We spent 6 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

9 reasons to buy

  • A lot of astonished users found the Reebok Classic Leather Nude NBK to be supremely comfortable that are easy on the feet after hours of wear.
  • These are beautiful trainers, according to several buyers.
  • The sneakers’ lovely color attracted a lot of purchasers.
  • One customer praised the generous padding found around the collar and inside the shoe.
  • The sneakers were priced adequately for its value as one reviewer mentioned.
  • A couple of commenters commended the sneakers’ construction and build which are composed of high-quality materials.
  • The blending of the tint of the brandings with the color of the upper was a nice touch to the overall style of the shoe according to one consumer.
  • A handful of wearers achieved the right fit and sizing with these low top sneakers.
  • A user stated that the nude color looks good on the legs.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The shoes were easily spoiled by the staining when one customer got water in them.
  • A handful of wearers disliked the delicate material surrounding the sneaker which gets dirty and attracts dust quickly.
  • One user said that the Reebok Classic Leather Nude NBK was very hard to clean and has lost its original appearance in just two months.

Bottom line

Going for the girly-look was in the Reebok’s sophisticated heritage which is now manifested in full blossom via the Reebok Classic Leather Nude NBK. The peachy-pigment lusters in an almost velvety Nubuck upper which even covers the laces and the brandings for just a nice finish.

The Reebok Classic Leather’s iconic style and comfort were maintained in this silhouette as well as the prestige of delivering a quality product. As with most Nubuck leather shoes, this prized low top is also a fiend of moisture and other suede-spoiling liquids.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classic Leather
Price: $100
Colorways: Pink
Small True to size Large
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The low top sneakers are generously padded around the ankle to provide a cozy entry and a plush, secure fit. The Reebok CL Leather Nude NBK is also known to run true to size. Women can avail of a pair starting with size 5 to 11 which are all constructed in B medium width.

The best way to perfectly showcase the Reebok Classic Leather Nude NBK is to partner it with clothes that show more skin. This apparel which include shorts, sundresses, and Capri pants which extends the length of the legs are perfect for short women. Sporting these with jeans and leggings would also suffice.

These Reebok Classic Leather Nude NBK sneakers showcase a full nude tonal look except for the EVA midsole which shines in white. The monochrome theme even embellishes the Reebok brandings as well as the laces.

The very instance of using “nude” as a color can be traced back to the use of the title flesh in Crayolas. Of course, the use of this insensitive term would spark controversy with the, excuse thee for the term, colored portion of the community. So what Crayola did in the midst of the Black Power Movement was to change the flesh term to “peach.”

The prevalence of the nude colors came about when Mrs. Obama flaunted a Naeem Khan “nude strapless gown,” and since then the media went nuts. The politically incorrect term had generated an unlikely good and bad publicity which boosted the then insulting pigment’s fame. Catwalks and home decor themes had been using it religiously, and there were no signs of stopping.

The infectious spread of the incoherent hue penetrated all sorts of enterprises which ended up in sneakers. Though sandals and women footwear use nude colors as a go-to staple style, sneakers were slightly late to join the bandwagon. Soon after, silhouettes from doll shoes to bulky dad sneakers embellished the tint with flying colors.

Reebok, having quite a reputation as a women pleaser in the eighties, would surely utilize the nude color in their sneaker designs. The Freestyle would be on top of the list followed by several iterations including the Aztec Runner (Reebok Aztec Nude NBK) and the Reebok Classic Leather Nude NBK.

For a smooth and organic look, the Reebok CL Leather Nude NBK chooses Nubuck as its au naturale element. The uppers are then splashed with the politically incorrect term of “nude” colors which even drenches the laces for a tonal look.

  • The uppers are composed of soft Nubuck leather for quality and support.
  • The tongue is made of satin to add a smooth gloss in the overall design.
  • The sockliners used are padded foam for optimal cushioning.
  • The colorway is technically named Rose Cloud/White.


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