Zoot trail running shoes (May 2017)

While some brands are hard pressed for ideas to improve the performance of their running shoes, Zoot wisely takes into consideration the first hand experience of the runners from the world over. Such knowledge is invaluable in the unending quest for excellence in producing shoes for running. The more than 100,000 reviews posted online are a veritable goldmine as far as insights and ideas for innovation are concerned.

What to expect from the best Zoot trail shoes?

  • While famous particularly for the kind of triathlon specific shoes that Zoot produces, the company is by no means any slouch when it comes to shoes made for the trail. Because the company’s triathlon made shoes are packed with some of the best technologies in the world of running, Zoot utilized these technologies and added trail-useful features to produce a really great trail shoe.
  • The first visible difference from traditional trail shoes is the absence of the ever present rock protection plate. In its place, Zoot uses a more flexible but still very protective 2-finger carbonspan + and shank. The premium on flexibility for protection scheme is needed as most Zoot trail shoes are packed with stability features to limit excessive foot movement on the trail.
  • For better foot control in the rugged terrain, Zoot uses a stability bar. This stability bar is found in both outer and inner part of the shoe. Aside from producing a more stable ride, this bar shields the shoe from abrasion to various elements found on the trail. Overall shoe durability is also enhanced with the use of this feature.
  • A gusseted upper construction prohibits trail debris from getting inside the shoe. The runner is spared from the time consuming and annoying task of removing foreign objects that have found their way inside the shoe.
  • A toe guard is also located in the best Zoot trail shoes. The toe guard is made of lightweight and flexible material. This protective feature is best described as perfect as compared to some trail shoes that sport too thick and aggressive toe guards.
  • As mentioned, there are triathlon specific features used on the company’s trail shoes. The obvious technologies used are the easy slip on technology. A hole each on the tongue and collar tab allows the runner to put on the shoe with minimal effort and time.
  • Another feature from triathlon is the lace lock system. The runner simply has to single-handedly pull on the laces and locks them for a snug fit. One plain and proven truth with this system is the snug fit stays true the entire run.

What to look for in the best Zoot trail shoes?

  •  Weight. Due to some of the stability features packed in their trail shoes, the best Zoot trail shoes come in between 11 to 8oz. Despite the figures on the scale, these trail shoes run much lighter than the figures indicate.
  • Outsole Build. Outsole build for the best Zoot trail shoes are aggressive and deep. These shoes however, do not carry the type of lug configuration and toughness that would be ideal for the most extreme off-road or technical terrain.
  • Waterproof. An all-weather version of the best Zoot trail shoes is also available.