids which is composed of a uni-colored silhouette from the upper up to the sole.

  • The sneaker sports a low top profile that enables increased mobility in every step.
  • Features like the EVA midsole, the high-abrasion rubber outsole, and the foam sockliner are maintained from the original model of the Classic.
  • A rippled sole design of the Classic Leather was released in 2016 that has the same overall image of the Reebok Solids but only differs in the outsole.