3 best Under Armour golf shoes

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Golf is one of the oldest sports in history, and its tradition significantly reflects on the sport itself, the etiquette of the players, terminologies, etc. It explains why golfers, especially those that have been in the game for long, emit a different air as they have a different understanding of golf.

For brands, this should be addressed in order to connect to the consumers. Generally, it is easy for brands like Nike and Adidas to capture the finicky taste of the players because they have been the first in the game.

best under armour golf shoes

Best Under Armour golf shoes - February 2020

New Face

Kevin Plank started in the sports arena playing a seemingly different sport to golf. Being the University of Maryland's football team captain, he constantly dealt with soaked shirts. Because of this, he propelled his business in his grandmother's basement, researching and formulating a moisture-wicking fabric as a solution to his frustration. 

In 1996, he launched Under Armour and introduced a synthetic base layer that repels moisture. To ensure that the material can be tested out by professionals, he sent out prototypes to National Football League players and the word slowly spread from there. 

The growth of the brand skyrocketed and it was able to expand its product line to different kinds of fabric. Eventually, Plank was led to venturing out to footwear.

Sweet Spot in Golf

Even though the brand was built around footwear, and it rooted in apparels, the brand's success allowed it to expand its product offerings and sports audience. Currently, there are about eight sports categories, training, soccer, and golf included. The clothing line also diversified into bottoms, tops, footwear, and accessories. Moreover, it offered more than moisture-repelling fabrics that it has continued to keep you Stay Warm, Stay Dry, Stay Ready, and Stay Cool. 

For this article, we focus on Under Armour golf shoes, which were introduced into the market in 2005.

Materials and technologies used in UA golf shoes


The upper is a vast area that composes a shoe. It affects several aspects including stability, style, structure, support, comfort, and durability. Because of this, considering the type of material and treatment is vital. Under Armour gives a lot of attention to the material and waterproofing technology. Below are some of the usual suspects that can be seen on many of its golf shoes: 

  • Leather

The first golf shoe that was ever created used leather. Up until now, it is a popular and common choice among golfers and footwear brands. 

Leather satisfies both style and function. With regards to fashion, the premium it gives commands a presence that is enough to make a statement on the course. In terms of features, it creates a structure for the trainer that promotes stability and breathability. Both of which are necessary for an outdoor sport.  

For Under Armour, most of their leather options come with one and two-year waterproofing warranty. 

  • Synthetic Leather

The typical golf shoe is usually made from leather hide, mainly because artificial leather was only invented in 1963. Even though many would say that it is not the real deal, it does not mean that it is of less quality.

Synthetic leather also brings several gains. First and foremost, it is an environmentally-friendly option because it doesn't use animal hide. The process of producing it requires fewer chemicals, water, and energy, which is more sustainable in general.

When it comes to the benefits that it brings to the table, synthetic leather is made of a non-porous material. At the very least, it is water-resistant, making it hold up against different weather conditions. 

Under the category, it should be noted that the brand uses other distinctive materials. Below are some of them:

  • Sunbrella

The use of Sunbrella on its footwear only shows that Under Armour is explorative when it comes to its upper. It is not proprietary, but it is quite unique on golf footwear or any performance footwear for that matter. So far, Under Armour is the only golf company that uses Sunbrella on its golf shoes. 

Sunbrella is a type of material that is used on a variety of products like upholstery, marine equipment, umbrellas, etc. This fabric used on an Under Armour trainer makes it weather and fade-resistant. 

  • Clarino microfiber

Synthetic usually gets the rep as a lesser quality as leather. Clarino changes that by innovating and mimicking the component of real leather. This microfiber leather is derived from what is referred to as the "Islands-in-the-Sea" process. The method results in the same natural collagen fiber structure of leather hide. 

Used to coat a golf gear, it makes the trainer moisture-wicking while gaining lightweight flexibility, which makes it move with the foot instead of constricting it. 

  • UA Storm

Each golf shoe company boasts of waterproofing technology, simply because it is essential for an outdoor sport. Even though golf deals with perfecting the golf swing, walking along the greens and hazards are also a massive part of the game.

For this American company, the UA Storm is their innovation that protects the foot from different weather conditions. Most of the Under Armour trainers that are waterproof are usually equipped with this innovation.


Looking at this part of the shoe is vital when selecting a pair. The midsole houses the cushioning system, which has a lot to do with comfort. Though most of the purchasers are not necessarily particular with the technology's name, it is crucial to consider when getting a pair. For the American brand, these are the midsole advancements commonly seen on their trainers.

