Under Armour minimalist running shoes (June 2017)

There are certainly more minimalist options to explore in what would be Under Armour’s finest and best products of minimalist trainers that never compromise any of the following: light weight, necessary cushioning, durability and all-around protection. Proceeding to cater more to runners by crafting their own styled and engineered minimalist trainers, Under Armour believes there is more to just the marginal style of running.

How are Under Armour Minimalist Shoes helpful to runners?

  • Minimalist shoes or the ones that are minimalist-inspired only have little to do with bulk-causing technologies. Their common purpose is to fully establish good contact between the runner’s feet and the ground below, which makes up for fast feedback and a premonition of the run’s overall feel. There are runners who are genuinely enthusiastic about minimalist running, but some are quite wary of running in almost barefoot styles of shoes. This is what has motivated Under Armour to keep up significant cushioning in many aspects of their shoes, most especially around the high wear areas that are more inclined to cause injury and discomfort.
  • Much of these shoes have also been engineered with technologies that have allowed them to perform flexibly, with some adequate amounts of firmness and rigidity for them to avoid flexing too much. Perhaps the most collective cushioning technology that Under Armour has placed in most of the shoes’ midsole platforms is the Micro G Midsole Technology, helping a lot of runners maintain how their feet move naturally. On the other hand, the most liberating feel of the shoes would be the new, innovative upper. Some runners have felt like there was no shoe attached at all. This substantially helps runner feel more comfortable and confident in running.
  • In addition, security and snugness are never compromised by these shoes. There are off-center laces that act as pressure-reducers on the high point areas of stress. There are also general structures of protection that support customized fits. Abrasion around the area of the tongue can also be avoided because of the shoes’ new lacing system.

How can you determine the best Under Armour minimalist shoes?

  • Cushioning. While cushioning is not of the most sought out features in the best minimalist shoes, it still plays a significant role in aiding runners in their athletic endeavors. The newly integrated Micro G foams act as stable platforms of cushioned landings that never close off energy return. This largely allows runners to make use of much more explosive and energetic transitions and takeoffs.
  • Offset. It is recommended that runners establish what offset is best suited for them, so they can avoid getting problems or possible injuries and casualties. Minimalist shoes that are created by Under Armour have close to the ground heel to toe differentials and a clearly defined distance between the top of the midsole and of the surface below, which helps runner fully achieve the feedback and feel they want from whichever terrain. Traction is also very much guaranteed and is less weighty in newer versions.