16 best throwing track & Field shoes

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    1. Nike Zoom Rival SD 2 - White
    2. Nike Zoom SD 4 - Black
      Any color
      Nike Zoom SD 4 - White
      Nike Zoom SD 4 - Black
      Nike Zoom SD 4 - Electric Green/Black-mtlc Pewter
      $80 $60 Save 25%
    3. Nike Zoom Javelin Elite 2 - White
    4. Adidas Adizero Shotput 2 - adidas-adizero-shotput-2-1c2f
    5. Saucony Unleash SD - saucony-unleash-sd-accf
    6. Asics Hyper Throw 3 - Negro Blanco
    7. Adidas Adizero Javelin Throw - adidas-adizero-javelin-throw-1250
    8. Adidas Adizero Shotput - Black
    9. Asics Javelin Pro - Black-Flash Coral-Silver
      $120 $70 Save 42%
    10. Saucony Lanzar Jav 2 - Red White
    11. Asics Throw Pro - Black Flash Coral
      $120 $100 Save 17%
    12. Saucony Unleash SD 2 - Black
    13. Saucony Lanzar Jav - saucony-lanzar-jav-bfe7
    14. Nike Zoom SD 3 - nike-zoom-sd-3-f4d7
    15. Adidas Throwstar - Noir Noir Blanc
      $70 $43 Save 39%

    Playing the sport of track and field is no easy feat. It requires a good set of skills and talent from the athletes. It is comprised of three main categories, and the track throwing competition is one of them. The throwing meet is just as demanding as the rest of the track tournaments. For a robust throwing performance, the contender must at least have sufficient strength, flexibility, and coordination. To supplement these, a pair of good track throwing spikes is a necessity. But, it must have flexibility, durability, and grippy traction to generate the best throw. 

    Track and field throwing competitions

    Best throwing track and field shoes - May 2020

    Shot put

    The shot put has been part of the Olympic Games since 1896. With regards to executing the shot put, the thrower is required to "push" or "put" a heavy metal ball out of a 7-foot diameter circle. To generate a good throw, glide and rotation techniques are utilized by the player. Some athletes also make use of the spin method. Regardless of what technology the thrower favors, one thing remains—a reliable track and field throwing spike is required. It must have sufficient support, lockdown, and grip. 

    Discus throw

    Apparent through its name, the discus throw involves throwing a disc as far as possible. The inception of the sport dates back to the ancient Greek Olympic Games. Since then, the idea behind the track and field throwing contest has always been about strength, speed, and good spin. To be able to achieve this, it also takes a good pair of track throwing shoes. To distinguish what is a good discus spike, it must be noted that it must have ample traction, snugness, heavy build, and durability. 

    Javelin throw

    A throwing contest that dates back to the ancient Greek Olympic Games, the javelin throw mainly consists of throwing a spear or the javelin that is 2.5 meters in length. With such sport, reliable grip, a heightened pace for momentum build-up, and high-strength throw are needed. To be able to create these, the best pair of javelin track and field spikes should be utilized. Unlike most track and field throwing shoes, these are geared with spike pins at the rearfoot. Such placement maximizes the ground adherence of the thrower, heightening momentum. Moreover, the Javelin shoes also embody pronounced support, snugness, and pliability. 

    Hammer throw

    Another track and field throwing tournament, the hammer throw's roots date back to the 15th century. As suggested by the name, the match involves throwing a hammer. However, the "hammer" is not the typical hammer found in a toolbox. The hammer consists of a metal ball that's attached to a steel wire that's also fastened to a handgrip. With the hammer throw competition, the participants should employ skills such as footwork, coordination, strength, and balance. With a reliable pair of hammer throw shoes, the wearer can expect stability, snug closure, high-strength qualities, and superb grip. 

    Brands that offer track throwing spikes


    A powerhouse when it comes to product and technology innovations, Adidas continues to thrive in the market today. Offering shoes that feature top-notch qualities, its track throwing spikes do not differ. Embodying the qualities of superior traction, durability, and support, the Adidas throwing shoe generates ultimate throwing performance. It is loaded with a dependable componentry that maximizes the motions of the contender for an unmatched throwing execution. 


    Staying on top of the stiff competition among athleisure brands, Nike has always bagged praises from different experts and athletes. This is because the firm only offers premium track shoes, amplifying the already-good skills of the wearer. With Nike's track and field throwing spikes, users are equipped with sticky grip, platform strength, pliability, and stability. These are all integral elements when performing the throw. 


    Having an excellent knowledge of track and field, Saucony is a household name among beginners and elite sportsmen alike. This is largely because the company supplies some of the most sturdy, flexible, and grippy track shoes. Its track throwing spike flaunts the very same attributes, helping throwers maximize their glides and rotations. 


