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9 reasons to buy

  • Most of the reviewers find the Reebok Aztec Zip to be comfortable.
  • The shoe feels ultra-light, which a few wearers appreciate as it adds to its overall comfort.
  • A significant number of consumers said that this kick is stylish and unique.
  • Some wearers were happy that they receive compliments whenever they opt for this kick.
  • The Reebok Aztec Zip is available in a number of colorways.
  • A few fashionista consumers appreciate that the shoe's design and colorways are easy to dress in a wide array of casual clothes.
  • A handful of customers shared that their search for a good-looking pair without shoelaces ended when they came across the Reebok Aztec Zip.
  • A good number of purchasers claim that the kick's materials and craftsmanship are of superb quality.
  • The shoe is deemed to be a great product with good value for money.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several purchasers disclosed that the shoe feels a bit too narrow than expected.
  • An online consumer said the shoe looks better in the photos than in person.

Bottom line

The Reebok Aztec Zip is an icon reimagined that caters to the ladies. The shoe has traded its lace-up closure for a more futuristic and modern appeal while maintaining the rest of the shoe's design and staying true to its heritage. Its zip-up closure combined with the hidden gore strap provides a snug fit and a no-fuss slip on and off for women who are always on the go but want to stay stylish.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Reebok Classics
Price: $90
Colorways: Black, Grey, Pink, White
Small True to size Large
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The Reebok Aztec Zip is exclusively offered in women’s sizes that range from 5 to 12. This kick, for the most part, fits as expected but some have found it to be too narrow so fitting in person is best recommended.

Designed in monochromatic colors and a streamlined silhouette, the Reebok Aztec Zip is a pair that exudes a balance between sophistication and sporty. Its minimal style is easy to pair with a myriad of ensembles, while its futuristic appeal could enhance outfits. Pair it with jeans, joggers, or shorts for a laidback day or opt for leggings, skirts, or dresses for a more feminine look.

The upper's futuristic design is crafted from pigskin overlays and nylon underlays, which provide durability and ventilation respectively. This shoe's most notable feature is its use of zippers instead of the traditional lace-up closure. It also features a gore strap underneath the zip-up fastening to provide a secure fit.

The Reebok Aztec made its debut in 1979 as a running shoe. During that time the Aztec is the most advanced running shoe in the market as it came equipped with technologies like dual density midsole for cushioning and support, replaceable rubber carbon heel for durability, and speed lacing system with TPU D-ring loops. The shoe was handmade in England and became famous for its innovative design and vibrant colorway.

The shoe's rubber outsole tread resembled that of a mix of previous Reebok shoes: the Shadow I, Shadow III, and the Midas. Some consumers found the pair strange because of its rear heel that exhibits an unusual angular cut, but when studied closely this provides a more stable platform for heel strikes.

Throughout its existence, the Aztec underwent various interpretations such as a release in collaboration with actress Scarlett Johansson called RBK Scarlett Johansson and the Reebok Aztec Flex Racer, which features modern technologies and an updated silhouette. Reebok also launched OG releases of the Aztec twice, one in 2004 and another in 2015, as Reebok collectors have been asking for its comeback.

In 2017, Reebok released an exclusive for women iteration that features a more futuristic appeal. The Reebok Aztec Zip utilizes a hidden gore strap and a zip-up as closure in lieu of the traditional lace-up. It is available in a number of tonal colorways.

  • The Reebok Aztec Zip is available in B – Medium width.
  • This shoe retains its heritage's technology such as a dual-density midsole and replaceable rubber carbon heel.


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