10 best Umbro football boots

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Umbro football boots

The Double Diamond has long established themselves as one of the forerunners of the football world. This Manchester-based brand has slowly paved their own way in becoming one of the top quality football brands worldwide. While not necessarily starting out as a manufacturer of football boots, the brand has slowly expanded their horizons and have been one of the top companies to produce high-quality cleats.

Umbro football boots according to surface

As expected from any of the reputable football brands today, Umbro has its own selection of football boots ideal for each court type. Here are some of the notable models that are made available by the brand:

Firm Ground

  • Umbro UX Accuro 2 Premier Firm Ground - Comfort has been closely associated with the Umbro UX Accuro 2 Premier Firm Ground football boot. With a PU and mesh combo, the boot creates a protective sensation while allowing for breathability. The internal construction of the shoe incorporates a Neoprene material which allows for a sock-like fit. Not forgetting ball control, hexagonal control pads are included in the shoe’s construction, as well. Being a firm ground shoe, the soleplate of the cleat is created from a TPU-based material which is well-known for its durability and traction.
  • Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro Firm Ground - With the word ‘deadly’ as its tagline, the Umbro UX Accuro models have always delivered deadly accuracy, comfort, and touch. The Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro FG football boot is no different with its microfiber upper bringing a lightweight anatomical fit. Touch and control are best served through control pads that have been placed in the upper. For deadly traction in firm ground courts, the shoe makes use of a Pebax based material which features conical and elongated studs.


  • Umbro Speciali Eternal Premier Indoor - The classic-looking Umbro Speciali Eternal Premier IN football boot is one for indoor play. Wrapping around the player’s foot, the leather upper brings a soft buttery feel while ensuring a good ball touch. In terms of fit, it is improved upon through an EVA-based in-sock material which adds to the shoe’s comfort. For grip, a TPU-based soleplate has been incorporated into the shoe’s construction.  
  • Umbro Chaleira Pro Indoor - Another addition to the indoor game, the Umbro Chaleira Pro Indoor football is a cleat that hits the look and performance department. Quickly grabbing attention is this Umbro football boot’s brightly colored full grain leather upper. This element brings a snug-sensation to the wearer. For indoor traction, an EVA-based soleplate is used promoting grip while maintaining a lightweight sensation during play.


  • Umbro UX Accuro 2 Club Turf - Meshing control and comfort, the Umbro UX Accuro 2 Club Turf football boot is created for a sock-like fit. Control comes in the form of hexagonal control pads which are placed on top of the forefoot area of the upper. The rubber outsole, on the other hand, allows for traction in artificial turf courts.
  • Umbro Medusae II Club Turf - Armed with a synthetic upper and a non-marking rubber outsole combo, the Umbro Medusae II Club Turf football boot ensures performance in turf courts. A tribal design is placed on the polyurethane upper which allows for a soft feel for the player, bringing in comfort as well as fit. For maximum traction, the outsole constructed with conical and bladed studs which aid turning, dashing and braking.

Soft Ground

  • Umbro Medusae II Elite Soft Ground - Tainted in white to represent enthusiasm, the kangaroo leather upper of the Umbro Medusae II Elite SG football boot brings a soft feel for players on the pitch. For traction, the TPU-based outsole applied to this football boot model is designed for soft ground courts. With a one-piece construction, the support for the player’s foot is brought about by the shoe’s A-frame element.   

Notable features of the Umbro football boots

Over the years, the Double Diamond has come up with innovation after innovation as they set their name in stone for bringing in an excellent selection football boots for the brand’s silos. Here are some of the notable technologies found in Umbro football boots::


  • Kangaroo leather - Kangaroo leather has long been established as one of the most premium quality materials in football boot construction. Wrapping the player’s foot, this leather-type brings a soft feel while molding into the wearer’s foot shape over time. The Umbro football boot with this type of upper is the Umbro Speciali 3 Pro shoe.
  • EVA strips - An anti-slip element, EVA strips can either be used both externally and internally, creating a more secure feel for the shoe. While external EVA strips are placed on the shoe’s upper, internal EVA strips are placed at the heel area of the shoe, essentially locking the foot down. The Umbro football boot with this feature includes the Umbro Medusae II Elite Hard Ground shoe.
  • Control pads - Incorporated into several of the Umbro football boot models, as the name implies, control pads are used to promote ball control. Usually presented in a hexagonal pattern, this element is peppered across the upper creating that friction with the ball to generate ball control. The Umbro football boot with this element is the Umbro UX Accuro II Premier HG and the Umbro Accuro 2 Pro FG shoe.
  • Neoprene - The Neoprene material brings a sock-like fit for the Umbro Velocita 3 Premier Firm Ground football boot, the Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro Firm Ground, and the Umbro Velocita 3 Pro FG shoe. This stretchable material wraps around the player’s foot, allowing for a snug sock-like fit for the wearer. This also enhances the support brought about by the shoe.
  • Teijin microfiber - A relatively new feature among football boot uppers, Teijin microfiber is categorized as a synthetic leather. While it takes a longer time for break-in, this upper-type is has a slew of benefits including being lightweight and durable - one of the most-coveted combination for football cleats. The Umbro football boot with this upper is the Umbro GT Pro Firm Ground football boot.
  • Polyurethane - A usual feature among football boots, it’s unsurprising to find Polyurethane in soccer shoes’ soleplate. This Umbro football boot element brings flexibility and durability among football cleats. Shoes with this type of soleplate from the brand include the Umbro Speciali Eternal Pro HG soccer cleat.


