We spent 9.6 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

12 reasons to buy

  • Most of the testers ranked this Reebok Classic Leather Ripple Altered as among the most comfortable pairs they’ve worn.
  • Its cushioning is more on the firm side rather than squishy, which a lot of wearers liked.
  • Plenty of buyers said that this model offers a swell value for its budget-friendly price.
  • This unisex sneaker has collected praises and high recommendations from the majority of reviewers.
  • Many folks from both sexes loved that that sneaker has a vintage vibe but with a modern touch to it.
  • Some shared that its unusual design and colorway aroused the interest of friends and onlookers who complimented them, then asked them where they bought it.
  • Its sporty, edgy look easily matches a variety of clothing, according to several fashion-oriented customers.
  • Most users judged the sneaker as true to size.
  • Several users bought backup pairs for fear the sneaker gets sold out.
  • The few who bought this model as a gift were glad that their recipient loved it so much they couldn’t stop thanking them.
  • This model got some customers to return to the brand and to buy more Reebok sneakers.
  • A few said that the online pictures didn’t do justice as the sneaker, especially its colors, looks way better in person.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A few agreed that the sneaker felt narrow for the first few weeks until it molded to their feet.
  • Several found out that the suede upper faded quickly after a week of use.
  • Two reviewers opined that the shoe was built from cheap materials.
  • The ripples on the soles don’t look they would last long with daily use, according to an old-time Reebok customer, who preferred the classic soles.

Bottom line

Reebok just altered one of their classic and most-loved silhouettes, surprising old and new fans. The Reebok Classic Leather Ripple Altered breaks boundaries, with all its strange and striking additions.

While staying true to the original Classic Leather heritage, this iteration features rippled soles and cleat laces while suede and nylon comprised its vintage-looking upper. Coming in a set of trail-inspired, seasonal colorways, it brings new stuff into the plate while maintaining its standard comfort and style. This incredible budget-friendly sneaker makes for a worthy asset in one’s closet.


Base model: Reebok Classic Leather
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classic Leather
Price: $85
Special editions: 57 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Reebok Classic Leather Ripple Altered is a unisex design offered in men’s sizes, ranging from 4 to 12 (that’s 5.5 to 13.5 for women’s). Women are to go down 1.5 from their original size. For example, a women’s 8 is 6.5 in unisex sizing.

This iteration of the Reebok Leather Classic has a low-top profile, which offers the ankles free range of motion to adapt to instant, unexpected foot movements and transitions. Complemented with cleat laces, the traditional lace-up closure locks the foot in securely.

The silhouettes of these Classic Leather Reeboks have long been considered as staples for daily wear. It goes along with almost any style. This Classic Leather Ripple Altered fits the street, urban, and casual as well as the sporty look. Track pants and jeans equally look good on these kicks.

The addition of bold colors and rippled soles only widened the styles this model can pull off. Colorways available are Black/Coal/White/Gold and Royal/Grey/Red/Grey.

The Reebok Classic Leather Ripple Altered is perhaps a top contender as to which is the most eye-catching among all the Classic Leather iterations. The magnificent colorways, rippled soles, cleat laces, and the emphatic Reebok branding that ran along the sidewall—all this makes this sneaker pop out like crazy from the rack or store window.

In 1983, the Reebok Classic Leather debuted and became a perennial best-seller and remained as such until today. As it was during the decade of the fitness boom, this all-white, simple-looking leather sneaker, which was marketed as a trainer, stirred a craze among fitness buffs and sneaker fanatics.

More or less thirty years later, Reebok made a huge comeback after enduring bankruptcy by reviving their shelved silhouettes and launching their Classics Collection. The Reebok Classic Leather was included in that catalog of classics and has been subjected to a series of updates and influential collaborations. Among the newest versions of this essential classic is the Classic Leather Ripple Altered, which enriches the Reebok oeuvre.

  • This sneaker is equipped with a lightweight EVA midsole, which effectively provides cushioning and shock absorption in each stride.