  • Ortholite

Ortholite is an independent brand that is highly popular when it comes to the cushioning system. In fact, several footwear brands like Ecco and New Balance trust this midsole breakthrough. The company was founded in 1997, just a year after Under Armour was launched. 

Currently, Ortholite comes in many shapes and forms, but mostly, it boils down to several advantages. It offers long-term comfort because it compresses 5% less than regular foam. It also has an open-cell structure that facilitates a moisture management system. It helps emit a healthier, fresher, and drier surrounding for the foot. This type of construction allows air to circulate by 95-100%. 

  • Energy Web

Energy return can easily tickle the fancy of golfers. It is a characteristic that many would find useful given the movements of golf. 

Energy Web is a type of material that boasts of excellent responsiveness and energy return. The mesh fabric that covers the cushioning core ensures that the higher the input, the greater the returned power is. 


This cushioning tech is the Under Armour equivalent of the popular Adidas Boost and Nike React. Like the path of the Three Stripes, HOVR started in the running arena. 

The innovation takes pride in supporting the natural movement of the foot while delivering a zero-gravity feel. Through this, the energy return is maintained while eliminating the impact of every step.


The aggressive bottom is what distinguishes a golf shoe from a street shoe. Below are some of the technologies that enhance the grip of UA golf shoes;

  • UA Rotational Resistance (RST)

The Rotational Resistance is a patented technology that brings maximum traction while avoiding slip. The outsole is rooted in the biomechanics of the swing. It helps the golfers have an equal weight distribution. 

Under Armour makes most of its outsole as it lets RST be a part of its hybrid trainers. 

  • SoftSpike Silver Tornado

Softspikes is the leading brand that produces spikes. Many golf companies would consider them as a go-to. It is only understandable given that it gives a reliable grip on varying course conditions. Moreover, its replacement does not require expert-level skills. 

The Silver Tornado is crafted with a multi-material and counter-rotational design, which offers balance and stability to the golfer.

Under Armour Collaborations

Partnerships between brands and athletes is a typical scene. Most see it as a marketing strategy to connect to consumers and to make a product more believable. To some extent, it may be accurate, but it is an excellent opportunity to inject professional insights based on the feedback of the expert. 

Jordan Spieth

The American professional golfer has a long list of achievements under his belt. Some of these are:

  1. He previously held the top position in the Official World Golf Ranking.  
  2. He won the U.S. Open and the Masters tournament during the same season and when he was 21 years old. 
  3. He bagged the title of being the youngest golfer in 82 years to win the PGA Tour event. 
  4. Spieth is the first male in almost a century to win two majors at the age of 21.  

Given those mentioned, it is no wonder that Under Armour welcomed him in the family in 2013. During that time, the player was 19 years old and was newly officiated as a professional. As part of the American brand, Jordan Spieth also became the first person clothed with a head-to-toe Under Armour during a competition. 

Part of the ten-year contract is a series of collaboration pieces, which turned out to be one of the most popular silhouettes that the brand has on its roster. The entire series infuses many of the athlete’s preferences. Being remodeled thrice, the current version, called the Spieth 3, reflects many of his design inputs and technical aspects. One of the updates injected is the Gore-tex upper. It suits those that need a reputable waterproofing coverage in the fairway. A limited-edition of the Spieth 3 is also available for those that prefer to stand out without looking gawky.

Stephen Curry

Crossing over might be a move that this Golden State Warrior player is too familiar with. Commanding the court is not just what Curry is about. Being active is generally running on his blood that his new venture transitioned on the fairways. 

His UA basketball collection welcomed a golf addition called the SC30 Range Unlimited. The capsule features a 14-piece mix of bottoms, tops, footwear, and outerwear. The Curry 6 SL is an intersection of the shoe, and it highlights a knit upper on a spikeless outsole.

Under Armour Collections


The Fade silhouette is built to make the wearer last for several rounds of golf. Other than overcoming the different hazards that the course throws, it also designed to withstand the different weather conditions that nature tosses. The employment of Clarino microfiber and Rotational Resistance spikes, make all these possible.

Both men and women can enjoy a version of this. 

  • Showdown

The name of the collection tells a lot about it. The showdown may look that it is all for show, but it is more than meets the eye. There are various options provided for this line. Currently, all of them are in spikeless models. One of which utilizes a Sunbrella upper. 

  • Tour Tips

The Tour Tips has been dubbed as the brother of the Spieth. Under Armour understands that not everyone would like the taste of the JS on their shoes. The Tour Tips is an excellent alternative as they share almost identical technologies, and in terms of looks, they share similar auras. Just like the Spieth One, the Tour Tips is a spiked performance shoe equipped with Rotational Resistance Spikes. 