  • Pebax - Designed to be lightweight, Pebax is created with a thermoplastic polymer which allows for durability as well. The Umbro football boot with this type of soleplate is the Umbro Velocita 4 Pro, Umbro Velocita 4 Pro, and the Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro Firm Ground.

Notable colorways for Umbro football boots

Harnessing the power of the visual, Umbro football boots have an astounding collection of colorways to choose from. Here are some of the most notable ones coming from the Double Diamond:  

Eclipse Pack

The Eclipse pack sports an eclectic colorway. Sporting hues of pink and purple, a unique combination of the colors have been applied to the different models from a variety of silos. Starting with the Umbro UX Accuro II, this football boot model sports a mostly dark upper with a neon pink detailing. This creates a cohesive and contrasting look, aligning with the color pack.

Creating a lighter approach for the Umbro Velocita 3, this football boot model’s upper makes use of a combination of white and lava pink hues with a darker detailing.

Finally, the Umbro Medusae II Elite takes a different route with a color-blocking look. With a white forefoot slowly transitioning to the neon pink and then a dark eclipse, the shoe creates a somewhat modern look.

Holiday 2014 football boot colorway

Sporting a blue team royal and white combo, the Holiday 2014 colorway is one great example of traditional meets modern. Paying close attention, the overall look of the shoe is that of a traditional Umbro football cleat with a traditionally black color upper switched to an ocean-like shade. The detailing added is white. The chosen shade brings a new freshness into the Umbro Speciali 4 Team football boot.  

Umbro Velocita Tri Mess - Blackout

Stealthy-looking blackout colorway has been incorporated into the Umbro Velocita Tri Mess football boot. While this whole Umbro football boot model is painted black, the shoe sports a geometric pattern placed into a glossy upper. This approach creates an exciting take on an otherwise traditional color selection.

Purple/ Lime Collection

The fresh-looking purple cactus and lime green colorway of Umbro football boots have been used to color several of the brand’s models. The model with this colorway is the Umbro Velocita II, Umbro Medusae Pro, and the Umbro UX Accuro football boot models.

Umbro UX Accuro Pro Yellow / Electric Blue

Joining abstract art and football boot construction is what’s been achieved when the Umbro UX Accuro Pro with a yellow and electric blue colorway was made. With an essentially artsy vibe, this Umbro football boot model sports a primarily yellow colorway with splashes of blue, creating a balance between a highly vivid colorway. Another striking feature is the Double Diamond’s logo colored in blue. Internally, the shoe is also drenched in the sky-like hue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the notable professional football players that wear Umbro football boots?

With a brand as long-standing as Umbro, it is inevitable that the brand should associate itself with top athletes in the football arena. Notable players that sport their own pair of Umbro football boots include Pepe who’s closely associated with the Umbro Speciali and the Umbro Geometra models, Gary Cahill who sports the first and second generation Umbro Speciali Pro, and Kyle Walker who wears the Umbro GT Pro II football boot. A few several other players including John Terry and Jonás Gutiérrez have had their time in sporting their pair, as well.

What are the benefits of using kangaroo leather upper?

A well-known element among football boots, kangaroo leather is one of the most coveted materials in football boot construction. This is unsurprising due to the material’s softness and moldability. As it wraps around the foot, this natural leather molds to the shape of the player’s foot over time, creating a truly personalized feel. The Umbro football boots that sport this type of upper include the Umbro Speciali Pro SG and the Umbro Speciali 3 Pro football cleat.

What are the different cuts found in Umbro football boots?

The Umbro brand makes use of a mostly low top design in their football boot models. Usually paired with a lacing system, this type of cut brings a more traditional feel for players. With the more recent release, however, the brand has ventured on in creating collared shoes. A notable football boot model with a collar is the Umbro Calibra.

While not widely included in the Double Diamond’s football boot roster, collared cleats have been on a steady rise in more recent years. Collared football shoes have been made available by other brands which are classified as mid top and high top football shoes. Majority of the football boot companies that manufacture these collared cleats claim that the collar offers more support and sock-like fit for wearers.

10 best Umbro football boots

  1. Umbro Velocita 4 Pro Hard Ground
  2. Umbro Medusae II Elite Hard Ground
  3. Umbro UX Accuro 2 Pro Firm Ground
  4. Umbro Chaleira Liga Indoor
  5. Umbro Velocita 4 Pro Soft Ground
  6. Umbro UX Accuro 2 Club Turf
  7. Umbro Chaleira Pro Indoor
  8. Umbro UX Accuro 2 Premier Firm Ground
  9. Umbro UX Accuro 2 Club Firm Ground
  10. Umbro Original Speciali 98 Pro
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