16 best Vibram FiveFingers running shoes

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  • Gender Size
  • Brand
  • Road

    Shoes best for road, track and light gravel. See the best road shoes.


    Shoes best for trail, off road, mountains and other unstable surfaces. See the best trail shoes.

    Good to know

    As long as you stick to the road or path, and if you want just one running shoe, buy a road running shoe.

  • Distance
  • Neutral / cushion / high arch

    Shoes for runners who do not need any additional arch support (Around 50% of runners). Best for people with normal, high or medium high arches. See the best neutral shoes.

    Stability / overpronation / normal arch

    Shoes for runners who need mild to moderate arch support (Around 45% of runners). Best for runners with a low arch. See the best stability shoes.

    Motion control / severe overpronation / flat feet

    Shoes for runners who needs a lot of arch support. Best for runners with flat feet. See the best motion control shoes.

    Good to know

    - Rule of thumb: If in doubt, buy neutral shoes to avoid injuries.
    - More about arch support in this video.
    - Find your arch type by following steps from this video.

    Arch support
  • CoreScore
  • Daily running

    Cushioned shoes for your daily easy running. Great comfort. See best shoes for daily running.


    Lightweight shoes good for races, interval training, tempo runs and fartlek. Here are the best competition running shoes.

    Good to know

    If you want just one pair of shoes, buy a shoe for daily running.

    • Foot condition
      • The height difference from the heel to the forefoot, also known as heel drop, toe spring, heel to toe spring or simply drop.

        There are many opinions about what a good heel drop is. We do not recommend any in particular. Lean more in this video.

        Heel to toe drop
      • Price
      • Pronation
      • Type
      • Low stock

        Footwear with few offers from online retailers and sold out in most sizes.


        Shoes that have been taken out of production but are still sold by most online shops.


        Shoes that just came out and have not received sufficient feedback from the buyers.


        Shoes designed for competition, weigh less than 250g. They are fast but they offer less cushioning and support.

        Low drop

        Low drop shoes usually have a heel-to-toe drop of 1mm - 4mm. They feel very flat to most runners and ideal for midfoot strikers.

        Zero Drop

        Running shoes with 0mm heel-to-toe drop. Did not have to mean zero cushioning. They feel extremely flat, ideal for forefoot or midfoot strikers.


        Shoes with superior waterproofing elements, ideal for long-distance and muddy paths.

        Water repellent

        Running shoes with some degree of water protection, usually they dry quickly.


        These are bulky-looking shoes with large amount of cushioning and are widely used in long-distance running. Overpronators can also benefit from a maximalist running shoe because they also offer enhanced support or stability.


        Extremely lightweight shoes with minimal to no arch support. The minimal cushioning offers flexibility and greater ground contact.


        Lightweight shoes with lots of flexibility and comfort. Most Triathlon shoe also have drainage system to keep the shoe from retaining water.

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        • Arch Type
        • Technology
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            • Good to know

              Daily running shoes weigh not less than 250g. These are cushioned shoes designed for daily training. Go-to shoes with great comfort. -Shoes for competition usually weigh between 115g and 220g. Lighter shoes are faster, making them ideal for races, quick-paced runs, and interval training.


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            1. Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO - Black
            2. Vibram FiveFingers V-Run - Blue / Black
            3. Vibram FiveFingers EL-X - Black
            4. Vibram FiveFingers V-Trail - Black
            5. Vibram FiveFingers V-Trail 2.0 - Black / Yellow
            6. Vibram FiveFingers Bikila - Grey
            7. Vibram FiveFingers KMD Sport - Black
            8. Vibram FiveFingers Bikila Evo WP - Black/Grey/Purple
            9. Vibram FiveFingers Treksport - Black
            10. Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon MR - Black Black Grey
            11. Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon MR Elite - Black
            12. Vibram FiveFingers Seeya - Black
            13. Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon - Black Green

            FiveFingers has progressed as a brand under the Vibram company due to the popularity of barefoot running. The brand is globally – recognized for its minimalist shoe collections, which is not only limited to running. The men’s and women’s athletic footwear can also be worn for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, kayaking, sailing and canoeing among others. The brand features natural alternatives that replicate the barefoot experience, but with adequate protection and comfort to minimize shock forces and prevents injuries from debris. FiveFingers running shoes with great reviews and high ratings include Vibram FiveFingers Bikila, Vibram FiveFingers KMD Sport and Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO.

