5 best Teva hiking shoes

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                  Outdoorsy folks who are looking to diversify their collection of footwear specific to the trail may do so by owning a pair or two of Teva hiking shoes. These kicks, which cater to both men and women, are designed to respond to the many challenges posed by the trail by being equipped with modern technologies and built with sturdiness, comfort, and protection in mind. Donning these Teva hikers also translates to expressing your fashionable side, as most of them are aesthetically pleasing and versatile enough to show your friends during casual gatherings.

                  Perks of wearing some of the best men's and women's Teva hiking shoes

                  best teva hiking shoes
                  Best Teva hiking shoes - December 2019


                  To be able to hike in comfort is, without a doubt, among the top objectives virtually every wearer wants to fulfill in their daily hiking adventures. Fortunately for them (and for you), such an aim is within reach with Teva hiking shoes. Most of these kicks owe the amount of comfort they possess to a trifecta of plush components: a stout yet flexible midsole, a breathable upper, and an EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) footbed with a cushy top layer.


                  There is no point in conquering the unpredictable terrain if your mobility is restricted by the fact that your shoes are gravely lacking in surface traction. Such is not the case with Teva hiking shoes as the outsole used in every pair comes built with aggressive lugs which grant slip resistance and grip in practically every direction. Some of them are engineered with a heel brake, rendering them capable of providing better control during descents.


                  Confronting the great outdoors comes with more than a handful of troubles your feet need to endure—bumpy rocks, gnarly roots, and the elements to name a few. That said, these threats need not stop you from enjoying your favorite trails while wearing a pair of hikers from this brand. While most shoes this company offers have uppers made with mesh (a material that does not put up a good fight against abrasive hazards), they do come with protective overlays which up their defenses against cuts and scrapes. Do you need shoes with ample water protection? Opt for a pair of waterproof Teva hiking shoes instead.


                  Teva hiking shoes are up to the task of providing support where it counts. You just need to look at the way most of their hikers are built, that is having a sturdy reinforcing overlay at the heel which grants enhanced rearfoot support. You can also rely on the footbed that comes by default with every shoe for underfoot support. Do you need something that can get you covering miles without worrying too much about your ankles? Supportive over-the-ankle hiking boots are your best bet. 


                  Several shoe-type hikers from Teva are built with breathable mesh, so stuffiness on the inside is something you probably will never encounter with them on. These well-ventilated kicks the brand also considers water-friendly which is a plus for those who usually wade through shallow waters, like streams and creeks.


                  If being able to hit the trail in style is a big deal for you, Teva’s footwear offerings just might be what you need. Although their catalog of hiking shoes is still a ways off from being considered extensive, the few that they have on offer are quite well designed, making them as useful on the trail as they are in urban environments.

                  Teva hiking shoes fit and sizing guide

                  The men’s and women’s Teva hiking shoes are offered in a range of full and half sizes. They come only in regular width (D – standard for men and B – standard for women). Getting them cinched for a personalized and secure lockdown is quite a straightforward affair as most pairs are built with a traditional lace-up closure. These kicks also run fairly true to size.

                  So you have finally narrowed down Teva’s offerings to a pair of your choice? All you need to do now is to get them in the right size. Perhaps you are thinking you can just buy shoes without taking into account the nuances of your foot size and the size of the hikers you are eyeing. Perhaps you can buy an 8 because you are an 8. That trick works but not all the time, and definitely not with every brand. So you do not regret purchasing something ill-fitting, consider the following fit and sizing tips:

                  • Shop in the afternoon. Your feet swell as you use them throughout the day, so it would be a great idea to get a pair that would still feel comfortable and roomy enough in such an expanded state. Are your feet extra bulky? Consider looking into some of the best wide hiking shoes featured on this site.
                  • Be in your go-to hiking socks. Make sure that the socks that you will be using on your next trail adventure are the ones your feet are in while trying on Teva hiking shoes. If you feel too much pressure around your feet, especially at the instep, chances are your socks are way too thick or the hikers you are fitting are too padded. Adjust accordingly to simplify your quest.
                  • Get a feel of your soon-to-be hikers. Walk back and forth while sporting your next Teva hiking shoes to get a preview of what you can expect with them around your feet. If possible and the store permits, go up and down some steps to help you figure out whether the kicks you have on match your expectations when it comes to negotiating elevations.
                  • Know your options when purchasing online. Since there is no way of trying on Teva hiking shoes when shopping online, nailing the right size and fit can be quite tricky. While there is no cut-and-dry method to avoid committing mistakes in this scenario, the following points can help you avoid unnecessary headaches:
                    • Consult the brand’s sizing chart and get the pair that match your actual size exactly or the closest. The size of your feet should be measured from the end of your biggest toe to the heel.
                    • If the store has a generous return policy, consider getting two pairs of Teva shoes—the first pair having the exact size as your feet, and the other a half or a full inch smaller/bigger. From there, you would know which to keep and which to return for a refund.
                    • Get a general idea of what online buyers say about Teva’s shoe-type hikers. The brand may say that most of their offerings are true to size, but the reality may be slightly or drastically different. A good practice is to read middling reviews/comments that have something to say (whether positive or negative) about the size of the shoes you are interested in.

                  Qualities that set Teva hiking shoes apart


                  Known for creating some of the most versatile hiking sandals, Teva has been in the footwear business since 1984. From that fateful year, advancements had been made in their craft, and their expertise expanded onto manufacturing quality hiking shoes. These days, Teva’s lineup is made even more diverse by including female-centric hikers courtesy of Ahnu.


                  Teva’s low-profile products have price tags that rival some of the best footwear brands in the west. Their budget-friendliest kicks start at $100, while their pricier ones may be had at $150. These hiking shoes come with a variety of technologies that can up the wearer’s game on the trail. Expect premium-priced pairs to be more feature-rich than their entry-level counterparts.

                  Notable technologies

                  • FloatLite. This is Teva’s exclusive midsole technology. It promises to deliver sufficient cushioning underfoot and stability without the encumbering weight. The brand sets this tech apart from others by making it comfy yet durably tough over different types of terrain.
                  • eVent. Teva footwear products imbued with eVent are hiking shoes capable of staying watertight in wet conditions and environments. Furthermore, hikers built with this technology are adequately breathable and can wick away moisture from the inside.
                  • Vibram. Making their way to a handful of Teva hiking shoes are the grippy outsoles from Vibram. They are designed to adhere to various backcountry and urban surfaces with enough tenacity, thanks to the many lugs and tire-like treads with which they are built.

                  Frequently asked questions about Teva hiking shoes

                  Where can I buy Teva hiking shoes?

                  Teva has partnered with several online retailers to get their line of hiking shoes in the hands of as many trail lovers as possible. That said, they do have their own online store from which you can purchase your next pair directly. If you are a traditional shopper, chances are you can find their footwear products at a shopping center near you. Visit Teva’s website to obtain info on the stores that officially carry their collection of hiking shoes.

                  Are Teva hiking shoes good for walking?

                  Trail shoes produced by Teva are designed to meet the challenges that entail every hike. As such, their construction, especially at the sole, may be too tough on man-made surfaces. That being said, there are a few hikers in their lineup that sport softer soles, making short casual strolls comfortable.

                  3 best Teva hiking shoes

                  1. Teva Arrowood Riva Waterproof
                  2. Teva Arrowood 2 Knit
                  3. Teva Terra-Float Churn
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