41 best spikeless golf shoes

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    • Spiked

      Also referred to as cleated, spiked golf shoes are characterized as having knobs on the outsole. Overall, they deliver more lateral stability especially on hilly and wet surfaces. See spiked golf shoes


      A newly developed type of footwear, spikeless golf shoes are versatile and can be worn off the course. Their rugged outsole is most suitable for dry conditions. See spikeless golf shoes

    • Gore-tex

      A technology that provides full waterproof protection without sacrificing breathability. See Goretex lined golf shoes


      Fully protects the shoe from water seeping inside the shoe. See waterproof golf shoes. Because it is a handy feature for the sport, some brands offer waterproofing warranty. See golf shoes with a waterproofing warranty


      The middle ground of waterproof and water resistant. These shoes have a protective coating that minimizes the chance of water seeping through. Good for heavier rains but still might leak when pressure is applied. See water-repellent golf shoes


      Compared to waterproof and water-repellent shoes, water-resistant items offer the least amount of protection. But they are still effective in light rain and on wet grass. See water-resistant golf shoes

    • Color
    • Synthetic upper

      These shoes are wrapped in man-made materials. Those that fall under this category are built from synthetic leather, microfiber, neoprene, polyester, and textile. See golf shoes with synthetic uppers

      Leather upper

      Traditionally, golf shoes are made from leather. This type of footwear naturally provides water protection and are known to be comfortable and durable. See leather golf shoes

      Knit upper

      Knitted uppers are known for being extremely lightweight and breathable. Products that belong in this category are ideally played during summer. See golf shoes with knit uppers

    • Traditional

      Shoes that look back to the heritage design of golf shoes. Oxfords, saddle, and leather uppers are some of the unique qualities inhibited by this footwear. See traditionally-styled golf shoes


      Footwear that exudes the same vibe as performance shoes and sneakers. Athletic-style golf shoes are casual, trendy, and often made of synthetic leather. See athletic style golf shoes

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    1. Nike Roshe G - Grey
      Any color
      Nike Roshe G - Grey
      Nike Roshe G - Blue
      Nike Roshe G - White
      Nike Roshe G - Black
      Nike Roshe G - Silver
      $80 $60 Save 25%
    2. Ecco BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX - Camel Yak Nubuck
    3. Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 - Black/Blue
      Any color
      Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 - Black/Blue
      Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 - Charcoal / Red
      Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4 - White/Navy
      $90 $61 Save 32%
    4. Nike Air Max 1 G - Black
      $120 $98 Save 18%
    5. Adidas Tour360 XT SL - Core Black/Iron Metallic/Silver Metallic
    6. Jordan ADG - Black/Metallic White-clear Jade-volt
      $140 $112 Save 20%
    7. Puma Ignite Nxt - Peacoat-puma Team Gold-puma White
      $120 $100 Save 17%
    8. Adidas CodeChaos - Ftwr White Sharp Blue Blue Spirit
    9. Ecco Golf S-Lite - Poseidon
      $170 $160 Save 6%
    10. Footjoy ARC SL - White/Navy
      $100 $59 Save 41%
    11. Footjoy Flex XP - Blue
    12. Skechers GO GOLF Max - Black
    13. Adidas Tour360 XT SL BOA  - Ftwr White/Core Black/Silver Metallic
    14. Adidas Adipure SP - Night Navy/Off White/Gold Met
      $190 $60 Save 68%
    15. Adidas CP Traxion Spikeless - adidas-cp-traxion-spikeless-e143
    16. Callaway Del Mar - Grey
      $95 $60 Save 37%
    17. Adidas CP Traxion BOA - adidas-cp-traxion-boa-8744
    18. Adidas Adipower 4orged S - Core Black Red Ftwr White
    19. Skechers GO GOLF Elite v.3 - White/Navy
    20. Adidas Crossknit 3.0 - Grey Three Grey Five Core Black
    21. New Balance Minimus SL - Blanc/Bordeaux
    22. Ecco BIOM Hybrid 3 BOA - Black Yak Leather
    23. Ecco BIOM Hybrid 2 - Dark Shadow Yak Leather
    24. Adidas Crossknit 2.0 - Red
    25. New Balance 574 Greens - White
    26. Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 - White Silver Semi Solar Yellow
    27. Adidas CodeChaos BOA - Core Black Signal Green Ftwr White
    28. Adidas ForgeFiber BOA - Dark Marine Shock Cyan Ftwr White
    29. Adidas Adipure - Ftwr White/Cyber Metallic/Gum
    30. Adidas Adicross Bounce - Grey

    Contrary to beginners' usual perception, golf clubs aren't the only weapon that a player can arm himself with on the course. Golf shoes also play a significant role in one's performance. 

