72 best synthetic climbing shoes

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  1. Any color
    Scarpa Vapor V - Lime
    $175 $108 Save 38%
  2. Any color
    La Sportiva Futura - Blue / Yellow
    $185 $85 Save 54%
  3. Any color
    Scarpa Furia Air - Blue
  4. $175 $113 Save 35%
  5. Any color
  6. $160 $130 Save 19%
  7. $180 $123 Save 32%
  8. $175 $140 Save 20%
  9. $150 $100 Save 33%
  10. $175 $113 Save 35%
  11. $140 $98 Save 30%
  12. $190 $140 Save 26%
  13. $100 $71 Save 29%
  14. $140 $98 Save 30%
  15. $140 $111 Save 21%
  16. $150 $102 Save 32%
  17. $110 $82 Save 25%
  18. $175 $87 Save 50%
  19. $95 $60 Save 37%
  20. Any color
  21. Any color
    $170 $77 Save 55%
  22. $150 $112 Save 25%
  23. $139 $103 Save 26%
  24. $90 $26 Save 71%
  25. $160 $88 Save 45%
  26. $175 $112 Save 36%
  27. $140 $84 Save 40%
  28. Any color
    $185 $138 Save 25%

Synthetic climbing shoes are the ideal pair for those who don’t prefer their kicks made with any animal byproducts. These climbing pieces come in different profiles, such as neutral, moderate, and aggressive. They are also equipped with various technologies to help climbers perform under challenging situations. Moreover, those who don’t want any sizing problems may check out these products because they don’t stretch over time. If you’re looking for kicks that offer these benefits, you might want to consider a new pair of synthetic climbing shoes.

Perks of the best synthetic climbing shoes for men and women

Best synthetic climbing shoes

Best synthetic climbing shoes - November 2019

They are better in maintaining their shape

Rock climbing shoes that use a synthetic upper have the tendency to hold their shape. They are designed not to stretch as you use them. You can choose new rock shoes using your preferred size and expect them to stay that way. This is in stark contrast to leather climbing pieces because their uppers stretch by about a half to full size over the course of time.

Synthetic climbing shoes are durable

Synthetic kicks are engineered to endure harsh conditions when used for a send attempt. The materials these shoes employ, such as microsuede, does not easily scratch when they come into contact with rough surfaces. Moreover, the inclusion of a rubber rand in some synthetic climbing shoes make them more durable.

They’re vegan-friendly

Notable synthetic climbing shoes are constructed completely without the use of animal byproducts. Apart from the upper construction of these kicks, they are also built with vegan-friendly adhesives. Even with their synthetic design, they are still known to perform well when used in different climbing methods.

Prominent brands that offer synthetic climbing shoes

La Sportiva

Some of the best La Sportiva offerings employ an upper made of synthetic materials. They feature the brand’s technologies to help individuals master their technique and perform complex climbing disciplines. Notable synthetic climbing shoes from La Sportiva are lined with breathable fabric to prevent sweat and moisture from building up. They also come with the company’s patented hook and loop closure system technology for a personalized and secure fit. These La Sportiva rock shoes are suitable for indoor and outdoor send projects.

Five Ten

Notable Five Ten climbing pieces come with synthetic uppers. Some of these shoes are engineered to give both all-day performance and comfort. They feature the brand’s Stealth C4 rubber outsole, which is designed to stick on most rock surfaces and offer users the grip they need during a climb. Meanwhile, some 5.10 synthetic climbing shoes are built for more complex methods, such as crack climbing, smearing, and edging.


The best synthetic climbing shoes manufactured by Evolv are designed for beginners. They can also be used by experienced climbers who need a comfortable pair for long multi-pitch routes. Evolv equipped some of their synthetic kicks with their patented high-friction Trax rubber outsole to help climbers get a grip on tiny nubbins and micro-edges.

15 best synthetic climbing shoes

  1. Butora Acro
  2. Evolv Oracle
  3. La Sportiva Futura
  4. Scarpa Arpia
  5. Scarpa Drago
  6. Scarpa Instinct VS
  7. Scarpa Vapor V
  8. Tenaya Oasi LV
  9. Five Ten Dragon VCS
  10. Boreal Joker
  11. Scarpa Furia S
  12. Boreal Diabolo
  13. Scarpa Furia Air
  14. Scarpa Instinct
  15. La Sportiva Finale
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