6 best Under Armour baseball cleats

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Paying attention indeed pays off. The founder of Under Armour Kevin Plank is a living proof of this. When he was the team captain of the University of Maryland football team, he noticed how his suspension shorts stayed dry but he had to change sweaty shirts after practice. This pushed him to create the now-famous moisture-wicking shirts that the brand is widely known for. 

From a door-to-door sales operation, the company has grown since and has branched out into developing different types of footwear, such as basketball shoes, gym workout trainers, and effective baseball cleats.  

In 2009, the brand most notably partnered with Cal Ripken to gain presence in Ripken baseball. In 2016, the Under Armour brand secured a ten-year agreement with Major League Baseball to become the official on-field uniform provider in  2020. With how fast it’s growing, one can only guess the heights that the Under Armour brand will be able to reach in the coming years. 

Under Armour Charged

Under Armour strives to elevate the experience of athletes. Aside from using only tried and tested materials for their Under Armour shoes, the brand has also developed its own technology. One of such is Charged Cushioning. 

Charged is a baseball cleat technology that is designed for responsiveness and impact absorption. The Under Armour baseball cleats with this technology include the Under Armour Yard Low ST and the Under Armour ICON Yard Low ST. 

Notable Under Armour Athlete custom cleats

When partnering with brands, it is one of the athlete perks to having their baseball shoes custom made. The pro-baseballers with Under Armour is no exception. Here are UA baseball stars to have their very own cleats designed just for them: 

Bryce Harper and the first Under Armour signature baseball shoe

Like how the Swoosh honors Mike Trout by giving him his own signature line, Under Armour celebrates Bryce Harper. 

Harper does not fall short in terms of accolades as the All-Star player has started collecting his trophies at a young age. Chosen as the first overall pick for Major League Baseball in 2010 at only nineteen, the player showed great potential even as a rookie. Under Armour swooped in to snatch him up as the five-tool player advanced his skills and transformed into a trophy-collecting machine, having won the 2010 Golden Spikes award and the 2012 National League Rookie of the Year Award. 

The Harper One is the brainchild of the collaboration. Taking a closer look at the model, there are minute elements inspired by the player himself. For one, the mountain and the skyline featured on the cleat is inspired by the place where he grew up - Las Vegas. Additionally, the number ‘220’ has been inscribed in the tongue area. The number stands for ‘second to none’ which is a motto that Bryce’s father parted on to him as a child. The athlete’s logo has not been forgotten, as well. The logo is a mix of the athlete’s initials and his number - 34. It printed near the heel area. 

Aside from the aesthetic value of the pair, it also features Charged Cushioning. This cushioning technology fuses responsiveness and impact absorption, creating a comfortable experience on the pitch. 

Bryce Harper’s Under Armour Harper 4 “Memorial Day Release” 

Paying homage to World War 1 Veterans, Bryce Harper’s Under Armour cleats for Memorial Day sports the Dazzle camouflage colorway used by the United States and the United Kingdom. Contrary to popular belief, the camouflage pattern does not aim to conceal but to make it a challenge to pinpoint the range, speed, and heading of the target. Applying this look into the player’s cleat, this particular colorway delivers an eye-popping look that’s sure to turn heads. The player’s initials are also the heel area.

Bryce Harper’s Under Armour Harper 4 “Players’ Weekend” 

Made from scrap materials leftover from previous Under Armour projects, Bryce Harper’s cleats looked eclectic in the diamond. The upper holds a variety of patterns with a combination of colors, including red, gray, blue, and black. Of course, these are the team colors of the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Bryce Harper Under Armour Harper 4 ‘Slushies’

As colorful as the drink, the ‘Slushie’ Under Armour 4 is just a jumble of colors when sported by the top athlete. The cleat is a mix of lovely oranges, bloody reds, sky blue, and sunny yellows. This baseball cleat creation is to celebrate Father’s Day. Anchoring on the athlete’s memories as a child when his dad would buy him a slushie after baseball practice. The cleat also bears the quote, ‘My pops sacrificed everything to help me fulfill my dream. I would give anything in this world to thank him every single day and tell him how much I love him’. It was taken from his Most Valuable Player speech in 2015.