    The industry currently offers a variety of choices for consumers. Even though comfort, stability, support, balance, and water protection are all included in the shoe formula, ground grip holds one of the top spots in one's requirements. 

    Since the invention of golf shoes, it can be deciphered that the bottom of the shoe is an essential part, as hammering nails at the bottom of the shoe were the first recorded designs of golf shoes. Over the years, given that hammered nails pose dangers, companies have innovated spike technologies that would both give traction and abide by golf club rules about damaging the greens. 

    It was only in 2010 that Danish brand Ecco, changed the entire golf shoe game by releasing a spikeless outsole. Since then, brands have followed their footsteps and also developed their version. 

    Should I choose spiked or spikeless golf shoes?


    Best spikeless golf shoes - May 2020

    To spike or not to spike, is the ultimate question that most golfers face when choosing a pair. While the outsole type always lies on one's preferences, there are different benefits that the spikeless bottom offers. Here are some of the few features that we can take note of:


    For spiked shoe purists, this may gain some eyebrow raises. However, with the research and development of technologies, getting the same amount of grip sans cleats, are proven to be achievable. From different shaped lugs, sectioned outsole, and hard-wearing materials, each brand has something to boast. 


    Like any other athletic footwear, comfort trumps most qualities that one looks for. Spikeless golf shoes usually lead by a point in this department as spiked versions tend to have nubs that can possibly dig the bottom. Those with sensitive feet can most likely appreciate a spikeless pair as nothing can get in the way, especially when walking throughout the links. 


    If there is anything that differentiates the two main types of golf shoes, it is this. Almost every golfer can probably agree that wearing a particular shoe specifically on the greens and changing into another after a game can be quite inconvenient and pricey. 

    Spikeless golf shoes offer the answer to that problem. In fact, the golf clubhouse isn't the only venue that this type of trainer can reach. It can also be worn even in malls, parks, etc. 

    Closer to the ground

    Compared to spiked pairs that give a slight elevation, spikeless ones generally give a close-to-the-ground feel because of its thinner outsole. This specific characteristic serves as the primary solution to what golfers have been yearning. Having a feeling of the ground equates to a better footing and improved weight distribution, which translates to a better and smoother swing.


    When it comes to golf shoes, weight matters. With this subject matter, brands take into account everything that makes up the shoe-- the upper material, cushioning system, and outsole composition. Spikeless shoes get the edge as it boasts extremely lightweight soles. 


    Though there are innumerable technologies that have been invented for spikes, some golf clubs have released rules regarding the ban of cleated shoes as they tend to damage the greens. Spikeless golf trainers are generally safer to use because they certainly abide by the regulations.


    The recent launch of spikeless golf shoes gave a chance for companies to explore different styles. Most companies align the contemporary outsole detail with the styling of the shoe. Because of this, plenty in the market today disguises the rigid outsole with a sneaker or tennis-looking styles. 

    What are the best spikeless golf shoes in the market?

    Men's spikeless golf shoes

    Adidas Adipure SP

    The Adipure features a collection of advanced technologies, premium materials, and timeless golf styling that is streetwear appropriate but performance-driven. The SP version is protected with Climaproof, which shields the shoe against harsh conditions like rain, wind, and snow. 

    Nike Roshe G

    True to giving its fans access to its signature silhouettes, Nike offers the ever-famous Roshe in its lineup. Buffed up with golf technologies, the Nike Roshe G ensures that not only can it conquer all the hazards that the course throws, but it is also done in style. 

    Ecco BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX

    The premium golf shoe balances out comfort, performance, and style. In lieu of spikes, the Danish brand improvises with the Tri-Fi grip outsole, wherein the outsole is sectioned in three different parts to achieve walking comfort, secure rotational support, and lateral stability. 

    New Balance Minimus SL

    The American brand mimics the looks of a running shoe in the New Balance Minimus SL. It utilizes an NDurance outsole, a reliable traction technology made of a durable compound. It ensures that it can get a maximum grasp of the ground despite damp grounds or elevated areas. 

