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Under Armour Command football boots

Under Armour has created a multipurpose boot in the name of the Under Armour Command football boot. This indoor football boot has become popular as a city-walking shoe packed with a maximum level of comfort and performance. Sporting a minimalistic design, it works well when used to finish off a casual look. It also has no problems transitioning into sleek and trusty kicks for pickup soccer. No matter how wearers intend to show off this football boot, the Under Armour Command football boot definitely lives up to its name as it commands and steals the scene.

What do the Under Armour Command football boots offer?

Under Armour Command wants to provide both comfort and performance on and off the field. It carries a lightweight kangaroo leather in its upper. The material used is meant to ensure durability, and of course efficiency in handling the ball. The kangaroo leather also provides a comfortable fit to the foot as it molds to its natural shape.

Under Armour Command football boots are popular on and off the football field. It features a multi-surfaced-designed sole unit to perfectly suit both in an indoor court and on the street. Its flexible rubber outsole with flex grooves provides excellent traction for different pitches.

Anatomy of the Under Armour Command football boot


Under Armour Command Indoor football boot wears a lightweight kangaroo leather that allows an easy and quick break-in. The material gives exceptional ball touch and feel that enable players to optimize their ball handling skills.

This indoor model also utilizes premium performance microfiber to provide a secure lockdown on the foot for improved support and stability. With this added detail, wearers need minimal to no break-in time at all since the boot feels entirely comfortable out of the box.


The midsole construction of the typical Under Armour Command football boot employs the brand’s Charged Cushioning technology. This foam functions to absorb impact and efficiently convert it into responsive quickness, so each step comes with explosive power.

During slow movements, the midsole becomes soft and pliable while it turns firm and responsive as the pace heightens.  It proves to be very beneficial for agile players who like to make a lot of lateral cuts as well as the more physical ones who prefer to hold it down the paint.


Under Armour has engineered the Command football boot with a rubber outsole. With this pliable rubber material, the boot’s performs with superior traction. Meanwhile, the flex grooves that line the sole unit deliver exceptional grip alongside enhancing flexibility in areas where it is most needed.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of fit can wearers expect from Under Armour Command football boots?

Having been fitted with soft and supple Kangaroo leather, wearers can expect the Under Armour Command football boot to wrap snugly around the foot and follow its form. Since the boot has also been installed with premium performance microfiber, it offers enhanced stability alongside comfort and breathability. This setup allows players to play with a sturdy fit and a premium ball touch that boosts performance. This football boot also fits true to size and has a medium width.

What colorways are available for the Under Armour Command Indoor?

The Under Armour Command Indoor is released in two contrasting colorways that complement its sleek and modern design. One comes in a dominant white look, with Glacier Gray details on specific areas of the upper. The second option is a black football boot with a pop of Vapor Green on its base.

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