Bryce Harper Under Armour Harper 3 ‘4th of July’

The fireworks print on the Under Armour 3 manages to capture the feel of one of America’s most looked forward to holiday. The cleat is bursting with colors from the forefoot to the heel area. A sparkling pattern is evident near the lacing system, adding to the shoe’s pizzazz. There are cut variations for this model, which include a low top model and a high top one. Of course, the Under Armour logo remains noticeable and situated in the forefoot area of the boot. 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Under Armour Yard Home Run Derby 

Baseball runs in the blood of the third baseman of the Toronto Blue Jays, Vladimir Guerrero. The athlete is the son of the former MLB player of Vladimir Guerrero Sr. Some of the Under Armour cleats worn by the player include the Under Armour Yard and the Under Armour SC 3ZERO II. 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was on a winning streak during the 2019 Home Run Derby. As one of the rising stars of Major League Baseball, the athlete flexed his baseball skills, hitting twenty-nine balls in the field. 

The custom Under Armour Yard Home Run Derby cleat was his perfect companion during that time. The baseball shoes have printed numbers that correspond to the Progressive field’s dimensions. The vamp also carried the park’s outlined pattern. The shoes also sported Blue Jay’s reds and blues on  a yellowish-brown base.  

Aside from Guerrero, there are also other baseball players who have worn the UA Yard. These are the following:

  • Dee Gordon
  • Matt Olson
  • Christian Yelich
  • Mookie Betts
  • Juan Soto

What are the things to consider when buying baseball cleats?

A few things need to be considered when purchasing a pair of baseball cleats. These include the type of cut of the shoe, the stud type, and a few other features. Here are some of the elements to consider: 

Upper material

The upper material of baseball cleats is usually created from either mesh or synthetic leather or a combination of both. These elements are meant to deliver both breathability and comfort for the wearer. Synthetic also has water-resistant properties, making it ideal to use even in muddy or wet fields. 

Type of cut

There are three types of cuts for baseball cleats. These are low, mid, and high. 

Each type of cut brings its own pros and cons.  Low-top baseball shoes affords the wearers mobility as they free up the ankle area. However, less support is given to the wearer. 

High-top baseball shoes deliver the highest amount of support as they extend up to the ankle area. However, this type of cut tends to constrict movement. Finally, for mid-cut cleats, the collar extends just below the ankle area, delivering a decent amount of support without squeezing the ankle area too much. 

Stud Type

The cleat’s outsole matters, depending on what it is going to be used for. Soles with metal studs are the choice of professional baseballers. And for a good reason, the metal cleats provide the most grip among the different cleat types. The metal spikes effectively penetrate the ground, creating stability, especially before going for a sprint. These are also the most expensive of the bunch. 

There are also baseball cleats with studs that are made of molded plastic, usually TPU, that is highly abrasion resistant. This type of cleat is generally favored by Junior League players and is typically less expensive than baseball shoes with metal studs

Lastly, are turf trainers. This cleat type is not necessarily built for performance and is generally made for comfort. This cleat-type is ideal for artificial turf and is commonly used in off-field practices.

Frequently asked questions 

What is a ‘five-tool player’?

The five-tool player excels in all facets of baseball such as hitting for average, hitting for power, baserunning and speed, throwing, and fielding. 

Only a few baseball personalities have been called five-tool players. These include Bryce Harper as well as Hall of Famers in baseball: Andre Dawson, Willie Mays, Duke Snider, to name a few. 

What other baseball products does Under Armour have aside from cleats?

The Under Armour brand offers an assortment of batting gloves, protective gear as well as catcher’s equipment for baseball patrons.   

What’s the history of baseball cleats?

The first cleats were requested to be made for King Henry the VIII. Made from leather and studs, they were unveiled in 1526 to be used as soccer shoes

During the 1860s, cleats made a more mainstream comeback with Paul Butler’s detachable spikes. These were also the first spikes to appear on baseball cleats. About twenty years later, the baseball shoes with built-in studs were invented. These were then adapted by major league players. 

A fairly recent development is the introduction of artificial turf in the game. This, in turn, leads the way for turf baseball cleats which featured shorter studs. 

4 best Under Armour baseball cleats

  1. Under Armour Yard Low ST
  2. Under Armour Yard Trainer
  3. Under Armour Leadoff Low RM
  4. Under Armour Harper 3 Low ST LE
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