            Vibram FiveFingers Running Shoes

            best vibram fivefingers running shoes
            Best Vibram FiveFingers running shoes - May 2019

            Professional athletes, as well as minimalist running enthusiasts, keep an eye on their favorite FiveFingers running shoes as they get updated with new technologies and technical features. With the help of running experts, FiveFingers was able to ensure better performance and comfort without adding too much between the foot and the ground. The basic shoe structure of every pair is designed to mimic the motion of the foot and improve its natural range dynamics. The materials, sizing and styles of FiveFingers running shoes are frequently enhanced to keep the runner on top shape on the track or trail.

            With over 100, 000 reviews and top ratings, Vibram FiveFingers shoes continue to dominate the barefoot category for track and trail running. Equipped with the latest innovations for performance footwear, the brand readily takes on product challenges to enthuse the active community. Read about the reasons why advanced runners and seasoned trekkers should give a pair of Vibram FiveFingers a chance.

            How can runners beat competition with the best Vibram FiveFingers shoes?

            • If you wish to participate in the trend of natural running, choosing a good pair of minimal and low drop platforms should be on top of your list. Vibram FiveFingers low drop shoes and Vibram FiveFingers minimalist shoes are suited for barefoot-like running, so prepare to go low and minimal with them.
            • Runners who are into racing should invest in race-specific shoes. Vibram FiveFingers race shoes have the right features to help runners improve their speed and performance in track or trail racing.
            • Neutral pronators and under pronators (supinators) will get a mix of shock attenuation, flexibility and comfort in Vibram FiveFingers neutral shoes. If you need better stability and arch structure, there are Vibram FiveFingers stability shoes and Vibram FiveFingers motion control shoes to decelerate pronation and keep you comfortable in every step.
            • A responsive and stable run on the road is possible with Vibram FiveFingers' best road shoes. However, if you are more into trail running, there are Vibram FiveFingers trail shoes that will suit your needs in terms of sole protection, comfort and traction on rugged terrain.

            Why are Vibram FiveFingers running shoes worth the closet space?

            • Shoe technologies. Since Vibram is one of the most recognized shoe technology brands, there is a certain pressure for the FiveFingers team to incorporate top-notch technologies into their range of performance footwear. Runners will not be disappointed in the technical construction of each pair, which may be built with the following technologies: Tri-Layer Stretch Mesh, Vibram ICETREK compound, EVA midsole, Vibram TC-1 Dura, Micropile Fleece, Laminated Stretch Mesh, Coconut Active Carbon Fiber and TPU Toe Protection.
            • Pricing. Vibram is known for their range of outsole technologies that are being used by other shoe brands. But the technologies in FiveFingers models are also top-notch, so an expensive price tag is expected in every pair. Casual trail runners might want something less technical than FiveFingers shoes, especially if they do not run on trails often. A pair that costs $100-$170 might not be a great investment if it is not being used often. On the other hand, professional athletes who want to improve their trail performance without losing speed, protective and ground contact will love the best Vibram FiveFingers shoes.
            • Popularity. The FiveFingers brand is owned by the Vibram company, but it flourished as one of the running brands for trail running. Despite its limited footwear range, it was able to build a reputation in the active community, most especially among adventure racers and trekkers. Their best barefoot shoes are their most wanted products, but running authorities, like Outside Magazine and Runner’s World, also honored them for various reasons. Some of the awards they collected include “Best Minimalist Shoes”, ”Product of the Year” and “Brand of the Year”.

            4 best Vibram FiveFingers running shoes

            1. Vibram FiveFingers EL-X
            2. Vibram FiveFingers V-Run
            3. Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO
            4. Vibram FiveFingers V-Trail 2.0
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