    Footjoy Pro SL

    Despite being known for its traditionally-styled pieces, Footjoy continued to jump the bandwagon and launched a contemporary piece called the Pro SL. Alongside its introduction, we also get a glimpse of the Infinity Outsole. It redefines the spikeless game because it features a generous amount of nubs, 189 to be exact, and 17% more surface area. This design enhances ground contact and grip no matter what the course conditions are.  

    Women's spikeless golf shoes

    Ecco Golf S-Lite

    Through the S-Lite, the Danish brand was able to prove that its talent is not limited to production. But, it has the capacity to innovate as well. Aside from pushing the boundaries through its launch of the lightest leather shoe, it is also equipped with an E-DTS Lite outsole. 

    An award-winning technology as well, it boasts of being 66% thinner than typical TPU outsole. 

    Adidas Tour360 XT SL

    Receiving a MyGolfSpy award last 2019 shows that this is more than a leather shoe with a patterned outsole. The Puremotion outsole which targets both grip and flexibility. The X-shaped lugs on the bottom are ideally-shaped to get a no-slip feel. 

    Nike Air Max 1 G

    Another staple in the Nike archives is the Air Max 1. This item serves as an entry point to mainstream fashion but grounded with golf-driven features. The outsole is composed of Integrated Traction. It is designed with differently-shaped lugs to ensure a no-slip footing. 

    Skechers GOgolf Mojo Elite

    Finding the spikeless mojo did not seem so hard for this American brand. The Skechers GOgolf Mojo Elite is outfitted with a GRIPFLEX Sole Technology. It is composed of multi-directional lugs that provide grip while assuring green-friendliness. 

    Puma Ignite Nxt

    Through the Ignite Nxt, Puma proves that its capacity is more than producing sneakers, basketball, and soccer trainers. This model combines the styling of a runner, only infused with 100 hexagonal lugs on strategic areas. It keeps the foot locked in on the ground, so that the backswing to follow through does not falter. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do professionals wear spikeless golf shoes?

    The "Fred Couples effect" phrase wouldn't be popular for nothing. The first spikeless pair that ever debuted was actually worn by a professional, which created such a buzz in the community. Admittedly, many professionals can be spotted with cleated trainers, but there are many who are also transitioning into spikeless. 

    Can you wear spikeless golf trainers beyond the golf course?

    Yes. One of the major assets possessed by spikeless shoes is that they eliminate the need for footwear changes pre or post-game. Moreover, they make the most of one's buck as they can be used on events other than golf. 

    Is it possible to wear sneakers on the golf course?

    Despite the strict golf rules, sneakers are not actually banned in the links. In fact, beginners, or players still contemplating on what to purchase can use their reliable pair in the meantime. Nonetheless, golf trainers are strongly recommended for turf used for different reasons:

    • Spikeless golf shoes are constructed to endure the multiple hazards of the course. 
    • It ensures safer rounds as the foot is securely planted because of the highly-textured bottom. 
    • It can handle the force of the swing where there is downward, lateral, and rotational pressure involved. 

    How long do spikeless golf shoes usually last?

    One of the downsides that golfers noticed about spikeless golf shoes is that the spikes are not replaceable. This, alone, can heavily affect the lifespan of the product as damaged nubs can already destroy one's game. The great thing about brands nowadays is that they have revolutionized the outsole that average spikeless golf shoes are built to last for 100-200 rounds. But, overall, it still depends on one's usage.

    Which brand makes the best spikeless trainer?

    Since the launch of the first ever spikeless shoe in 2010, brands have already put their thinking caps on and developed some of the most grippy outsoles without the spikes. Ecco, being the initial producer, comes to golfers' top brand in mind. Other brands that are well-known creators of cleatless pairs are Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Footjoy, Callaway, and Under Armour. 

    15 best spikeless golf shoes

    1. Adidas Adipure SP
    2. Ecco BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX
    3. Puma Ignite Nxt
    4. Nike Roshe G
    5. Adidas Adipower 4orged S
    6. Skechers GO GOLF Drive 4
    7. Adidas Tour360 XT SL
    8. Ecco Golf S-Lite
    9. Adidas CodeChaos
    10. Callaway Del Mar
    11. Footjoy Flex XP
    12. Adidas CP Traxion BOA
    13. Adidas CP Traxion Spikeless
    14. Nike Air Max 1 G
    15. Jordan ADG