    A Japanese brand that values quality above all, Asics' track and field throwing shoe excels in supplying comfort, support, and surface adherence. Striving to maintain its status of being one of the key players in the industry, Asics continually innovates and introduces new technical features on its track spikes. These are done with the input of many star athletes, enabling them to cater to the needs of the market. 

    Famous track and field throwing shoes

    Adidas Throwstar

    Sporting a multi-event function, the Adidas Throwstar offers throwers with premium grip and comfort. Equipped with top-tier features, the Throwstar from Adidas provides unmatched support. This enables a highly stable throwing performance, keeping the athlete from falling off balance. Overall, the Adidas Throwstar supplements the power of the contender, optimizing control. 

    Nike Zoom SD

    Perfect for throwers who utilize both the glide and rotational techniques, the Zoom SD from Nike generates maximum security. With such composition, it locks the foot in place, preventing unwanted shoe dislodgement. Exhibiting an excellent outsole engineering, the throwing spike presents a pivot point. This encourages ease of rotation for unrestricted foot motions. To further movements, even more, flex grooves are furnished to the outsole. With the Zoom SD, durability, support, and comfort are of prime importance.

    Saucony Unleash SD

    Explicitly designed for spin and glide methods, the Unleash SD focuses on increasing support. This prevents any slippage, pronouncing the rotations of the wearer.  Built to handle it all, the Saucony Unleash SD lineup does not settle for less when it comes to grip. This enables a firm foot plant, amplifying the balance of the player. Flaunting Saucony's premier closure technologies, the track and field throwing shoe encourages comfort while maximizing lockdown. 

    Asics Javelin Pro

    Support and durability—these are the characteristics presented by the Asics Javelin Pro. It is especially constructed for elite throwers. Composed of featherlight materials, the track throwing spike does not weigh the athlete down, thus promoting movements. More importantly, it supplies a good foot plant, increasing stability and support. With its components, strength and sturdiness are to be expected. 

    What to look for in a track throwing spike

    Flexibility. The throwing competition in track and field involves a lot of rotations and glides. These are, in fact, the most fundamental movements in the sport. With sufficient pliability, the momentum build-up of the wearer is increased. This, in turn, heightens the throw. Moreover, with flexibility, there is more room for natural foot flex, adding more comfort. 

    Durability. As mentioned, the throwing match consists of multiple rotations that could affect the wear and tear of the shoe. This is because, with more ground contact, friction is increased. And in turn, it degrades the outsole of the track throwing shoe. That is why it is integral for a track and field throwing spike to have sufficient strength. This is to withstand abrasion and degradation, allowing for more repetitive use without the worry of compromised quality. 

    Grip. Balance is key when it comes to throwing. This helps the contender to serve a powerful throw, as well as yield a slip-free, safe performance. With enough grip, a firm foot plant is highlighted. This amplifies the stability of the thrower. Moreover, traction is also necessary to heighten the momentum of the thrower. An example of a track shoe that initiates a good grip is the Adidas Distancestar

    Support. Again, a big no-no in a throwing match is slippage caused by premature shoe removal. That is why when looking for the best track and field throwing shoe for both men and women, buyers must ensure that it has ample support. With such property, the foot is held firmly in place despite the many movements involved in the throwing competition. 

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I wear my track and field throwing shoe in running competitions? 

    No. The track throwing spike has very different engineering from the track running spike. Track running shoes are supposed to be light for a more propulsive performance. Such configuration is not present in the track throwing spike as it presents more bulk for support and foot plant. Additionally, some throwing shoes do not employ spike pins, which are very integral in a track and field running race. 

    Are track throwing spikes heavy? 

    Compared to other track and field shoes, the throwing spike is relatively heavier. This is due to the outsole configuration of the shoe. There is an abundance of rubber in the outsole area, which is intended for a firmer and more durable grip on the ground. Such construction helps stabilize the athlete and prolong the shoe's quality, especially during rotations and glides.

    Do I need to wear socks when wearing track throwing shoes? 

    Since track spikes have a snug fit, in general, wearing socks is totally dependent on the wearer's preference. This goes the same for track throwing shoes. These are engineered to wrap securely and comfortably around the foot, so users do not really have to worry much about abrasions and premature removal. 

    15 best throwing track & Field shoes

    1. Nike Zoom Rival SD 2
    2. Asics Hyper Throw 3
    3. Saucony Unleash SD
    4. Adidas Adizero Shotput 2
    5. Asics Javelin Pro
    6. Nike Zoom Javelin Elite 2
    7. Adidas Throwstar
    8. Adidas Adizero Javelin Throw
    9. Adidas Adizero Shotput
    10. Asics Throw Pro
    11. Nike Zoom SD 4
    12. Saucony Lanzar Jav 2
    13. Saucony Unleash SD 2
    14. Nike Zoom SD 3
    15. Saucony Lanzar Jav