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12 reasons to buy

  • A vast majority of the reviewers praised the supreme comfort that the sneaker bares.
  • Some of the users were very impressed with the colors of the shoe.
  • The Reebok Classic Leather Seasonal II can be worn all day without experiencing pain and can even be sported during long-mile walks.
  • High-quality materials are utilized to assemble the sneaker.
  • It even looks better in person, according to a few.
  • The design and tints of the Seasonal II version of the CL are not the usual finds in sports shops that gives out a unique silhouette while walking the streets.
  • A handful of buyers highly recommends the sneaker.
  • The sneaker is appropriately light in weight.
  • A customer even stated that the appeal of the sneaker looks sexy.
  • The sneaker is reasonably priced for the function it provides.
  • Several users claim that the sneaker goes well with everything.
  • Showcasing a timeless model in lovable hues and designs, the Reebok Classic Leather Seasonal II employs a stylish look in a classic trainer.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Although some appreciated the tints of the sneaker, many reviewers were astonished that the color on the site did not even closely resemble the pair delivered. A lot of them claim that the color was inaccurate.
  • Though there were more comments about the sneaker fitting perfectly, an alarming number of users have sizes that deviate their usual. Its either the sneaker would run small and narrow or that it runs big.

Bottom line

Reebok Classic Leather Seasonal II is a contemporary iteration of the vintage running model that maintains its signature comfort. The sleek appeal is emphasized by flashy partnered with its white sole. The Seasonal II edition keeps the timeless runner's line relevant through time in many clothing options.

A lot of satisfied users were delighted that they have to recommend. To get an accurate buy, it is best to purchase the sneakers first hand in outlet stores. Though the Classic Leather has a standard sizing, deviations would most probably occur.


Base model: Reebok Classic Leather
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classic Leather
Price: $75
Colorways: Orange, Pink
Special editions: 46 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The sneaker is available in full-size runs from 4 to 10 with half sizes. It is fixed with a lacing enclosure to administer a right snug and fit. The walls of its entry are lightly padded to provide a cozy feel. Cushioning is provided by a precision cut EVA midsole which is a lightweight shock absorber.

Invigorating the image of the old school Classic Leather, the Reebok Classic Leather Seasonal II showcases colorful low-top tonal uppers that fit the need of women. From pink coral to crisp blue, the sneaker intends to turn heads while strutting the streets.

The laces are even tinted the same color to give that smooth look. The sneaker is perfect for sporting leggings or pants which also looks appropriate to be worn with dresses and blouses.

The sneaker is inspired by Muscovite color accents which flaunt a vivid tone. Prominent colorways of the Seasonal II model are the crisp blue and pink coral which also has tonal laces. Other iterations in retailers include suede uppers that mix and match different colors that still resemble the Russian City.

Introduced in 1983, the Reebok Classic was the first running iteration to be assembled with garment leather. A follow up to the Freestyle; the vintage running model was initially intended for footwear going on the trail. As the years progressed, along with the ridiculous success of the Reebok craze, the Classic Leather became a staple shoe for street wear.

Numerous versions of the said Classic was released to the public, honoring a specific event or an artist. For some time, its popularity was subdued with the decline in sales, but underground fanatics maintained its fire burning with loyalty running through their veins.

Decades have passed before re-witnessing the Classic Leathers gain in the limelight. The already jam-packed line up of the CL was even spontaneously regrown in recent years. Simultaneous releases including revamps of suede uppers were observed.

In 2016, an iteration of the shoe was released with tonal coral accents on its upper partnered by laces which also are the same color. The Reebok Classic Leather Seasonal II was produced for women in varying colorways that are inspired by Moscow color themes from pink to blue to many other hues.

  • Two lines of perforations are positioned at the toe box for breathability.
  • Reebok branding can be seen at the vamp window box and the tongue. It is also found in the sneaker and at the heel tab.
  • For traction, the sneaker is assembled with high-abrasion rubber for protection and grip.


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