Both spiked and spikeless version is available for this collection, called the Tour Tips and Tour Tips Knit SL, respectively.

Frequently asked questions

Are Under Armour golf trainers ideal for different weather conditions and terrains?

Each golf course is created different from one another. The hazards, different terrain surfaces, and weather should all be taken into consideration. The shoe should be able to withstand the external conditions without affecting what is on the internal - the foot. 

Under Armour offers a great selection of stylish pieces that cater to the varying needs of its consumers. As a relatively young brand, expect that its offerings lean towards the modern style. Those familiar with UA shoes can assume that its golf choices are styled similarly. 

Additionally, wearers can also anticipate that its features are well-planned. The various innovations listed above give an overview on how it deals with the challenges of the sport.

What is the price range of UA golf shoes?

On the brand's website, its golf shoes can be divided into three: $50-$100, $100-$200, and $200 above. A huge chunk of the product selection is in the middle. Most of which are technologically-infused and performance-driven. There are also items that go beyond the $200 mark. They are usually clad in premium materials, making it justifiable to shell out a higher amount.

Are there wide options available for this brand?

Because fit is an essential aspect when it comes to golf shoes, Under Armour ensures that its options cater to different consumers. While there are regular-width models, there is also wide-width selection available. Certain models also come in 2E, which is the Extra Wide. 

For women, it should be important to note that so far, only regular sizes are available. 

Other than golf gear, what else does Under Armour offer?

For a sports category that hasn't reached its ten-year anniversary yet, it is quite surprising that it was able to produce such a wide variety of items. Users will appreciate the selection of tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories. 

There are different collections available in Under Armour, and buyers can choose from apparel that will suit the different seasons.

How do I know if it is time to replace my shoe?

Durability is one of the qualities that athletes look for when acquiring a new pair. We can all do our part in prolonging each pair, but over time, there are signals that can be watched out for which can serve as hints that looking for a new shoe should be part of the agenda. Here are some of the signs:

  • The lugs of the bottom get chipped off. Spiked trainers generally serve a longer life because spikes can be replaced. However, most, if not all spikes are considered hybrids, which means that it is a combination of aggressive lugs and spikes. When a nub gets damaged, it is usually irreplaceable and should be replaced as it can easily throw one's balance and stability.
  • If the upper is also cracked, it is time to call out for a fresh pair as it can be prone to water penetrating the interior. Moisture on the insides, as we all know, is not a pleasant sight and can be a great distraction when playing. 
  • When a previously great performer is also losing its charm, it is a sign that a search for a new one should commence. Some of the indications include losing comfort, slipping during a swing, or feeling unstable when performing a drive. 

Is there a simple way to clean golf shoes?

Keeping the shoe in its immaculate condition is what everyone wants, but keeping it that way is not what most would like to commit to. Cleaning the shoe is one of the primary steps to help that. Most are intimidated by the process, but UA promises that doing these are all doable. The brand suggests to do three steps:

  • Daily maintenance. 

After every game, make sure that the outsole is free of mud. Compared to other performance-driven footwear like basketball and running, the bottom of golf shoes is extremely aggressive. Because of that, it harbors dirt and grass, which can cause damage.

Removing stuck debris will not only ensure that it keeps its performance to the maximum until the next game, but it will also prevent the spike or the nub from breaking down. This can be done by simply using an old toothbrush or a stick.

  • Washing and cleaning

This step does not need to be done every day, but it depends on the state of the shoe. Cleaning the shoe, however, should be done regularly. There's no need for expensive cleaning materials. A mixture of warm water and a mild detergent should do for the different parts of the shoe.

Following these steps can help you clean every inch of it and restore it back on its pristine condition.

Step 1: Remove the laces and dip it on the soap mix. 

Step 2: Using a soft brush or a shoe brush, clean the entire shoe. 

Step 3: Focus on the outsole since it is the part of the trainer that gets the most dirt. 

Under Armour warns its consumers not to submerge the item in the water when cleaning and to avoid harsh cleaners not to damage the trainer. 

  • Drying

Natural is best for this step, or at the very least, reinforce the drying with a fan. For Under Armour golf shoes that are heavily soaked, stuff it with newspaper to help absorb the excess moisture and at the same time, preserve the shape of the shoe. 

It is a big no-no to use artificial heat to fasten the drying time. It can stiffen and damage the upper and waterproofing feature.

3 best Under Armour golf shoes

  1. Under Armour Tour Tips
  2. Under Armour Spieth 3
  3. Under Armour Spieth One
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