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9 reasons to buy

  • The Reebok Classic Leather Mid GTX-Thin is very well-made, and the quality of the materials is of high value, others noticed.
  • Even though it is designed to be a mid-top winter cleat, the sneaker doesn't look bulky as compared to the others, some remarked.
  • The sneaker feels good when worn and is very comfortable, based on a couple of reviews.
  • It projects a stylish aesthetic that can be easily partnered with clothes, as stated by a number of testers.
  • The soft upper materials are surprisingly durable which can even withstand extreme seasons, another mentioned.
  • One user received a lot of compliments while wearing them.
  • It keeps the feet warm which at the same time does not retain heat during warmer seasons, a few observed.
  • Buying the Reebok Classic Leather Mid GTX-Thin is excellent value for money, several stated.
  • A customer mentioned that it can be easily cleaned.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The tongue was sewn so high up the shin that one user couldn't get his foot in comfortably. He stated that he has a high instep, so it probably wasn't a good fit.
  • After a purchaser wore it for one day, the part where the sneaker folds display substantial wrinkle marks on the right foot.

Bottom line

Reebok continues to glorify the Classic Leather franchise by reinventing the way it looks into a sneaker ready for extreme environments. The mid-top Reebok Classic Leather Mid GTX-Thin excels in aesthetics when compared to regular winter cleats which instill the classic vibe of vintage Reebok runners. Durable and easy to clean, the sneaker should be a staple during winter seasons which is available at a reasonable price.


Top: Mid
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classic Leather
Price: $195
Colorways: Beige
Small True to size Large
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A top 6% best sneaker
A top rated Reebok sneaker

Users with high insteps should watch out for this sneaker but those who don't might find it very comfortable and does run true to size. It is lined with Thinsulate™ which keeps the feet warm during cold weather. The mid top is available for men in sizes ranging from 6 to 14 which are offered in D medium widths.

Winter clothing is a sure thing with these lightweight knockers which resembles the image of a vintage running silhouette thus making bulky cold weather outfits still stylish. Jeans would surely fit the bill whether partnered with plain white tees or baggy jackets. The sneaker is available in contrasting colorways of beige and black.

Aside from the GORE-TEX components, the mid top is also splashed with waterproof details along the leather upper. An extended tongue covers the shin and protects it from harsh elements. The sneaker also features a Thinsulate™ lining for keeping the feet warm despite the cold weather.

Inventing new technologies that would enhance performance is a common thing nowadays when it comes to sneaker culture. But every upgrade and material improvement would have its roots way back before sneakerhead fandom was even created. One of the prime examples who invested in innovative ideas is a UK-born brand called Reebok called Reebok.

Reebok first blossomed to sales stardom when they introduced the Reebok Freestyle, an aerobics shoe that is intended exclusively for women. Capitalizing on the growing attention deficit for women footwear, Reebok dominated the sneaker market which spread like wildfire. Soon after, women after their aerobics class would still wear the Freestyle out on the streets.

The Freestyle's success is followed by the Reebok Classic Leather which was released a couple of years after in 1983. It was initially dubbed as a running sneaker packed with technologies like the BiDensity Shock Protection system coupled with air vents for breathability. Though its reign as a retro runner subsided, the aesthetics remained intact for the decades to follow. Its stylish appeal became a canvas for multiple iterations and colorway variations to follow. Some of its inventive designs even remade the sneaker into a winterized sneakerboot.

The Reebok Classic Leather Mid GTX-Thin is a prime example of this outdoor gear design which has a collar extending to a mid-top length. A GORE-TEX® membrane wraps up the upper preventing moisture to penetrate the internal parts of the shoe. The leather utilized is also weather-proof to be able to tackle the winter season.

  • A two-tone rubber outsole includes gum accents for exceptional traction and grip.
  • An EVA foam is utilized for its underfoot cushioning.
  • The eyelets are made of metal hardware for increased durability along the holes.
  • Reebok brandings are featured on the tongue, vamp overlay, heel tab, and outsole.



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