We spent 9 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

7 reasons to buy

  • Most people who reviewed the Reebok Classic Leather Lace were impressed with the shoe’s comfortable feel. 
  • Many purchasers praised this casual low-top’s aesthetics which they described as refined and sporty at the same time.
  • A lot of consumers commended the sneaker’s colors which they called beautiful,” unique,” and perfect for summer.”
  • A good number of customers were delighted with the Reebok Classic Leather Lace’s versatility. 
  • Several customers loved the low-top lifestyle footwear so much they mentioned recommending it to everyone they know.
  • The Reebok sneaker feels light on the feet, some testers reported.
  • The leather of the Classic Leather Lace is superb, and the shoe gives good value for money, a few individuals commented. 

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several users say that the Reebok Classic Leather Lace runs wide.
  • A few reviewers reported that the colors of the shoe look darker in person.
  • A couple of individuals complained that the sole of the casual sneaker is harder than expected.

Bottom line

Supremely comfortable and elegantly stylish is the best way to describe the Reebok Classic Leather Lace. The shoe has beautiful tonal colors to choose from that would be perfect for work or any casual outing. It feels lightweight and can be worn with most outfits. Reebok brings a stylish shoe that carries every bit the comfort that the original Classic Leather offers.


Base model: Reebok Classic Leather
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classic Leather
Price: $85
Colorways: Grey, Pink
Special editions: 46 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Reebok sneaker
It has never been more popular than this April

The Reebok Classic Leather Lace is a model made exclusively for women. The sizes offered range from 4 to 10 in standard width. The shoe keeps the foot securely locked in through the lace-up closure.

Take your Reebok Classic Leather Lace anywhere. This shoe is completely flexible and would complement most of your clothes. Pair it with any type of jeans, a sporty skirt, leggings, dress, or even office pants.

The Reebok Classic Leather Lace has a tonal look that is anything but boring. The classic silhouette plus the subtle design with its exquisite lace details will grab anyone’s attention. The shoe also gives a superior cushioned feel that is sure to please.

The Reebok Classic Leather Lace is yet another iteration of the popular and iconic running shoe, the Classic Leather, which debuted in 1983. The ‘pub shoe,’ as the footwear is known in some English quarters, had a clean design which you can take anywhere, whether you’re counting steps or pints. It was not overly technically detailed like other running shoes at the time, but it was extremely functional and performed supremely well in the sport.

The Reebok Classic Leather Lace is one of the newest iterations of the classic silhouette. Reebok released it in August of 2017. The Classic Leather Lace boasts of a texture and delicate color change. It takes the tongue branding of the original model and adds to it a soft tonal suede upper with matching color midsole. Lace paneling on the sides completes the dainty yet sporty look.

  • The Reebok Classic Leather Lace features an icy and tinted high-abrasion resistant rubber outsole.
  • The shoe is part of the Lace Color Wash Pack and is available in these shades: Meteor Gray, Smoky Orchid, and Sandy Rose.


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