Base model: Reebok Classic Leather
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classic Leather
Price: $100
Colorways: White
Special editions: 57 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The low top collar of the sneaker is lightly padded for a smooth entrance. It is equipped with a lace-up enclosure for lockdown and a customizable fit. A foam midsole partnered with another foam footbed caters its cushioning and shock absorption.

The sneaker is produced in unisex sizing with half sizes that range from 3 to 15. Its width is of medium length. Women can avail the sneaker by going 1 1/2 sizes down to achieve the right fit.

There is no doubt that sneakers with tonal uppers would inevitably blend in with different articles of clothing as its sleek image emphasizes everything from pants to shirts. The Reebok Classic Leather R12 is no stranger to monochrome low-top beauties with its subdued hints that project a relaxing low profile form. It's not an issue of whether to dress this sneaker up or down but a question of: "when can I not use this classic?"

An element that displays the authenticity of the sneaker is the ® symbol found in the middle of the Reebok logo inside the window box at the vamp. Another notable part is the gray strikes of the midsole for the tonal colorways.

The aerobic growth of the 80s gave hope to the striving UK-based company called Reebok. The increasing sneaker depression between male and female would turn out to be the sports manufacturer's holy grail when it comes to getting back on track. With the release of the Reebok Freestyle, a female-specific fitness sneaker, the health-crazed world shifted their eyes to the brand. The Freestyle's success in a year gave birth to more designs that catered to men and runners.

The Reebok Classic, before it became a category, was one of the first sneakers to utilize garment leather. It was released in 1983 and quickly acquired a following with its then adequate technological features and streetwear style. The BiDensity Shock Protection System coupled by air vents was marketable at the time which turns out to be an entry-level element for customers to buy.

As technological advancements in the running overtook the sneaker market, the Reebok Classic became irrelevant to be utilized as a running shoe. Fortunately, its stylish form was continually worn by runners as they get off the track and into the streets. This trend was picked up by onlookers and carried on into the following years.

The Reebok Classic Leather has its ups and downs. During the next couple of decades, it became only famous underground being sported by UK-party goers and several loyalists that was married to its classic appeal. These proud supporters, who still cling to its aesthetic, unknowingly revived the sneaker as the days of retro designs shook the world by storm.

To honor the 80s silhouette, Reebok revamped the Classic Leather with gray accents and released it in 2012. The Reebok Classic Leather R12 replenishes the white tonal display of the initial release bearing in mind a construction with top quality.

  • The R12 collection is remodeled in 2013 in collaboration with the Miami-based Shoe Gallery. The Shoe Gallery x Reebok Classic R12 has a pink toe suede toe box with a camo upper on top of a gum-colored rubber outsole.
  • Another reiteration was released in 2013 with matching black and orange tints. The upper sports a tonal black hue that is complemented by an orange Reebok heel tab with white tongue and laces.
  • For its birthday celebration, the Reebok Classic Leather was yet again revamped into an Italy colorway which features Earth, black, and Paper white colors.
  • The toe box includes two lines of perforations for breathability.
  • Mita Sneakers also has their version of the R12 in a chino/navy/creme/white colorway. It even has a Starcrest tag with a huge letter R for indication.
  • Palace gives their take on the Reebok Classic Leather R12 in Reebok Royal blue, Techy Red, and white. The shoe features a Palace Tri-Ferg logo on the heel and the left insole and a Will Bankhead artwork on the right footbed.
  • R12 stands for the year the model was released which was in 2012.