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8 reasons to buy

  • The Reebok Classic Leather Archive, according to some sources, is a hard-wearing sneaker that is durable enough to last several years.
  •  A few were marveled with its classic design and stylish image.
  • Many buyers were astonished by the sneaker’s uncontested comfort.
  •  Several customers were impressed with the low top sneaker’s quality which stays true to the original construction.
  •  A couple of customers commended the sneaker’s finish which has impressive retro qualities that take them back to the past.
  •  One customer mentioned that it would be the only sneaker that he would purchase for the rest of his life.
  •  Less than a handful of wearers praised its true to size fit.
  •  Two buyers said that it has good value for money.

1 reasons not to buy

  • One disgusted reviewer indicated that the Reebok Classic Leather Archive’s collar was too low that the heel tends to slip out of the shoe.

Bottom line

From the depths of the Reebok vault comes another timeless iteration that solidifies the vintage look of the Reebok Classic Leather. These Reebok Classic Leather Archive sneakers raise the flag of retro footwear programming by delivering a high-quality product in a form that is comfortable as ever.

Durability is its main feature as expressed by some customers on which goes along well with the quality and construction. Just be sure to tighten the laces so that the heel stays in place every time you walk.


Base model: Reebok Classic Leather
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classic Leather
Price: $100
Colorways: Black, Grey, White
Special editions: 46 special editions
Small True to size Large
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It was a good thing that men and women’s sizes for the Reebok Classic Leather Archive are defined by specific colorways. The white colorway has specific dimensions for women from 4.5 to 12. Men’s, on the other hand, has a size range of 3.5 to 15 in D medium width.

Reebok Classic Leather Archive trainers come in different colorways including black and Light Solid Grey for men while the white version is for women. Low tops like these sporty looking CL Leathers is best suited with a pair of skinny pants or joggers and even shorts. Women, on the other hand, can choose their own style freely from leggings, jeans, sundresses, or capris.

One of the standout features of this Reebok Classic Leather trainers are the brandings which are all embellished in the honorary colors of red and blue. The Starcrest has its vector symbol tinted in red while the coveted Union Jack logo sports a combination of red and blue. The tonal black colorway extends its pigment all throughout the shoe even on the collar and laces.

Reebok is an athletic brand that continues to prove its worth by focusing on the fitness aspect of society. From its roots of aerobic leisure to the CrossFit regimes of the more current times, the UK-born brand had showcased its passion for delivering a healthy body in many ways possible. One of it was molded into a running silhouette which gradually morphed into a lifestyle staple decades after its existence.

The Reebok Classic Leather was a follow-up to the undoubtedly high-grossing shoe called the Freestyle, but its brilliance radiated throughout the decades. Equipped with a BiDensity Shock Protection System and air vents, the Reebok Classic Leather was one of the top running shoes in the early eighties. With a stylish appearance and a lightweight form, the sneaker attracted many users who not only used it for athleisure but also as an everyday go-to sneaker.

The aesthetic appeal of the Classic Leather models was the pinnacle attribute that contributed to its rise in the 2010’s as another excellent alternative. It stayed relevant thanks to the underground loyalists who remained faithful to the iteration for years. Rising up as the number one Reebok sneaker to be revamped countless times, the low top retro runner continues to wave the brand’s flag with flying colors.

As with the sudden inclination with vintage footwear, the Reebok Classic Leather rides the vintage bandwagon with their iconic Reebok Classic Leather Archive trainer. The Archive collection consists of several iconic silhouettes from the eighties that are given colorways resembling the past. Some of the versions are the men’s Reebok Club C 85 Archive, Reebok Revenge Plus Archive, and women’s Reebok Freestyle Hi Archive.

The Reebok Classic Leather Archive sneakers are a “one for one” creation that deeply embellishes the lavish silhouette in beautiful, classical detailing. It comes in garment leather upper while maintaining the iconic colors of the Reebok brandings in red, blue, and white. A white edition features the Starcrest logo and the Union Jack in black font.

  • An EVA foam midsole absorbs shock and delivers a lightweight cushion for the feet.
  • The uppers are composed of soft garment leather.
  • Dependable traction and grip are administered by the high-abrasion rubber outsole with Reebok Classic Leather treading.


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